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Archie and Atlanta's Children

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The children of Atlanta and Archie are?

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Chapter 4

Back at the dorm;

The seven children each ran up to one of the seven teenagers. All of the seven children looked similar to the teenager that they had ran up to. It had all happened so fast. The teenagers were still recovering from a state of shock.

"What just happened?" Jay managed to mutter without the kids hearing.

"I...I...I don't... know," stuttered Theresa who was standing beside Jay.

"Mommy!" said a little girl with purple hair wearing cargo pants and a T-shirt.

"M...M...Mommy?" asked Atlanta to the little girl now clinging to her leg.

"Daddy!" exclaimed a little boy with bright red hair and a sweatshirt.

"Daddy?" said Archie a little confused but suprisingly was the first to recover from the shocked state.

The new 'Mommy' and 'Daddy's exchanged glances. Archie and Atlanta took the two youngsters to the couch and sat down. They decided in their own silent ways that they would have a talk together with the two children.

"What do you mean Mommy and Daddy?" asked Atlanta to the little boy and girl.

"Mommy like you're my Mommy and Daddy like you're my Daddy!" said the little girl who seemed to be amazed at how smart she was. As she said this she pointed to Atlanta and then Archie.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you just say that Archie's your Daddy!" yelled Atlanta but then quieted down so nobody would hear.

Archie blushed at this. The little girl and the little boy shook their heads. They were so little and they shook their heads so quickly that it looked like their heads would fall, right off their tiny bodies.

"Yep!" said the boy matter-of-factly.

"But we don't...we can't...we would" was all that Atlanta managed to get out.

"Well I don't know Mommy. How are little boys and girls made?" asked Atlanta and Archie's as-of-this-moment daughter.

"Uh" Atlanta began until Archie cut in.

"You don't want to know. Not yet at least."

Atlanta was becoming very confused and embarrassed. At that moment she felt like fainting. Her face became pale and her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she began to slowly fall back. She shook her head to get out of it and stood up.

"I'm going to take a..."Atlanta started but never finished because she had fainted.

She began to drop but she landed in strong arms covered in a blue material. She fluttered her eyes open for a quick second to see who had caught her. She caught a glimpse of Archie and then she saw black. The children began to get scared.

"What happened to Mommy?" the little girl panicked.

"Uh...'Mommy's' had a long day. She needs some rest. You stay here and I'll go put 'Mommy' in bed okay?" said Archie who himself was kind of panicked too.

"Okay Daddy," said the girl and she nodded her head.

'Yeah now I'll just go put Atlanta to rest in her bed and I think I'll go put them to bed to so that I can get some rest too. It's been a long day. My brain needs a break.' thought Archie as he carried Atlanta bridal style to her bedroom. He placed her gently on her bed. 'She looks so peaceful and elegant... Wait! What! I can't say things about Lannie that way! She's my best friend. Don't think things like that Archie. She'll never like you in that way.'

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