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A Lovey Dovey Beach Scene

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Out on the beach are a lovey dovey couple. But who are this lovey dovey couple?

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Chapter 10

Jay and Hera were talking in a corner of the room while the rest of the team and the kids talked with Chiron and Persephone. Aphrodite went into a state of shock when she heard that Neil had a daughter. But she calmed down when she saw how pretty the girl was.

Jay and Hera talk.

"So where do you say that these children are from?"

"Hera, this may sound weird but, I think that they're from the...future? Is that right?"

"That may be, Jay. Whose children are they?"

Jay blushed.

"They're umm..." he scratched the back of his head. "ours."

He winced thinking that Hera would explode in anger but she didn't so he opened one eye. When he saw that she wasn't going to do anything he opened the other eye too.

"That may be true Jay. Athena has very strong powers. Who knows what she is capable of. She might have been able to bring things, children back to the past. But anyway, Who are the parents of each of the children?"

"Uh the black kid's name is T.J and he's Odie and Calypso's son. T.J has tech skills like Odie. The blonde girl is Neil and some girl named Danisa and her name is Alexandria and she has luck like Neil. The purple hair girl and the bright red hair boy are Archie and Atlanta's children. The purpled hair girls name is Evy and she can run really fast. The red hair boy is Adam and he is a fighter. The brown hair boy is Ron and he has super strength. He is Herry's child and some women named Sadie. And the last two are named Terri and Jayda. Terri is the older one and she is a leader and Jayda is the younger one and she has a sixth sense. They are Theresa's children."

He decided to leave out the part that they were also his children and he looked away so Hera couldn't tell he was hiding something. But his plan backfired. Hera knew he was hiding something.

"And who is the father of Terri and Jayda?"

" don't want to know."

"Yes I do Jay. Tell me now." she said sternly.

"I am." he mumbled but Hera heard him.

"I see."

Then they both turned around and returned to the others.

"You should all take the children to the park or the mall or something other."

"Yes Hera" they all said at once.

And they left. They all decided to go to the park. When they arrived at the park Atlanta decided to take out her PMR and take a picture. She always left her PMR in her pocket but when she searched her pockets she found nothing.

"Hey Arch would you mind calling my PMR for me?"


"Just try,"

"Whatever," and he called Atlanta's PMR.

He kept trying to call but they couldn't hear it anywhere.



Cronus had been sleeping in his chair. He was holding onto the PMR when it started to ring loudly. And it wouldn't stop ringing. He jumped up and called to his lead giant.

"Agnon make this thing stop ringing!"

"Yes, boss,"

Agnon tried and tried but it wouldn't stop ringing.


"Oh well I guess I left it at home. I'll have to use your PMR Arch."

Archie handed over his PMR to Atlanta and they took a picture of Evy and Adam, then they took a picture of all of the children and last they asked a man walking by to take a picture of the team and the children. When they were done they all went their separate ways in the park. Archie and Atlanta went to the swing sets, Jay, Theresa, Terri and Jayda went to the beach, Herry and Ron went to play football again, Odie and T.J went to the video game arcade down the street and Neil and Alexandria stayed as far away from each other as possible.

Later Archie and Atlanta went down to the beach and stopped when they saw that Jayda and Terri were wading around in the water and Theresa and Jay were laying down in the sand side by side flirting. Theresa was twirling her hair and Jay was staring at her writing messages in the sand. Archie and Atlanta looked at each other with evil glances and then nodded. They had a plan. They told Evy and Adam to quietly go and wade in the water with Jayda and Terri. Adam refused saying that he was afraid of water and so they told him to sit on the beach.

Archie took the left side of the beach where Theresa was and Atlanta took the right where Jay was. They quietly snuck up behind the two. Since they were so busy flirting they never noticed what Archie and Atlanta were planning. Atlanta mouthed 'one, two, three!' and they both jumped and scared the crap out of Jay and Theresa. Theresa screeched and hugged Jay and Jay hugged her back. The two evil teammates fell on their backs onto the sandy ground and laughed for ten minutes straight. Theresa was still scared to death and she and Jay were still hugging. When Archie stopped laughing he stood up and walked over to his best friend to pull her up.

"Man, that was hilarious!" teased Atlanta.

"Yeah you should have seen Theresa scream and then you two started to hug each other," then he noticed that they were still doing exactly that. "And I see you still are!"

"Jay and Theresa sitting in a tree!" Atlanta began.

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage then comes...Terri and Jayda in the baby carriage!" Archie and Atlanta started to sing.

"So what if we're hugging? Do you have a problem with that?" said Theresa who was now becoming more comfortable with being in Jay's strong arms.

She turned around with Jay's arms still around her and looked at Archie and Atlanta who had shocked expressions on their faces. Their eyes were open so wide that it looked like their eyes would pop right out of their eye sockets and their jaws had dropped a good 10 inches.

"WHATT!" they both yelled.

"Yeah so what if I hug her. What's it to you? What about if I kissed her too? What would you do about that?"

Jay turned Theresa around and kissed her on the lips. The kiss lasted a good ten seconds. When they stopped for air Theresa and Jay planned to gross them out even more. They started to make-out. Right there in front of them in the middle of the beach in public!

"EWWWW!" yelled Atlanta.


Archie and Atlanta ran off to the water to wash the image of their two teammates making-out out of their minds.

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