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Authors Note

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authors note

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Not a chapter but note.



Hi my name is Brittany, I am the writer of this story. If you do not like it then please don't keep reading it or submitting reviews. You may think that I copied greennoserings or w/e her name is's story. But i didn't. Did you ever take the time to think that maybe it was a coincidense? Here is how I came to this idea;

One day me and my friend Shantel were bouncing on our trampoline with my sister. We had a big obsession with Teen Titans back then. So when we heard that they were not making a new season we got kinda upset. When we got tired of bouncing we sat down on the tramp and started to talk about what we would make episodes about if we were the creators of Teen Titans. One of the things we came up with was that if babies came and the team had to take care of them. But since it was Teen Titans instead of Class of the Titans it would be Beast Boy and Raven taking care of two kids and Starfire and Robin taking care of two kids and Cyborg would have one. But since I do not really like Teen Titans any more I made it into a COTT story. I haden't even read 'What I like about You' Until someone reviewed my story and said that it was a copy and that they hated it. What I don't get is why she keeps coming back to review it. Seems kind of stupid doesn't it? Well thank you to all the people who incourage me to keep on writing and I will whether you dumbasses like it or not!

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