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Theresa and Jay's Troubles

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Whoa Jay. Take a chill-pill and deal. Chances are everybody has their own little problems too.

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Chapter 5

Archie was exiting Atlanta's room when something caught his eye. It was a small square picture frame. In the picture frame there was a picture. It just so happened that the picture was of Atlanta and himself. They were play wrestling. 'When was that taken? Hmm I guess Teresa must have taken that picture one day.' he thought to himself. He smiled to himself and laughed. Then he slowly walked out of Atlanta's room and shut the door.

When he went downstairs he saw that the children were already fast asleep on the couch. He went to the cupboard and grabbed two fleece blankets and covered them, then he went upstairs to his room to get some rest.


Downstairs Theresa and Jay were having troubles of their own.

"Hi Momma!" said a little girl with long brown wavy hair.

"Momma?" asked Theresa a little startled.

"Momma and Dada," said the little girl again.

"Pardon? Who's your 'Dada'," asked Theresa.

"That man." the little girl said and pointed to Jay from across the room.

Jay had his hand on his forehead and looked like he had a headache. His eyes winced in pain. Theresa was shocked. Her jaw dropped a good 10-cm.

"Wha...wha...what do you mean?" asked Theresa. 'I'm asking a little girl about Jay and I having an intercourse! What is wrong with me. I must be hallucinating, either that or I'm crazy!'

"That is my Dada and you are my Momma! Don't you believe me Momma! Oh you don't!" cried the little girl and she began to sob.

"Oh, oh I'm sorry. There, there don't cry." Theresa said and then she picked up the little girl and sat her on her lap.

Theresa rocked the girl back and forth and gave her a hug. The little girl started to calm down. As soon as she was good to go a loud scream was heard from across the room where Jay had recently been sitting but was now standing.

"WHAT!" he yelled. It wasn't a mean yell but enough to scare the toddler in front of him.

The toddler had long brown hair like the other girl but was much shorter. And instead of having chocolate brown eyes like the other girl she had bright green eyes like emeralds.

"Whaaaa!" she began to wail.

Theresa ran over to Jay with the little girl in her arms. When Theresa got there she sat Jay down to talk to him about why he had been yelling. The little girl that Theresa had recently been cradling in her arms was now hugging the smaller crying infant.

"Hush little baby don't you cry. Sissy's gonna' sing you a lullaby..." she began to sing softly.

The smaller girl began to calm down a bit. She then began to hiccup/cry. The older girl who appeared to be her older 'sissy' rubbed her back softly. Then she was calm and they sat on the couch. The littler girl between the other girls legs.

While that was happening Jay and Theresa were talking.

"Jay, calm down."

Jay took a couple deep breathes and was calmed almost instantly.

"Okay. Now that your calm you can talk to me and tell me what happened." said Theresa in a comforting voice.

Jay took one last deep breath and started to talk to Theresa.

"Okay well I was sitting here and that little girl came and sat next to me. She started to talk to me. About what? I don't know. I had too much of a headache to listen. All I heard was --Are you listening Dada?-- and then I shook my head thinking I was just hearing things. The she started to ask again --Dada? Dada? DADA!-- and I turned to look at her. Then she said --Dada listen to me please or else I'm gonna' go talk to Momma.--When she said this she stared at you and so I asked her who was her 'Momma' and she pointed to you. Then I guess I got a little started and took it way out of proportion and then I yelled. I didn't notice I was yelling."

"Okay. My kid said the same thing. Except all the Momma's were Dada's and the Dada's were Momma's and the me was You." said Theresa.

Theresa put her finger on her lip and tilted her head a bit. She was thinking. 'She looks so cute when she's thinking. What am I saying?' thought Jay.

"Did that make any sense to you?" Theresa asked a little confused about what she had just said.

Jay laughed and nodded his head. "Yeah, It made perfect sense."

"Okay," Theresa smiled.

"So... We've got a big problem here. We have two 'children' that we need to take care of, which means that Archie, Atlanta, Herry, Odie and Neil probably have their own children too.

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