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Cronus Appears and then Disappears

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Cronus is said to be spotted in a nearby ally but when the titans check it out. He's not there.

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Chapter One:

It was a sunny day, everything in New Olympia was perfect; the sun was shining, the birds singing, couples took walks hand in hand down the street. In the dorm of seven teenagers, it was a normal day. Archie and Atlanta feuded over some silly useless problem. Jay and Theresa flirted obliviously in a corner of the room. Neil was taking a shower singing "Oops I did it again" by Britney Spears. Odie was playing some video game and Herry was waiting patiently as Athena made him a sandwich that was 40cm high. Herry's mouth drooled as he stared at the huge sandwich. Athena drew her sword and sliced the bread. A little dramatic I suppose. When she was done she handed the sandwich to her waiting customer. Just as Herry was about to take a bite out of his fairly large sandwich Jay shouted from across the room.

"It's Cronus!"

"Oh man, Jay can't it wait till I'm at least done eating my sandwich?" asked Herry.

Jay rolled his eyes and ran out of the room. Herry sighed and got up and went after him. The rest of the team followed. When they got to the dark alley, where Cronus had been spotted, Jay looked around to see if he could spot him. Suprisingly, he didn't see anyone.

"Search the area," ordered Jay.

As his team searched the alley they found nothing.

"Must have been a mistake. Let's head back" said Jay after 15 minutes of searching.

Atlanta and Archie started to head back and began to argue again about whether it was a trap just waiting to happen or whether it was a miss siting. Neil muttered something that sounded like "What a waste of time. I could have been taking my beauty nap right now!" Odie and Herry just chatted as they walked back to the dorm. Theresa started to head back when she noticed that Jay wasn't following. She stopped and waited for him to catch up. Jay ran his hand through his hair and jogged/ran up to Theresa.

"What's wrong?" asked Theresa noticing that something was bothering her somewhat 'Cronus Obsessed' leader.

"Huh? Oh...Oh nothing. I was just thinking about how someone could say they saw Cronus but when we got here there was no sign of him what so ever. Strange. I'll have to ask Hera about it when we get back to the dorm." he answered truthfully.

When the seven teenagers left the alley, Cronus came out of his orange-bordered portal with a starry background. Little did the teenagers know but Cronus had collected something very important to the teenagers.

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