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The Group Meeting

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The team and their children have a meeting. Introduction to all of the children.

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Chapter 9

"Okay has anybody found out anything about their new 'children'?" asked Jay

"We did," Archie and Atlanta raised their hands.


Archie and Atlanta had their own little silent argument about who would say it. Atlanta won and it was decided that Archie would tell everybody about his or her knowledge of the children who sat in front of them.

Archie pointed to the kids in front of him.

"These are me and Atlanta's 'children',"

Theresa, Jay, Neil, Herry and Odie giggled but hid the laughter by covering their mouths with jackets, hands and T-shirts.


Archie pointed to the girl with the purple hair.

"This is Evy. She is five years old and she can run really fast like Atlanta."

Archie pointed to the boy with spiky red hair.

"This is Adam. He is three years old and he is a fighter like me."

"And I have an ankle brace like Daddy!!!!" Evy cut in.

"You do?" asked Archie.

"Yeah see,"

Evy pulled up her leg revealing an ankle brace. They were exactly alike except for the fact that Archie's was gold and hers was silver.

"Cool!" exclaimed Archie.

"Okay so is that all you know about them?" asked Jay.

"That's about it," answered Atlanta.

"Okay so I guess we should go around the circle then. Starting with...Odie's kid," said Jay

"Hey. Um my name is T.J and I'm 12 years old. My mom is Calypso the sea nymph and uh... I'm really good with technology,"

"Okay and now with Herry's kid,"

"Hi, I'm Ron. I'm really strong and my mom's name was Sadie. Oh and I'm 8 years old!" Ron said happily.

"Okay Neil what about your kid?"



"I'm 14 and my moms name was Danisa. My name is Alexandra and I'm beautiful and smart and talented not to mention I have a great personality..."

Jay knew where this was going and cut her off.

"So you'd say you were lucky?"

"Yeah you could say that,"

"Okay and these are me and Theresa's kids,"

Jay said as he pointed to the two girls in front of him. Archie and Atlanta burst out laughing while Odie, Neil and Herry bit their tongues. But Neil couldn't hold it in any longer. He burst out laughing which caused Herry and Odie to laugh too.





"Happen sooner or later,"

Said Herry and Odie and Neil finishing each other's sentences. But they all stopped laughing when Theresa shot them all a death glance.

"What's so funny Archie. What about you and Atlanta? Huh? Huh?"

Archie crossed his arms and pouted.

"Anyway the kids can start," said Theresa stopping the fight that was about to come.

The oldest girl started to talk.

"My name is Terri and my sister's name is Jayda. I am 4 and Jayda's 3. Umm Theresa is my Momma and Jay is my Dadda. I umm... can lead stuff good and I like to play with swords and light sabers and Jayda has a special thing that makes her be able to know stuff before it happens and she can tell things are going to happen,"

"Okay so that's all we need to know. And we better go tell Hera about the kids so everybody into to Theresa's car and Herry's truck. If there's not enough seats let the little ones sit together. Okay. Go!" ordered Jay.

Everybody ran out the doors into the vehicles. Some people shared seats and some kid sat on other people's laps. When they arrived at the school they walked through the halls and Jay opened the Janitors closet with his key. When they opened the door and went through the portal they all went to Hera's room and sat down on the couches. Hear was there feeding her peacocks. She was a little surprised when the seven hero's walked in with a bunch of children.

"Jay!" she gasped. "You can't let little children into here!"

"It's okay Hera, Athena sent them to us when she left."

"Ah yes she said that she was going on a little vacation and she had left a little surprise. But she never said that they were children!"

"Where are they from?"

"Umm Hera can I talk to you privately?"

"Why sure Jay,"

And they both walked to a corner of the room to talk.

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