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Evy and Adam

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Evy and Adam are the names of whose children?

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Chapter Seven:

"Hey I'm nobodies dad. I'm only a good-looking guy with a perfect personality and perfect looks and everything. And perfect people like me, do not have children. Comprendae?" said Neil very conceitedly.

"Right...I'll. Be. In. The. Shower," said the girl very slowly. Then she left the room with her long golden hair swishing from left to right after her.

"Hey! I'm not stupid you know!" Neil called after her.

'That's what he thinks' thought the girl.


The next day

Atlanta awoke and rubbed her head. She changed her clothes and thought about the things that had happened the previous day. 'So Archie and me have a daughter and a son. That's okay...I think. But that means he...he...I'm not even going to think it. But I'm okay with having a son and a daughter...right. Yeah, I'm good. What the fuck and I talking about this is crazy I can't have a daughter AND a son. Not at this age. Uh, Uh. No way. Never. That was all just a dream. Yeah, a dream. I'll just go eat some breakfast and everything will be fine. Right. Breakfast'

Just as she finished thinking that her stomach growled so loud that it sounded like a lion roaring. She left her room and started to walk down the hall. She was staring at the ground and she was kind of in her own little world so she never realized that she bumped right into Archie.


Atlanta flew backwards but Archie caught her.

"You okay?" he asked

"Yeah fine. Sorry, I was kind of in my own little world," she apologized.

'The secret world of Atlanta. That's where I want to be' thought Archie.

Then he realized he was still holding on to her. He snatched his arms back to his sides and they both blushed and Archie rubbed the back of his head.

"Heh, heh. Sorry," 'Oh my god she must think I'm such a loser now. Oh man.'

"Anyway. Let's go get some breakfast," Atlanta said awkwardly.

"Sure and the kids probably want something to eat too,"

Archie continued to walk until he noticed that Atlanta had stopped dead in her tracks.

"Lannie? You alright?"

"You mean it wasn't...wasn't a... a dream?" stuttered Atlanta.

"What a dream? Oh. You mean the whole kid thing? Sorry Lannie but it's not a dream."

Atlanta's face turned pail and she looked like she was going to faint again. Luckily Archie was there.

"Hey Atlanta you don't look so good. We should get you something to eat."

He stopped and stood beside her and put his arm underneath her arm and lifted her arm onto his shoulder to support her just in case. They walked slowly into the kitchen and Archie sat Atlanta onto a chair and started to cook breakfast. He turned on the pan and started to make omelets and bacon and toast. He grabbed two plates and served one to Atlanta. He decided he would try to make his best friend laugh. He put the plate in one hand and balanced it on his fingertips. He walked over to her and took a bow with the plate still balancing on his hand. When he was about to serve the plate a colorful flash went by and knocked him over sending food flying all over the kitchen.

Atlanta burst out laughing. She held out a hand and tried to pull him up. In the process, she stepped on some egg and slipped and fell right on top of Archie. They both started to laugh.

'She looks so cute when she laughs. Her laugh is so joyful and it always makes me happy.' thought Archie.

When Atlanta stopped laughing and looked up she noticed first that Archie was staring at her in an admiring way. It made her blush. When Archie realized that Atlanta had seen him starring at her he started to blush too. Then they both realized they were laying on top of each other and their faces turned beat red.

"Mommy, Daddy what are you doing?" asked the girl.

"Uh nothing. We just had an accident." Archie told the girl.

The girl had a questioning look on her face.

"You wet your pants?"

"What! No. Accident like a mistake." said Archie while pulling himself and Atlanta up from the floor.


"So what's your name anyway?" asked Atlanta.

"My name is Evy, (eve-E)"

"That's a pretty name. What about your brother?"

"Adam. His name is Adam."

"That's a pretty cool name. I can dig that," said Archie trying to act cool.

He folded his arms across his chest and had a smug expression on his face. Just then, more egg dropped from the ceiling and landed on his head. Evy and Atlanta burst out laughing. They were laughing so hard they started to cry.

"Daddy's funny. Isn't he Mommy?"

"Yes, yes he is very funny sweetie," said Atlanta.

She didn't know why she had just called Evy sweetie but somehow it just seemed right. Then a tired little boy came in to the kitchen and was rubbing his eyes.

"Morning Adam!" said Archie as he rubbed the egg off of his head.

"Good morning Mommy and Daddy," said Adam tiredly.


"So what do you two want to eat?" asked Archie.

"Don't cares," were heard very softly and tiredly.

"I don't know if I'd trust Daddy to cook again. Would you Evy?" Atlanta joked.

"I don't know..." wondered Evy.

"Hardy har, har. I happen to be a very good cook for that matter," and with that he was back to frying eggs and bacon on the stove and putting toast in the toaster.

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