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A Run In With Cronus

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On their way up the mountain, Cronus appears and they go into battle. Who gets hurt? Read on.

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Chapter 12 :

"Cronus has taken Atlanta's PMR and we need to get it back!"

"Okay so what's your plan?" asked Archie.

"Uh I don't know yet. But we should tell Hera and ask her what she thinks we should do."

Then they all got back into the vehicles they arrived in and went back to the school. When they got to the school they went through the janitors closet and into Hera's room again. There they found Hera and Persephone talking. Jay burst in through the doors of the room.


"Hera! Cronus knows about the children and he has Atlanta's PMR!"

"Oh my,"

"What do we do?"

"Well first of all he could seriously harm or kill the children so you must hide or go somewhere where Cronus will not find you,"

"Okay. Odie de-activate the locator on everybody's PMR's. Everybody go home and pack a bag."

"A bag?" question Alexandria and Neil.

"A bag. That's all you'll need." ordered Jay. "Now go,"

Everybody left except for Jay. He stayed to talk to Hera about where they would stay and what they had to do.

"Jay go up into the mountains. There is a small cabin that Zeus and I used to stay in long ago. There are beds and electricity and bathrooms and everything. A bus will take you three-quarters of the way up. You will have to walk the other part of the way. It isn't far. You must make sure that the children are not captured or harmed by Cronus or else if he gets a hold of one of them. He could...change the future. They are much weaker then you and you must keep your eyes on them at all times. Go Jay. Be careful."

"Yes, Hera."


What Jay didn't know was that when he was sitting on the couch talking to Hera that he was sitting on his PMR pressing the talk button. And he happened to be talking to Atlanta! But he sat up right after "Jay go up to the mountains."

Cronus had heard everything.


And Jay left to go pack his bag. When he got back everybody was busily packing bags. When they were done they all sat on the couch and waited for others to finish. When they all finished they hopped on the bus. A couple of the younger kid's fell asleep the older ones stayed awake longer but eventually fell asleep. Neil took his beauty rest and Archie eventually fell asleep too. During that time, the non-sleeping teens played a game. They decided to throw popcorn at Archie's head!

Atlanta shot her hand up in the air as she got one write between his eyes. Theresa got one that landed in his hair. All of the sudden Jay and Herry came up with a sick idea. They took two pieces of popcorn and shoved it up his...




Archie breathed in and almost breathed in the popcorn. Luckily it got stuck and he made a really loud snorting sound and he started so almost suffocate. He blew the popcorn out of his nose. Herry and Jay burst out laughing. Theresa giggled. Archie shot a questioning glance as if to say 'What the Fuck was that?' but all Atlanta could do was shrug her shoulders and laugh.

"Hardy har, har. Very funny guys." Archie scrunched his nose. 'That hurt.' he thought.

"Sorry Arch but it was just so tempting," Atlanta apologized between laughs.

Then the bus stopped and they were dropped off on the side of the road. The teenagers had to carry some of the younger ones who were still fast asleep. They walked up the mountain when Atlanta stopped.

"Shhh... I think I hear something," she whispered.

Everybody stood still and kept quiet. Then out of nowhere Cronus lunged at Atlanta spearing her in the hip. She fell to the ground in pain and clutched at her side.

"Atlanta!" Archie called.

He ran over to her side. He put his hand on hers and pressed down on it firmly. Atlanta winced in pain.

"I know it hurts Atlanta but you have to press on it to make the bleeding stop,"

"Ugh! Owww. Archie!!!!"

Blood gushed out of her side and all over Atlanta and Archie's hands. Luckily Atlanta hadn't been carrying anyone. She had agreed with Archie that she'd carry his bag if he took both of the children.

Archie picked her up and took her further up the hill and off to the side a bit so that he could help her without Cronus lunging at them again. He dug through his bag and found an emergency aid kit that he had brought. He pulled out some cotton pad things and used them to soak up the blood. When he figured out that they weren't working that well he found a beater in his bag and used that instead. Atlanta's shirt and a bit of her pants were now soaked in blood. Archie used a tenser bandage and tied the beater tightly to her hip. Atlanta still had to hold it a bit but it was easier. Then he helped her to her feet and helped her limp up the mountain. They weren't far from reaching the cabin. They decided not to bring the kids because the large amount of blood dripping from Atlanta's side would gross them out.

Archie sent Odie a text message on his PMR telling them that they had continued up the mountain to get Atlanta to the cabin to sit down and get cleaned up and bandaged. When the others had finished getting rid of Cronus by pushing him and his giants into a nearby fast flowing river going down the side of the mountain they picked up the remaining items and did a head count and started to walk up to the cabin.

Archie got to the cabin and swung open the door and sat Atlanta down on a chair. He decided first to get her cleaned up. He grabbed a cloth and soaked it in water then dabbed up the blood and dried blood of his hands and then off of Atlanta's hands and arms and her stomach. Then he washed the cloth again and very, very gently unwrapped the tenser bandage and the beater and put them in the sink. He grabbed another towel to catch any dripping blood. Atlanta held the towel to catch the blood while Archie slowly and gently dabbed the wound on Atlanta's hip.

Archie was surprised that she hadn't shed a single tear. Only Atlanta could stand that much pain and not even cry. It made his wonder if he'd cry if that had happened to him. He probably would.

He hadn't realized what he was doing while he was thinking to himself. But he began to dab the wound harder and harder. When Atlanta yelled he snapped out of it.


