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The Party Begins

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The Christmas Charity Gala begins. Gerard and Monica both have surprises.

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It was getting close to 6:00 and the girls were excited. Kelly and Kara yelled at their mom to hurry up of they would be late for the start of the party. Monica took one last look in the mirror at her Santa's helper outfit and tried not to roll her eyes. How did she ever let the girls talk her into this? Yes, she wanted to loose some of her self-consciousness but did it have to involve wearing a very, very short red velvet outfit? She took one last look in the mirror, placed her Santa hat on her head and headed upstairs. Her spike heels made the trip a bit slower. Donna and the girls were waiting in the kitchen."Oh Monica you look so adorable wait until Gerard sees you." Donna laughed. Monica noticed Kelly and Kara looked surprised but said nothing. She really wished Donna hadn't seen them kissing earlier. Now she was reading all kinds of things into a relationship that could never be. ' "Are we ready? Did you girls pack everything that was on the table into the car?" Monica asked her daughters. They nodded. "Is Gerard riding with us?" she asked Donna.She shook her head; "He said he would meet us there. I think some problem with the band came up cause I heard him talking the Ray on the phone. I hope he isn't late. Lots of people want to meet him and Mikey. "Monica agreed, she too hoped he wouldn't be late. There had been quite a buzz when it was mentioned he and Mikey would attend the event. Tonight was for such a good cause she didn't want anything to spoil it. They all walked out to the car and started on their way. Her phone beeped and she saw it was Gerard. "Monica could you please tell Mom I might be a few minutes late but that I will be there? Mikey and Alicia will be there on time. Oh and Bob stayed here for a few more days instead of heading home to Chicago so I invited him too." He sounded out of breath and hurried. Monica agreed to relay the message and flipped the phone closed. She noticed that when she mentioned Bob would be there Kara didn't seem all that surprised. She was guessing the Kara and Bob were in contact with each other more than she knew. They arrived at the center and saw that the parking lot was filling up fast. Once inside she spotted Mikey. He whistled when he saw Monica. "Wow do you look hot in that outfit" Monica poked him in the ribs "Sure, say stuff like that when your girlfriend isn't listening. Where is she?"He smiled, "She is helping out in the hall kitchen, setting up cookie trays. She will be out in a minute. I'll help you girls get the stuff out of the car," he said to Kelly and Kara. As they started towards the door Bob appeared and walked out with them. Monica and Donna walked around making last minute checks on the food that was already out and the large punch bowls that were full of eggnog. Everything was ready and the party was just about to start. Unfortunately Gerard hadn't shown up yet.Donna waved Mikey over "Where is your brother?" She was a bit angry and was having a hard time not letting it show.Mikey looked down at the floor, "He will be here mom, don't worry." Donna didn't look pleased at all with the answer. Suddenly the lights on the stage came up and the MC, A local radio personality came to the mike. "Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for being here. As you know this event is really for two reasons. To help the young and the old this holiday season. All of us here are either here for help or to help. Donations tonight will help with so many programs in our community. Please give what you can." There was a round of applause. He held up his hand to quiet the room. Now I have a special treat that I know you all will love. This was set up at the last minute so we couldn't get the word out as much as we would have liked but you all can consider yourselves very lucky indeed. I am not even going to give an introduction. He stepped off the stage and Gerard walked out. The room came alive. "Can you all hear me out there?" He screamed into the mike. "I said can you hear me out there?" The crowed screamed back even louder. "We are gonna make some money tonight for this great charity aren't we?" The crowed agreed. "Alright, this was put together at the last minute. Someone I'm very close to loves this song so here goes" "I don't want a lot for Christmas...." he began to sing in that very sexy raspy voice, "there is just one thing I need. I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for my own; more that you could ever know make my wish come true baby all I want for Christmas is you....Suddenly the curtain behind him opened and there was the whole band. The song broke into a hard rock number. The room exploded with excitement. Monica stared at the stage. She couldn't believe he had done this, In such a short time he had gotten the guys together and was singing the song she told him she loved. Donna walked up behind her and gave her a hug. She looked so happy watching her boys perform.The crowd was singing along with the Band. This was just wonderful. Monica was so touched by his act of kindness. He did this for the charity but she knew he also did it for her. When the song reached the line "I just want to see my baby standing right outside my door" Gerard sang in a sexy whisper while locking eyes with Monica. They performed two more songs off their new CD , "Welcome to the Black Parade" and "Famous Last Words" Then said they had one more for everyone. Gerard launched into "I'm Not Okay (I Promise) and the whole room joined in singing. Afterwards the guys came off the stage and into the crowd. They began mingling with everyone in the room, signing autographs and posing for pictures. It was touching to see them with the young and the old just enjoying themselves.Gerard was making his way to where Monica and his mom stood. She watched him and marveled how he treated everyone so warmly. When people gave him