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Chapter Two

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Emily realizes that she is not happy with the life she is living

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"Emily, you look like shit babe... did you get any sleep last night?" Emily's boyfriend of a year, Dan, said as they took their seats in the cafeteria.
"Thanks hun, and no I didn't... I was up all night working on my project for sociology." She lied. Emily always did her best to put on a brave face and no one knew what kind of hell she lived in, not even her best friends. With a heavy sigh, Emily noticed Ryan walk into the cafeteria with his best friend Spencer Smith. Emily was immediately taken back to the night before when Ryan had tried to kiss her. Emily was brought back to reality when she heard her best friend, Julie Taylor make a comment about Ryan being gay with Spencer. "Guys, just shut up. You don't know them, and talking about them like that isn't fair." Emily grumbled and got up and stormed out of the cafeteria. She made her way down the hall and felt someone grab her shoulder. "I don't want to talk about it!" Emily exclaimed, expecting it to be Dan standing behind her.
"I just wanted to say thank you for standing up for me..." Ryan said sheepishly.
"Oh Ryan, sorry... I thought you were someone else. And it is no problem. I am just sick of their shit. They're so immature." Emily exclaimed, becoming very frustrated. "I mean, we are seniors... but they act like we are still in junior high sometimes."
"People change... and some don't. You are clearly the bigger person." Ryan assured. "I have an idea. Let's skip off this afternoon and go to the mall or something." He suggested.
"I can't.... I've never..."
"Oh come on, you have never skipped? You don't know what you're missing!" Emily laughed as Ryan grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the school. "You know, we have been going to the same school since kindergarten and I have talked to you more in the past two days than ever before in my entire life."
"I know, it's weird... I just want to say that I am sorry for anything I have ever done to you and your friend... Spencer, right?" Emily said sincerely as they entered the mall. Ryan smiled and told her that he was over it. "You are so cool Ry, I am sorry that we had to wait this long to hang out."
"Me too." Ryan said, smiling again. Emily couldn't help but think about how incredibly adorable he was when he smiled. "So, where do you want to go first?" He questioned.
"How about the cd store? My collection is lacking these days." Emily suggested.
"Sounds great." The rest of the afternoon flew by. Emily's cell phone rang loudly at 3:30pm, which was when school got out. "Is that the boyfriend?" Ryan questioned. Emily nodded her head as she turned the phone off. "Wow, I can't believe you just did that!" Ryan said in awe.
"I am having way too much fun to talk to him right now... he is always such a downer, and I don't need that right now." Emily explained, blushing as Ryan did the same. "I really needed this afternoon, thanks Ryan." Emily leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips, lingering maybe a little longer than she should have. "I should go, but thanks again and I will see you around."
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