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Costume Shop

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Neil and the team check out a new costume shop to buy a costume for Halloween. Little do they know, something may be wrong with those costumes

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Neil jumped down the stairs, obviously in excitement. He entered the kitchen where the rest of the team were eating breakfast and talking.
"Oh my God, guess what?" he cried.
"What Neil? Break a nail?" Archie asked.
"No, there's a new costume shop opening downtown, and I thought we could all pick one out for Halloween!" he exclaimed. Theresa stood up and went to the sink.
"We could check it out, and it would be fun to go out this Halloween without Hecate on the loose," she said. Neil clapped in excitement.
"Okay, we'll go," Jay agreed.
"As long as I don't have to sit next to Neil in the car, he might wet himself in excitement," Archie said. Atlanta held back a laugh at the look of Neil's face.
"Let's go then," Theresa said before a Neil fit started. The team grabbed what they needed and got into Herry's truck, and to Archie's displeasure, he was sitting next to Neil. They drove along, talking about what Cronus might have planned. Neil pointed out directions for Herry and they came to a stop outside a brightly painted shop. The sign read: COOKEY COSTUMES for All Occasions.
They got out of the car and walked inside. The walls were lined with costumes of all kinds: mummies, faeries, zombies, Superman, Marilyn Monroe's white dress, you name it.
"Wow, this is soo cool," Atlanta remarked touching a suit of armour. The group spread out in the shop and looked around at the whacky costumes. After ten minutes of looking, the team came together.
"I think we should buy one, they are so awesome!" Atlanta said. The others agreed.
"I think just to be different; we should go as something we wouldn't usually pick," Theresa said.
"Like what?" Herry asked.
"Well, take Atlanta for example, what would you pick to go as?" Theresa asked.
"There was this awesome skeleton costume, oh and a cool as witch costume," Atlanta replied.
"So you should go as a faerie," Theresa said. Atlanta stared at her.
"Me as a faerie?" Atlanta asked. Archie burst out laughing and the team looked at him. Atlanta put her hands on her hips. "What is so funny?" she demanded.
"You as a faerie? You have to be kidding! You couldn't pull that off," he said. Atlanta glared at him and then turned to Theresa.
"I'll do it," she said. Archie's smiled vanished.
"Okay, me and Atlanta choose what you go as," Theresa said looking at the boys.
"Why you?" Archie asked.
"Shut up," Atlanta snapped at him. He went to retort back, but Atlanta gave him a sharp glare and he closed his mouth.
"Neil, I think you should go as...Elvis," Theresa said. Neil nodded, considering it.
"Well girls loved Elvis and he was good looking," he said and pulled out his mirror.
"Herry... you should go as...Batman," she said. Herry nodded.
"Odie, you should go as Harry Potter," Atlanta said.
"Yeah, that's a good idea," Neil agreed.
"Okay, but no teasing," Odie said glaring at them all.
"Archie, you should go as Marilyn Monroe," Theresa said. Atlanta laughed.
"Now that would be a sight," she said.
"Joking Archie. Maybe a vampire?" Theresa said. Archie gave them all a weird look.
"I vant to suck your blood!" he said.
"I know what vampires are like, and that was pretty lame," Herry said. Archie slouched.
"Why don't you go as a ghost? Then no one will see you," Neil suggested.
"Fine," Archie snapped.
"I think Jay should go as James Bond," Atlanta said.
"Yes! That's a good idea," Theresa agreed. Jay shrugged and looked at the boys.
"That leaves me," Theresa said.
"The devil," Archie muttered.
"Yeah, coz you're too good," Jay said. Theresa hit his arm.
"Okay, now let's get the costumes," she said. The group found their costumes and paid for them. Once they packed them into the boot of the car, they sped off down the road. Once they were out of sight, Cronus stepped on the pathway and looked at the shop.
"Velentai bracium mendo," he said. He laughed evilly as he walked through his portal.

Halloween! Their costumes are cursed, so what will happen? I hoped you liked this story coz more chapters are on the way. R&R
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