"What? Sorry,"

"Well can you not daydream while your cleaning my wound please,"

"Sorry Lannie,"

When all of the blood was cleaned up he put a fresh bandage on it and sprayed it with disinfectant. She hadn't cried through the whole thing.

"Wow, Atlanta how do you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Not cry. The whole process you didn't shed a single tear. Not once. I probably would have bawled my eyes out!"

"Well that's because you're a big baby!" She teased. "I don't know. Crying just isn' do you put"

"What do you mean?"

"I rarely ever cried through my childhood. Never when I scraped my knees on cement or got beat up by my brothers. I didn't cry. I wouldn't let myself. It was such a girly thing to do. I hate being 'girly',"

'Yeah I hate girly girls too. That's what I like about you Atlanta. Just say it. It's that simple.' thought Archie.

"That's what I like about you Atlanta. You're not afraid to be different. To do what you believe in. You have way more courage then I'll ever have,"

"Thanks Arch,"

"But it's true,"

"Anyway lets get the rest of you cleaned up. I don't know if you'd want to take a shower right now that you have a huge wound in your side and it just got wrapped. But somehow you're going to have to change out of those clothes. They're covered in blood."

"hmmm... Arch can you pass me a T-shirt in my bag. I can at least change out of this shirt. But I'm not sure about my pants. I guess they'll have to do for now,"

Archie went to Atlanta's bag and pulled out a T-shirt. But when Atlanta tried to lift her arm her wound hurt a lot. But somehow she had to change out of her shirt.

"Arch I can't lift my arm so you're going to have to cut my shirt off. Now that my shirt is all stained in blood I don't think I'll be wanting it anyway,"

"Excuse me!?" asked Archie.

"Oh don't be a wuss. Just try not to look unless you have too. Okay?"

"Okay..." Archie said awkwardly.

He went to a drawer and found a pair of scissors. He started from the bottom. He cut along the seams of her shirt. He cut up until he got to the sleeve and then he started at the top of the sleeve and went to her neck collar. Then he peeled her shirt off. He looked away so that she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. He was a good friend not a pervert.

'Wow Archie's a really good friend. He didn't even look at me. Surprisingly, Any other guy probably would have just starred at me but not Archie. I can trust him. He would never violate me or anything like that. Good old Arch.' Atlanta thought.

Archie threw the shirt in the trash and grabbed the cloth and began to wipe the dried blood off of her skin. She giggled when he touched sensitive parts on her stomach. Because Atlanta was very ticklish this happened a lot. It made him smile when Atlanta giggled. Even with a hurt hip she still managed to laugh. She was still the same old Atlanta whether she was wounded or not. That made him glad. Any other girl would have changed total personalities. They would cry and complain and bitch and be a total pest and probably sulk for the rest of the day. But Atlanta was no ordinary girl.

When he was done wiping the blood off he looked at Atlanta. Not her chest but her face. He made sure that he wasn't going to do anything perverted. She looked like she was deciding whether or not to do something.

"Lannie, you okay?"

"Uh Arch. Can I trust you?"

"Yeah of coarse. I managed to clean you up without looking right?"

"Yeah. But I have to trust to a lot a lot to do this."

"You can trust me. Swear to god."

"Okay. Archie reach into my bag and pull out a bra. Then go behind me and unclasp my bra and take it off. Then slide the new one on and clip it back up. Okay. Can you do that?"

"Yeah of coarse,"

He didn't even look disturbed or like he was going to do anything sick. Atlanta decided that she would clean her chest in the bathroom later when she was by herself but a blood soaked bra was very uncomfortable.

Archie reached into her bag and grabbed a bra. He didn't even bother to look at it. Doing this was probably uncomfortable enough for her. The last thing she needed was him staring at her undergarments.

He went behind her to her back and unclasped her bra and pulled it off. Gently. And then he slid the clean on one. Since Atlanta couldn't raise her arms he had to look for a different T-shirt for her to wear. Luckily she had brought one shirt that buttoned up at the front. It was baby blue colored. He helped her put it on and she was good as new. At least the top part of her.

Then the others walked in the door. They were all tired and exhausted. They had to stop for 10 washroom breaks, Carry two extra kids, Have a lunch break for Ron every 15 minutes and Neil had dropped his mirror three yards down the mountain and so they had to spread out and search for it.

Atlanta stood up and put her weight on Archie's shoulder. While the others came in the door and collapsed on the couches. Even though Evy and Adam were very tired they ran up to their Mommy to see if she was okay.

"Mommy are you okay?" asked Evy.

"Yes, Mommy is okay all thanks to Daddy."

Atlanta looked at Archie and smiled, he smiled back.

"Can I hug you?" asked Evy

"Very gently because Mommy hurt her hip,"

"Okay Mommy,"

Both Adam and Evy hugged Atlanta and then hugged Archie for 'saving' their Mommy. Archie had already cleaned up all he had to do was wash his hands and arms and take off his sweat shirt.

"Hey Atlanta are you okay now?" asked Theresa.

"Yep Archie took care of me."

Theresa winked at Atlanta. Theresa noticed that Atlanta had a new shirt on and blood wasn't soaking through her shirt, which meant someone had to have changed her bra. She knew Atlanta couldn't have done it so Archie must have. She'd talk to Atlanta about that later though. The boys wouldn't have noticed though. They just knew she was cleaned up and taken care of. They didn't process the whole procedure in their minds.

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