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chapter 12

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Frankie's POV

"Dude , Ashley's on T.V!", Gerard screamed and I ran into the living room. I always keep up with Ashley, but I never got the guts to go talk to her. I was such a jackass I don't think that she would even listen.

"Will you marry me?", the question made me sink in my chair. My mind was screaming SAY NOOOO! But what made me want to scream was her saying yes, and kissing him. I started to get sick.

"I'm sorry man."

"For what?"

"About Ashley, I know you love her, but Quinn and Jamia are in the way."

"What how did you...", He cut me off.

"I read you Journal."


"First off what kind of man has a journal and second I had to know your feelings for the situation, you haven't talked to her in what two years? And you still haven't asked Jamia to marry you."

"Can you give me a breck."

Ray walked in, "We're going home two week early!"

"No way."

"Yes Brain just said we were."

"When are we leaving?"


"NO WAY!!"

"I already said yes.", I'm going home and surprise Jamia I can't wait to see her.

Gerard got up and ran to his room, "MIRANDA HERE I COME!" I laughed and got up to pack!

Ashley's POV

"Baby we can't do it here.", I said as Quinn kissed me down my neck in the nearest bathroom.

"Why not no one is going to come in, I locked the door!"

"Because this is rude!", he looked up to me.

"Okay lets go to the motel room?"

"Beter.", he grabbed my hand and we rushed out.

"Quinn where are you going?"


"Oh okay just checking and remember No GLOVE TO LOVE!", I laughed as we got into the car.

The second the door of the hotel shut out lips collided. Between kisses I said, "Against...... the...... door?" He stoped kissing me and said.

"Your very picky."

"That's why you love me", He smilled and brought me to the bed. We kissed and I brought my hand down and rubbed his lower region, he moaned and closed his eyes. I whispered, "You want me don't you?", he noded. Soon our clothes were in a pile on the floor and me screaming his name while he moaned.

2 days later

Frankie's POV

I finally are home, well a five minute drive and I will. I let myself in the house. Weird I hear moaning is she watching a dirty movie or something? I opened the door to find JAMIA AND PETE ,ONE OF JAMIA'S BEST FRIENDS, FUCKING IN MY BED! She noticed I was standing in the doorway. "Frankie!!", she screamed as I walked out still shocked. Ashley was right and I called her a lier. "Frankie!!", Jamia ran out in a blanket I got into my car and drove off with her crying. I drove all the way to New York I had to see Ashley. I drove up and got out of the car. I knocked a few times and Quinn answered the door.

"What the fuck are you doing here?", he's pissed must of interupted something.

"Where's Ashley?"

"She's asleep."

"No I'm not.", she said walking in.

"Come in."

I walked in and sat down. Quinn gave me a death glare and then I looked at Ashley who had a warm look to her. I can't belive I broke her heart TWICE. There was a silence then I broke it.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?", she asked.

"For calling you a lier and accusing you of being Jelious."

"You caught her didn't you?", I noded and looked down trying not to cry. I felt arms going around me, and I couldn't hold it anymore I cried it all out. And if you were me, a guy, you would know how hard it is to cry infront of people.

"Shh it's okay you will get threw this.", I looked up to her and she kissed me on the forhead. "Quinn baby go get some blankets.", Quinn walked out and came back with me a blanket and a pilliow. She forgave me like that?

I just had to ask, "Your not mad at me?"

"I would never I thought you hated me."

"I could never hate you even if I tried.", she hugged me. Oh how I missed her.

"Good night sleep tight, dream of me tonight.", she said getting up and walking to her room. I've always dreamed of Ashley but I've never really admitted it.

"I will.", she turned around and smiled. That smile that makes you melt. If only she knew.

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