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The Missing PMR

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Who's PMR went missing? Read to find out.

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Chapter 11

Theresa and Jay stopped making out and stood up and went to sit beside Archie and Atlanta who had just been talking about random stuff. They jumped when they saw Theresa and Jay sit down afraid that they'd start making-out again. They both got up and hid behind the kids playing in the water. Even Archie. They used them as self-defense.

"We have children and they don't need to see your M rated adultery scenes! Not at this age!" they both said.

"Chill out you guys. We were just trying to get revenge against what you did to us," explained Jay.

"Well that was gross!" said Atlanta.

Theresa tilted her head to Archie and looked at Atlanta and winked.

"Theresa! EWWWW!!!! I'm going to kill you!"

Theresa jumped up and ran as Atlanta chased after her. Screams could be heard for half and hour. During that time, Jay and Archie had a little man-to-man conversation.

"So how'd you like it?" Archie teased.

"ARCHIE! That's gross. Why would I even tell you?"

Archie looked at him and raised his eyebrows. Jay sighed.

"You can tell she's had a lot of boyfriends and that's all I'm going to say,"

Archie laughed.

"Oh so you got a lot of competition, eh?"

"Shut up!" Jay looked down to the sand.

"What about you and Atlanta? I saw u tuck her into bed that night when she fainted. And I know you saw that picture of you and her. I betcha' liked it when you got to carry her and have her vagina pressed up against your chest and her boobs above your head!"

"JAY THATS SICK! WAY SICK! God Jay I'm not perverted! I never even noticed that anyone took a picture of that!"

"Sure you didn't. Admit it you LOVED it!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did not!"

"Did not!"

"Ha-ha Jay I didn't fall for that one this time!" he said smugly and folded his arms across his chest and stuck his nose up in the air. Jay punched him in the arm and then they sat and talked about their girl teammates for awhile.


When Theresa had gotten tired and ran out of breath she sat on the beach and Atlanta sat beside her. They talked too.

"So is he good?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know good like a good kisser?"

"Huh. Oh yeah that. Yeah he's actually really good. You can tell he's been in a relationship or three before,"

"Ooh the competition begins!"

"What about you and Archie?"

"What about me and Archie?"

"Nice pictures in your room and PMR."

"Huh? Theresa you're confusing me,"

"You know all the ones of you and Archie,"

"Oh heh, heh. Those pictures."

"Yeah those pictures. Why do you have so many of them?"

"I don't know. Maybe its because he's my best friend and we do almost everything together,"

"And its not because you maybe sorta' kinda' like him?"

"Of coarse I like him he's my BEST friend!"

"Not that like I mean like-like!"

"No eww of coarse not. Best friends don't fall in love!"

Theresa raised an eyebrow; that always happened in movies. What in the world was Atlanta watching?

"Okay so maybe they do. But not in this life." Atlanta pointed to herself.


"Excuse me are you saying I do? Since when did you become Mrs. Love Expert here? Oh yeah since 45 minutes ago when you made out with Jay. What else did you do when Archie and me weren't watching? Hey? Hey? Oh yeah! BURNAGE!" yelled Atlanta.

"Okay Atlanta. Whatever you say. What'dya say we go check out what Jay and Archie are doing?"

"Why do you say Jay's name before Archie? Huh Terr? Is it because you love him! Want to be his girlfriend! Want to have his children! Oh I'm going to hold this against you for the rest of your life!" Atlanta sung and danced on the beach. Little did they know that Jay and Archie were watching them.

'Oh my god, she's so hot! Her long wavy hair and her bright emerald eyes! God I wish I could make-out with her again!' thought Jay.

'I wish I could just go up and dance with her. And put my hands on her hips and tell her how I really feel and kiss her. But I don't have the nerve to like Jay. But Jay's our leader. Of coarse he wouldn't be afraid to do that.' thought Archie.



Odie and T.J had finished up at the arcade and decided to call Atlanta and Archie to see where they were.

"Odie to Atlanta. How are you and the kids?"


Cronus heard this.

'Kids what kids?"

"He disguised his voice like Atlanta and answered back.

"Kids? What kids?"


"You know the kids Athena sent us from the future? Those kids." said Odie not knowing it was Cronus on the other line.


"Oh their fine."


"Where are you?"



Cronus just pretended because honestly he didn't know where Atlanta was at the moment.


"That's weird. It says that Atlanta's cave?" Odie said to T.J.

Odie decided to call Archie because he knew that Archie would definitely know where Atlanta was. He never let her out of his sight.

"Hey Archie you there?"


"Hey Odie."


"Where's Atlanta?"


"Umm on the beach with me and Jay and Theresa? Why?"


"Because I just called her PMR and somebody answered that sounded like Atlanta. But then the signal broke up and I checked to see where her PMR was and it was located in a...cave,"


"Um Odie, Atlanta lost her PMR,"


"But who would take her PMR and pretend to be her? Unless!"

"CRONUS!" they both yelled together.

"I'll be right over there." said Odie.

In five minutes he had met them at the beach and they located everybody else and told them to come to the beach. They all sat down.

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