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The Band Returns for the Holidays

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The band is back and there is a holiday charity gala Gerard and Mikey have promised to attend.

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The days passed by quickly. Monica had tried to keep herself busy. Now it was four days until Christmas. The guys would be arriving home tonight and Donna was excited. Her sons would be home for Christmas and all was right with the world. Monica wasn't as happy. Gerard had not called her since the night he had told her he was falling in love with her. She hated herself for it but he missed hearing his voice, she missed him. If things could just be different. More that anything she dreaded having the talk with him that she had promised.
"They could get here about 2:30 today" Donna said happily, "I talked to Mikey and he said that they will be happy to go to the party tonight." The party she was talking about was an annual charity event in Belleville. It was a Christmas gala for under privileged kids and senior citizens. Donna, Monica, Kara and Kelly had had donated their time to making it a fun event and hopefully a financial success. Monica had loved volunteering at the center and she was a favorite among the senior citizens. She would set for hours and simply listen to the stories they would tell. Loneliness was something Monica could relate to so she tried her best to help others who also suffered. Tonight's event hopefully would raise money for programs that were desperately needed.
I am taking off today at noon so I can go over to the center and finish up the decorating." Monica told her. "I probably will get back here about 4:00" To be honest she was really looking forward to tonight and the surprise she and the girls had planned. Not even Donna knew what they were going to do. It was something she would never have dreamed of doing before. Oh course Kyle would not have allowed it but then again he would not have allowed her to go to a Christmas party at all. This was a small step toward becoming the person she wanted to become, unafraid and free.
"We will have a light dinner and leave for the party around 6:00" Donna smiled "this is going to be so much fun. I miss my boy at holiday time."
They both left the house at the same time. Monica worked until noon then took off for the center. Several volunteers were there putting up the garland and decorating the tree. Everything was really starting to look so festive. Christmas music was playing while they were working. Suddenly the song "All I Want For Christmas Is You" came on the CD player. Monica stopped putting tinsel on the tree and listened. It was Gerard singing she would know that sexy voice anywhere.
She found Sara who was another volunteer and asked, "That's My Chemical Romance, right?" She had no idea they had recorded the song.
Sara, laughed, "Yea, I just love them. That song is on a hard to find CD that was put out by a radio station several years ago. Isn't it great?"
"I love it" Monica answered listening to the song, which had gone from ballad to full out rock.
"I heard a rumor Gerard and Mikey Way might be coming tonight. Is it true?" She asked. Everyone knew Monica lived at the Way home.
Monica nodded "As far as I know they told Donna they were going to come."
Sara smiled "That's great. Local boys who made good. People will be thrilled to see them."
After working a bit longer Monica started home. When she arrived she spotted Mikey standing by the back door "Monica how are you?" he asked with a grin. She could tell he had been watching for her car and had stepped outside when he saw her arrive.
"I'm fine Mikey, good to see you" she gave him a quick hug. He didn't move so she couldn't go in.
"Uh, Monica can I talk to you for a minute? I know its cold out here but I sort of wanted to talk to you alone." He nervously shifted from one foot to another.
"Sure Mikey, what is it?" She guessed it had something to do with this brother. She was right.
"Frank and I were talking and well, we think that is, oh hell" he stopped then tried again "is there something going on between you and my brother? He is acting so weird, not that Gerard isn't always a little weird. But he is stranger than normal. I mean we know something is bothering him. Don't get mad but Frank asked Jamia and she sort of told him about you and Gerard talking on the phone when we were in Europe. Then there was the Bert incident at the Tick Tock we all heard him ranting about." He paused a moment. "He's my brother and I'm just worried about him"
Monica was sure that was the most she had ever heard Mikey say at one time. He looked at her waiting for some sort of answer. He never got one. Gerard opened the door and stepped out.
"Stop grilling Monica" he told his little brother. Mikey shrugged and walked past him into the house. "Sorry about that"
"They are all just worried about you." She told him. "I have been too. When you didn't call I wasn't sure what to think."
He looked at her for several moments then moved closer and hugged her "You are cold standing out here"
She inhaled the wonderful scent of soap and cigarettes. Who would ever think the combination could be so sexy. "Just a bit cold but better now"
"Honey, I had to concentrate on the tour and try not to think of you. Our last conversation was hard on me. I tried to just remember that you promised we would talk when I got back."
She buried her face in this chest, "I know I promised and we will"
"Just not now, right?" he knew what her answer would be.
"Just not right now" she whispered.
They both walked into the kitchen. Donna was making cookies and singing to Christmas music on the radio. She smiled when they came in. "Monica how does the center look? Were there enough decorations? Do you think we have enough eggnog?"
Monica smiled at Gerard, "Your mom is really psyched about tonight. Yes, the center looks like a winter wonderland. Yes, there were plenty of decorations and yes, I think we have enough eggnog."
She turned to Gerard, "Sara one of the volunteers at the center was playing a CD of Christmas songs and I was very surprised by one. I love the way you sing "All I Want For Christmas Is You."
Gerard smiled 'Wow, not many people have heard that."
"It is so great. I love the way you made the song your own" She picked up a cookie covered in powdered sugar and bit into it.
His eyes narrowed as he watched her tongue lick the powdered sugar off her lips. She took another bite but before she could remove the soft powdery substance from her lips again he moved over to her and brushed her lips with this own. His tongue darted out and licked the powder "There" he whispered.
She was breathless "Thank you," she murmured, her lips next to his.
Suddenly they both realized Donna had turned and was staring at them. She broke into a smile "Well I see you two finally came to your senses."
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