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Coming Back to Earth

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Archie helps his friends, the ones he can, become normal again. But will there be things in his way?

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"Oh man, oh man," Archie muttered following his friends out onto the street. Atlanta had just cast a spell on Theresa that caused Theresa's hair to fall out. Odie had disappeared and Jay was standing next to Archie.
"What's the game plan?" he asked looking around, his gun still raised. Archie looked at him and then at Atlanta and her faerie costume.
"You need to get out of that suit and into something more flexible. We're gonna be moving a lot," Archie said. Jay nodded.
"You're the boss," he said. He walked into the school hallway with Archie and they stopped at his locker. He opened it revealing his gym clothes, which he kept spare in case of an emergency.
Jay took off his tie and jacket while Archie looked at the door. Once Jay had taken off his shirt, he fell against the lockers. Archie knelt beside him and helped him up.
"How do you feel?" he asked.
"A little dizzy. did I get here?" Jay asked sounding himself again. Archie smiled to himself.
"Well... it started when we bought our costumes," Archie said. He went into an explanation of what happened with Cronus, and the whole time Jay's jaw was dropped.
"And we still have one small problem," Archie said as he and Jay walked to the doors. Archie opened them and Jay stared in horror at his friends going crazy. Theresa had Atlanta in a head lock and Odie was riding his broomstick, not far above them and not causing too much trouble.
"We have to get their costumes off," Archie said. Jay turned to him.
"How do you think the girls will react to us asking them to take their clothes off? They'll kill us," Jay said. Archie looked at the girls.
"I think I can handle Atlanta, she seems to be in love with me at the moment. Find a way to get Theresa to do it," Archie said. Jay nodded and the boys ran to the girls. Prying the girls apart was pretty hard. Jay got a punch in the face from Theresa, but Archie got a big kiss! The boys looked at each other and then steered the girls in opposite directions. Archie took Atlanta to the brownstone and threw her inside. He closed the door and turned to her.
"ARCHIE, ARCHIE, ARCHIE!" Atlanta cried (Got the idea from Little Box of Horrors).
"Guess what Atlanta?" he said acting excited. Atlanta clapped her hands.
"What Archie?!" she asked getting excited. Archie took his shoes off, and Atlanta copied.
"I found the best clothes for you! You're gonna love them," Archie told her. Atlanta's eyes brightened.
"Really Archie? You went to all that trouble for me?" she asked. Archie nodded. "Where are they?"
"On your bed. Go try it on," Archie said.
"OKAY!" Atlanta cried and ran up the stairs. Archie stood at the bottom of the stairs and listened to the movement from above. The next minute, a loud crash sounded and then Atlanta's voice echoed through the dorm.
"ARCHIE, what the hell is your skateboard in my room for?" she practically screamed coming down the stairs in her T-shirt and green shorts, her arms crossed. Archie smiled.
"What are you smiling at? And where are the others?"

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