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The last of the team are brought back to reality

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It had been easy for Archie to bring Atlanta back to earth, but for Jay, things were getting out of hand. He had just ducked behind a post box after Theresa had sent fire his way.
"Theresa, quit it!" he cried. This only made Theresa angrier.
"DON"T TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CAN'T DO!" she screamed and charged at him. She didn't reach him, for Atlanta had used her speed and tackled Theresa to the pavement. Archie helped Jay up and they watched as Atlanta dragged Theresa over to them, kicking and screaming.
"Let me go! I'll damn you to hell!" she was crying. Atlanta ripped off her devil horns and Theresa immediately shut up. She dropped her pitch fork and fell limp in Atlanta's arms.
"Where are Herry, Neil and Odie?" Archie asked Jay. Jay looked around the street.
"Neil's over there. I think Herry's still in the school after Odie's spell," Jay said.
"And Odie?" Atlanta asked brushing Theresa's hair off her face.
"Uh..." Jay shrugged. "I'm not sure."
"I'll take care of Neil, you get Herry and Atlanta, stay with Theresa," Archie said. Atlanta nodded and the boys and they went in different directions. Archie pulled a screaming Neil over to Atlanta and Theresa, Neil complaining about his hair and squealing like a girl. He was definitely back. The school doors opened and a few moments later, Jay came out with Herry.
"Persephone fixed him. Hera got onto her as soon as she could," Jay told them.
"We still need to find Odie," Archie said. Theresa suddenly sat up, her eyes blinking rapidly.
"He's at the park!" she cried. The boys got up and ran to the park where they found Odie throwing spells around the place.
"How do we stop him?" Neil asked bringing out his mirror. Jay looked from Archie to Herry and then snatched Neil's mirror from his hands.
"HEY! At least ask when you want to borrow it!" Neil cried. Jay gave Neil a sharp look and turned to Odie, who had spotted the boys.
"Jay, what are you doing?" Archie asked as Odie started towards them. Jay was trying to catch the reflection of light onto Neil's mirror to temporarily blind Odie. Odie was a few metres away, his wand pointed at them. Jay caught the light on Odie's eyes, just as Odie tried to say something. He fell down and Herry grabbed him and threw him over his shoulder.
Later at the Brownstone...

"Theresa was lying on the couch with a cloth over her forehead with Atlanta sitting next to her. Neil was sprawled out on the floor with his eyes closed. Odie was in the kitchen with Herry and Jay and Archie were sitting on the other two couches.
"Why can't our Halloween's ever be normal?" Atlanta asked.
"Because we aren't normal," Theresa replied.
"I have to admit, it was sorta fun," Neil said slowly sitting up.
"Sure, if you count receiving a punch in the face by a girl," Jay said. Theresa looked at him and smiled sheepishly. Herry and Odie walked into the room and sat down on the floor, eating some ice-cream.
"That was one Halloween," Herry said.
"I don't think they'll ever be normal," Atlanta said. The others agreed.

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