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Coming to Life

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The titans go out for Halloween and get a surprise from their costumes

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The next day at 4:30pm, the team started getting ready for Halloween. The house was a frenzy; Atlanta screaming at Neil for using her hairbrush, Theresa and Archie having a punch on in the hallway, and Jay trying to break it up. Herry and Odie just got ready and tried not to laugh. Finally at 5:30, everyone was ready.
Neil had his Elvis costume on; looking rather hilarious in his gold tassels and white flares. He had the Elvis do', as well as a fake guitar. Herry had his Batman costume on, and his muscles were bulging. Odie had the whole Harry Potter costume perfected, from the lightning bolt scar to the wand and robes. Archie gave up on his costume and threw a sheet over himself, while Jay had put on his James Bond suit and slicked his hair back, which Atlanta secretly laughed about. Atlanta wasn't exactly thrilled with her costume, but said it was a good change. She had white wings, a matching white wand, a short multicoloured dress on with bright pink tights and faerie shoes. Not to mention the amount of glitter she had in her hair and on her body. Theresa looked really good, with her devil horns and red body suit with heeled boots to match.
"This is going to be soo much fun," Neil squealed. The others smiled as they walked outside to find the streets crowded with people, all in different costumes.
They collected lollies from people, and people kept laughing at Archie's sheet. About an hour after they'd been out, Atlanta suddenly fell down on the sidewalk.
"Atlanta, are you alright?" Jay asked as he and Theresa went to her side. Atlanta blinked and stared at them for a moment.
"I'm fine!" she said in a really girly voice. Archie and Theresa exchanged glances and looked back at Atlanta. She stood up and blew them all kisses.
"I best be off! See you all in another land!" she cried, and to her friend's surprise, she flew away!
"What just happened?" Jay asked.
"Why do you care!?" Theresa yelled. The boys turned to her and jumped back. Theresa's eyes had turned red and she was shooting fire out of her pitch fork. The guys backed off as she ran down the street, shooting fire at several other people. Atlanta was down the street waving her wand and turning people into goats.
"Thank-you very much!" Neil suddenly said from behind them. They looked at him as he walked off playing his guitar and talking like Elvis. Herry took a different approach, jumping up really high into the air and landing on the top of a lamp post.
"I must save Gotham City!" he cried and then was out of sight. Odie had already run off, throwing spells at people with his wand. Archie turned to Jay.
"What's happening?" Archie asked.
"That's what we're going to find out," Jay said, but it didn't sound like him. Jay looked around and pulled two guns from his inside pockets and looked at Archie.
"Let's go," he said and sprinted down the street, ducking behind bins and post boxes as he went. Archie went against following him and turned to see Theresa blow up a car and cackling madly. Herry had just thrown himself into someone's front window, claiming he was chasing 'the bad guy', and frightening people while he did it.
"What the hell is going on?" Archie asked himself. Atlanta landed next to Archie and ripped the sheet off him.
"What are you doing under there?" she asked him, giggling after she said it. Archie didn't like this kind of Atlanta, it was scary.
"You look sad," she continued and touched his face. Archie looked around for an escape, just as Atlanta the faerie planted a kiss on his lips.
"Happy now?" she asked and again she giggled. Archie turned around and went to run, just as a group of kids ran at him. He stood there and the kids ran straight through him. He stared at his body, then it came to him: the costumes!

Hope you liked that, Theresa's gone a little evil and Atlanta keeps turning people into goats. Will Archie figure out how to save his friends? More chapters will be up soon
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