a complement, it was important to him. He was genuinely pleased by the praise he received. The fans meant so much to all of the band members. When he reached Monica he took her hands and gave her a quick spin around "Damn you look good. Mikey said I wouldn't believe how you were dressed." He reached up and shook the jingle bell on her hat. "God, you are so beautiful."She giggled, "It is kind of short but the girls said I look hot and when your teen-age daughters tell you that it's pretty cool. Gerard, thank you so much. I told you I loved that song this afternoon and you sang it for me tonight. I can't believe you got it all set up that quickly.""Mikey helped a lot. Frank and his dad set up most of the equipment. Ray and Bob did get the word out to a few people so we could draw more of a crowd for donations. This is our home and we wanted to do it. Bob really was supposed to go to Chicago and he left the airport and came back when I told him what we were doing."Almost on cue Bob walked over to where they were standing. Monica tried not to smile when she noticed that when he was nervous he tried to hide under his bangs. She was guessing his nervousness had something to do with her daughter. "Bob thank you so much. It was so nice of you to miss your flight to be here." She gave him a quick hug and he blushed."I was happy to do it. This is a fun way to raise money for such a great cause." he looked over to where Kara was standing. Monica noticed and waited for him to speak. "Would it be alright with you if I dance with Kara?" Monica looked over at her daughter then back at Bob, "She is 18 now so you really don't need my permission but thank you for asking me. By the way the bracelet you sent her for her birthday from Europe was lovely." He had sent a delicate gold bangle with small diamonds and Kara loved it. He looked pleased "I was glad she liked it. I have never picked out jewelry before." Kara was watching them. Monica laughed, "Go on, go dance.""Thanks Monica" He walked over to Kara and they moved to the dance floor where taped Christmas music was being played. Bob took Kara in this arms and they looked so happy. Monica sighed. Kara was so young. She prayed her young life would be happy and not the kind she had known."Would you dance with me?" Gerard whispered in her ear. He was standing so close she could feel his breath on her neck. She inhaled his scent, loving his nearness."I would love to but I'm afraid duty calls. I have to make sure all the food is getting refilled. Maybe latter?" She turned and looked into his beautiful hazel eyes."Latter, honey" he smiled and walked over to the table where Frank, Jamia and Ray were sitting.Monica noticed that Kelly was looking for her, "Are you ready Mom?'" she looked so cute in her outfit that matched Monica's. "I don't think I will ever be ready but lets do this" They both grabbed Kara off the dance floor and went to the stage. The MC walked out."We have another treat for you. Three beautiful ladies to sing "Jingle Bell Rock". The crowd started clapping as the music started. On the stage stood Kelly, Monica and Kara in their matching red velvet Santa helper outfits. There was a lot of whistling from the males in the crowd. Monica couldn't believe she was actually doing this. She always tried to hide from any sort of attention. The music started and they sang. IT was a campy version not unlike the scene in the movie "Mean Girls". Kara and Kelly both had lovely voice. Monica sang a verse herself, her voice was strong as she belted out the lyrics. When they finished the applause seemed to go on and on. As soon as she left the stage Gerard grabbed her hand and pulled her into the hall behind the stage. It was deserted and dimly lit "You never told me you could sing" She laughed and couldn't help but flirt "Mr. Way singing is just one of my many talents" Gerard couldn't hold back any longer. She was making him crazy. Taking both of her hands he pinned them to the wall slightly above her head. Then he gently pushed her body into the wall molding his body to hers. Needing to be closer to her he slid one leg in between hers parting her legs. She could feel his hardness as he pressed into her. His lips captured hers and his tongue demanded she open her lips. The kiss was intense and hard. His lips moved to her ear and he nipped at her earlobe. His warm breath sending chills down her spine. He breathed into her ear "I fucking hurt so bad from wanting you." Monica's mind shut down and her body took over. The way he had her against the wall she knew her skirt was hiked up. It was so erotic being held like this. She kissed him hard, her tongue thrusting into his mouth. She moved her body rubbing against him. He dropped one of her arms so that he could lower his hand. He touched her thigh then slowly slid his hand up under her short skirt. Monica moaned his name, her breath ragged. His fingers quickly found the warm moist place they sought. She shuttered when he pushed her panties to the side to touch skin. "God Monica make me stop before its too late" he pleaded "I will take you on this floor in another minute"His plea forced her mind to clear. This was dangerous, anyone could walk in at any moment. She put her head on this chest and tried to slow her breathing. He let her other hand drop and she placed it around his neck. Slowly she pushed him away. "I need to get back out there before your mom looks for us. I'm supposed to he working the food tables."He smiled "You drive me fucking insane. I have never wanted anyone like I want you. I was so hard when I saw you in this outfit. Baby, you're like a drug to me"Monica tried to deal with her emotions. People were depending on her and she was making out in a hallway. "Gerard I have to get back out there" she began. He stopped her "Just tell me Monica how do I make you feel? Am I in this alone?"She started towards the exit then looked back at him "I want you more than I ever thought possible. If things were different I would have you on this floor." She walked out before he could answer.
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