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Thanks for Being a Good Friend

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It's time to go to bed after a long day but can you see whats coming?

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Chapter 13 :

Later that night Atlanta had passed out on the couch. The pain had finally put her to sleep. Theresa had her little talk with Atlanta about the whole changing her clothes thing. She was proud of Archie that he hadn't violated her friend or anything. There were four rooms in the cabin. They decided to have two boy rooms and two girl rooms. In each room there was at least one older person. Alexandria had her room with Eva and Theresa had her room with Terri and Jayda. Jay, Archie and Neil were with Adam and Odie and Herry had T.J and Ron.

Before they all went to sleep they said their good-nights to one another and went to their rooms. Archie told Jay that he would stay with Atlanta for a little while just incase her hip starts to hurt again.

"Hey Jay?"


"I think I'll stay here just in case Atlanta's hip starts to hurt again. Is that alright?"

"Yep. Hey I'd do the same with Theresa. And by the way Theresa told me about you having to change Atlanta's clothing. Every top part of it."

Archie gasped. He knew that Theresa knew something when she winked at Atlanta.


Then Jay left to go to bed. Archie sat on the table in front of the couch that Atlanta was sleeping on. He stared at her for awhile. Then he slowly placed his hand on top of hers. Atlanta had been awake the whole time. The people saying good night had woken her up. She enjoyed Archie's company even if he thought that she was sleeping.

An hour later he decided to leave. He stood up still holding on to her hand. Then when he tried to let go her hand held on tighter.

"Arch, please don't leave," she whisper/mumbled.

He sat back down on the table and held onto her hand. He yawned and Atlanta could tell he was tired.

"Archie come sleep,"

He knew she meant as a friend. To keep her company so that she wasn't alone.


"This couch unfolds into a bed,"


He picked Atlanta up bridal style and put her on a chair in the living room then he moved the table back and unfolded the couch. He gathered some pillows and blankets from a closet and put Atlanta back on the bed. He couldn't go into the room to change into pajamas so he just wore his sweatpants he had worn all day and took his shirt off. Atlanta wouldn't notice. He crawled into the bed beside her and pulled the covers to he armpits. Slowly, Atlanta turned to face Archie and she used one arm to give him a hug.

"Thanks Arch,"

"For what?"

"For being a good friend,"

He hugged her back and then she slowly moved her hand to his bare chest. 'What? Bare chest? He probably took of his shirt to go to bed that's all' Archie rubbed her back. 'Her bare skin is so soft. Wait a minute, bare skin? That means that she's back to wearing only a bra again.' 'It feels good when he rubs the skin on my back. Skin? Oh crap I took my shirt off before I fell asleep.' They both blushed. Because their eyes had adjusted to the light they could see better now. And in fact Archie was shirtless and Atlanta was topless.

Archie moved his hand away from her back. She turned around so that he wasn't staring at her boobs. But she grabbed his hand and put it on her stomach. He was a little surprised at first but let it go. After all he would do whatever made her feel safe, protected, comfortable and cared for. He started to rub her stomach with one hand and stroke her hear with the other.

Atlanta didn't know why she felt so safe and comfortable half naked in her best friends arms. But it felt right it felt like nothing was wrong, like nothing bad would happen as long as she stayed there. 'Maybe I do like him. Maybe Theresa was right?'

Soon they both fell asleep.

Brittany McMillan - 2006 -©
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