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Athena Leaves the Dorm

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All their whining puts athena into an hissy-fit. She ends up leaving the dorm. When she leaves she also leaves behind a couple of surprises.

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Chapter 3

"Quiet!" shouted Athena at the loud teenagers. "What has gotten into you guys? First you come in complaining and then you start yelling at the top of your lungs! I need a break."

"Easy for you to say. Your job is easy. All you have to do is take care of us. You don't have to 'save the world' from some INSANE Greek god of time!" argued Jay.

"Yeah!" shouted the rest of the team.

Athena was taken back. When they all had realized what they had said they all covered their mouths and gasped. Theresa bit her lip. They all stared down at the floor and fidgeted with their fingers and feet.

"Well, well. If you think my job is so easy. Taking care of seven teenagers who complain and bicker (she stared at Archie and Atlanta who stared at the ground even more nervously then before) and are constantly making a mess or asking for food (she stared at Herry) then why don't you try it for a change." Athena said and was frankly very much pissed off at the seven guilty teenagers.

Almost instantly the goddess disappeared in what seemed to be thin air. And then in the same way Athena disappeared, several little children appeared.


Meanwhile, Cronus sat on a tall chair on a platform in his dark dripping cave. He stared at the PMR, which he held and examined ever so closely in his hands.

"How clever young Odie must be to create such a powerful device. Very much like Odysseus I suppose," Cronus said to no one unparticular.

He pressed one of the buttons on the side of the device and a blue electricity bolt came out and shocked his hand. He dropped the PMR and waved his hand in the air franticly. He put his finger in his mouth. He used his other hand to pick the object back up and examine it again.

"Rotten little thing. I'll be careful to never touch that again."

He turned it to the back and then turned it to the front again. Then he saw a button with an arrow on it. (Very much like a playback button on a digital camera) He pressed it and a picture came up in the screen. It was of Atlanta and...(A/N: can you guess?) Archie of coarse. Archie had his arm around Atlanta's neck and they both appeared to be blushing. Cronus smirked and laughed to himself.

"Young love. I know their weakness now!" he laughed again like a mad man.

"Boss? Are you okay?" said Agnon

"Of coarse I'm okay you fool!" said a now angered Cronus.

Cronus pressed an arrow button and more pictures showed on the screen. Most of them were like the first; of Archie with his arm draped around Atlanta's shoulder or waist and of coarse they were always blushing.

"Now that I have this little nifty tool, I can listen to whatever they have to say and I can listen into their plans!" once again Cronus laughed mechanically.

Cronus' giants rolled their eyes and sighed. They were getting very annoyed with his continuos 'evil' laughter.

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