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Going Mental

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All the titans have gone mad with their costumes! Theresa and Atlanta are fighting, Herry thinks he can stop a ghost, and Jay is taking everything seriously...but when isn't he like that?

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Archie ran down the street, heading for the school. Unaware to him, Herry, Atlanta and Theresa were following him. He skidded to a stop outside the school and went to enter when Theresa got in his way and pointed his pitch fork at him.
"No one enters this building on my command," she told him. Herry looked at Theresa and then turned to Archie as Atlanta landed beside him.
"Stop being mean to my Archie," she yelled at Theresa. Theresa's eyes turned fire red and she pointed her pitch fork at Atlanta and shot fire out. Atlanta reacted quickly and waved her wand, creating a barrier between them and Theresa. Theresa screamed and lunged on Atlanta. Archie took this as his opportunity to get into the school, but was blocked by Herry.
"Move Herry!" Archie yelled.
"I am Batman," Herry said and went to grab Archie. Archie remembered his costume and ran through Herry and the door. In the hallway, Jay was still holding his guns and was darting around suspiciously. Archie ran over to him and Jay took out his gold medallion. He placed it in the slot and it opened the closet. Why he and Jay were the only ones knowing what they were doing, although Jay had a different way about it, Archie would never know. They walked through the door as Atlanta and Theresa burst in, still in battle. Herry followed, along with Odie. Archie and Jay ran through the portal into the school.
"Where's Persephone?" Archie asked and ran down the hallway.
"I'll cover your back," Jay said. Archie quickly nodded and ran down to her solarium. Just as he reached the courtyard, Hera walked out.
"Archie, what are you doing here?" she asked. A loud explosion at the entrance announced Theresa and Atlanta's presence. Hera looked quite shocked.
"Where's Persephone?" Archie asked.
"She went to the Underworld, why?" Hera asked as Jay came running towards them.
"They got in," he said.
"Thanks Jay," Archie said.
"ARCHIE-POO!" Atlanta cried and flew at him. She went to hug him but went straight through him. Hera stared in bewilderment at Archie.
"What's happened?" she asked.
"I think our costumes are cursed," Archie replied. Odie pointed his wand at Herry.
"Petrificus Totalus!" he cried. Herry's arms went to his sides and he fell to the ground. He groaned and looked at them.
"Not so strong now!" Odie cried.
"We need to figure this out before-"
Archie was cut off when Theresa set fire to some drapes and they exploded.
"What is your problem?" Atlanta practically screamed at Theresa. Theresa and Atlanta started fighting again, and were heading back to the street. Odie followed with his wand raised, Jay after him. Archie turned to Hera.
"Please find Persephone. I have a feeling Cronus is behind this," he said. Hera nodded and Archie ran after his crazy friends.

This chapter's a bit short, but I'll update soon, R&R
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