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Buddies, Buddies, Enemies

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Herry and his son go to play football. Odie and his son play computer games. Neil and his daughter, well let's just say "I DONT HAVE A DAUGHTER!"

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Chapter 6

Herry was about to finish eating his 40-cm tall sandwich. When he was finished he looked ahead to see a boy with brown hair staring at his with big brown eyes.

"Hi!" said the boy happily.

Herry was so surprised that he fell right off his chair. He rubbed his head.

"Ouch." he said.

The boy laughed.

"That was funny dad. Do it again!" pleaded the boy.

"Dad? What?" asked Herry. "Last time I checked I didn't have a son."

'Well that's weird.' thought Herry.

"Don't be silly dad. You've had a son for eight years now." said the joyful boy.

"Uh okay. Cool. So what do you want to do?" asked Herry. He seemed to adapt to the system very easily. It was like nothing ever happened.

"How about we play football?" suggested the young boy.

"Sure. Go outside and I'll go fetch the ball."

And with that Herry and the young boy where hitting it off like buddies.


Odie went to play games when a boy that looked about the age of 11 came up to Odie and asked him if he could play video games with him. The boy was black like Odie and had his hair corn rolled. The braids were about shoulder length. The boy also had glasses like Odie's.

"Uh...sure..." said Odie to the kid.

Then they started to play video games. It was a space game.

"I'm going to kick your sorry butt dad!" yelled the boy.

"Yeah right. Wait what did you said?" asked Odie.

" I said I'm going to kick your sorry butt!" repeated the boy.

"No. You said something after that, that sounded allot like 'Dad'," corrected Odie.

"And maybe that's because I did," said the boy.

"But I'm not your dad. I'm not old enough to have a child and I still can't even ask a girl out. So how would I have a kid?" asked Odie.

"Uh okay whatever you said dad. And umm yeah you must have asked a girl out. A girl that happens to be named Calypso. And do you really want me to tell you how you had a kid because honestly I don't want to say it," answered to boy.

"Calypso? You mean like the sea nymph we met that one time when our boat got totaled?!" said Odie shocked.


"Cool. Oh well that's get back to the game. And by the way I believe that I will be the one kicking your butt." said Odie as he un-paused the game.

The teenager and the preteen started to play the game again and a loud amount of shouting was heard from afar.


A teenage girl about 13 walked up to Neil, who just happened to be looking in his signature three paneled mirror. She asked him if she could borrow his mirror.

"Uh sure," said Neil as he handed his mirror to the girl. "But don't damage it."

Then the girl snatched the mirror and began to fix her straight blonde light blonde streaked hair. Then she began to fix her makeup. She took out a pink lipstick tube and some brown eye shadow that went really well with her bright blue eyes.

"Thanks dad," she said and she handed the mirror back.


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