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A Waste of Time

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When the seven heroes don't find Cronus they think it was a big waste of time. But is it worth it to whine and complain about it?

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Chapter 2:

The mystery item that Cronus had grabbed was one of the seven teenagers PMR. Whose PMR it was? You'll soon find out.

When the seven teenagers had arrived back at the dorm, they found that the dorm was a mess. They all came in complaining that it had been a 'Big waste of time'. Moans, Groans and Mumbles were heard from the other side of the room.

"Enough!" shouted Athena getting quite pissed off at the negative attitude that the seven teenagers had.

The room immediately became silent. Nobody dared to speak. Not even, Neil. They all stared blankly at Athena who had an angry expression on her face.

"What is going on?" asked Athena calming down a bit.

"Well, Jay got a call and it said that Cronus was in a nearby alley and so Jay interrupted us from doing our daily stuff; Odie and his video games, Herry and his sandwich, Atlanta and Archie's feuding, which happens to be very annoying quite frankly, Theresa and Jay's flirting (they both blushed at this) and most importantly, MY SHOWER! And then," Neil took a breath.

"Herry was all like 'Can I finish my sandwich first?' And Jay was like 'No! Let's go team!' And then we all had to run out of the building like it was on fire or something. When we got to the alley where some apparently drunken god had said that he saw Cronus, Jay went all 'Check out the area.' And so we did but no one was there. And so it was a BIG waste of time when I could have been taking my beauty rest!" Neil started to whine at the last sentence.

"Okay, so then all you had to do was say 'Well that was a waste of time' you didn't have to come in a whine and complain and moan and groan and everything else you can possibly do that would sound any more annoying." stated Athena very matter-of-factly.

A huge commotion of "Well that was a waste of time," 's was heard across the room.

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