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Archie cooks

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Archie decides to cook breakfast but it kind of goes upside down.

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Newly added characters:

Evy and Adam - daughter and son of Archie and Atlanta


Chapter 8 :

When Archie was done cooking he skipped the fancy serving just incase some other crazy kid bumped into him and made a mess all over the kitchen. Archie, Atlanta, Evy and Adam all sat down to eat.

"As much as I hate to say it. This is good. Oh I'm sorry but it was just so hard to believe and say" Atlanta teased and started to giggle.

"Laugh all you want but you have to admit that I am a good cook,"

"Alright you're a good cook. But don't take it too highly. So where'd you learn to cook anyways."

Archie muttered something that sounded like 'sd to cuk lut wim mmm mmm'. Atlanta knew it was embarrassing so she asked him again.

"You what?"

"sd to cuk lut wim mmm mmm," muttered Archie again.


"I used to cook a lot with my mom. Okay there!"

"Oh. YOU USED TO COOK ALOT WITH YOUR MOM ARCHIE. OHHHHHH!!!" Atlanta yelled loud enough so that all the people in the dorm could hear.

Archie covered Atlanta's mouth with his hand.

"Atlanta keep it down! Geez!" he whisper yelled.

She giggled.

"I'm just teasing gosh."

Archie decided to change the subject. "So how old are you two, Evy and Adam?"

"I'm five!" said Evy proudly and she held up six fingers.

Atlanta pushed one finger down and Evy looked at her fingers and counted again.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Yeah I'm five!"

"And how about you Adam?" asked Archie.

"I'm three,"

"So Lannie we've got a five year old and a three year old on our hands,"


"So anyways. I noticed that you can run really fast. Like how you ran really fast right into me this morning." said Archie.

"Yeah I've got super powers. Wanna' see?"

Archie didn't even answer before the girl was off her chair and running circles around the kitchen island. Archie stuck his arm out and caught her and pulled her onto his lap.

"And what about him?"

"Uh. I don't know. But he always likes to pick fights and somehow he always manages to win. Even against me!" Evy replied.

"Such an Archie thing to do," said Atlanta sarcastically.

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Ha-ha made you say is too!" Atlanta jumped up in victory knocking her plate to the ground.


"Hey Arch?"


"We better start cleaning up before Jay comes in and goes on an Angry rampage,"


With that they started to clean up. With Atlanta's super speed they were able to clean up even faster. When they were done they were both pooped. Archie took a seat on the living room couch and Atlanta lay across his lap starring up at him. Evy and Adam went to go wake up everybody.

"So what do you think of them Lannie?"

"I think they're cute" she smiled. "You?"

"I think that they're...cute" he concluded.

Atlanta giggled. The room went silent for a couple minutes. Until Atlanta decided to break the silence.

"Hey Arch?"


"Do you think that we're ready to be parents?"

Archie thought for a moment.

"Yeah I think we're ready. After all we do save the world from an evil god who is totally insane. How hard would a couple of kids be? And it's probably only till Athena comes back."

Then they just sat there in silence. Archie was starring at Atlanta and Atlanta was in 'Atlanta World' again as Archie called it.

'I can't believe that those kids are mine and Atlanta's. That means that we had ahem. Wait don't think that! That's disgusting. I'm not a pervert! I can't think those things about my best friend.' Then he remembered the picture in Atlanta's room. 'Maybe she does feel the same way...'

'I can't believe that I had two kids with...with Archie! Out of all people it has to be my best friend. Why couldn't it have been some stranger that I don't know? I mean that's just sick. I guess Archie's better then anyone. I mean he's cute and smart and a good fighter and wtf am I saying. Archie's my best friend and nothing more. And he'd never like me any more then a friend...I think'

Then everybody entered the room and started with their breakfasts. Odie and his kid and Herry and his kid were hitting it off like the best of friends. Neil was trying his best to stay away from his new daughter because she was snobby and rude and of coarse she had to be insane to think that she was his daughter. Jay and Teresa were having a conversation with their two kids too. Then Jay made an announcement.

"Everybody, listen up. After your done eating come and sit on the couches. We're going to have a meeting."

Once everybody finished eating they all sat down on the couches.

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