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Good Morning

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A good morning.

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Chapter 14 :

When Archie and Atlanta awoke Archie still had his arm draped over he stomach. He gave her a gentle squeeze and made sure not to hurt her wound.

"Good morning," greeted Archie.

"Morning, what time is it?"

Archie checked his watch it was 6:27.


"6:30 in the morning! I'm going back to sleep,"

Archie smiled and let her go back to sleep. But Atlanta wasn't even sleeping for five minutes when a little girl ran into the room crying her eyes out. It was Evy.

"Hey Evy? What's the matter?" asked Atlanta tiredly.

She picked Evy up and put her between her and Archie.

"Hmmm?" asked Atlanta again.

Archie rubbed Evy's back until she calmed down. When she was calmer Atlanta asked her again.

"What's wrong Evy?"

"I...had...a...a...bad night...mare. Everybody...died!" Evy said between tears.

"Awe Evy. Nightmares aren't true. Nobody is going to die. Maybe a long time from now. But not anytime soon," said Archie.

'He sounds so much like a father,' thought Atlanta.

'Always thinking of other people before herself. She's hurt and tired and she still takes care of her daughter,' thought Archie.

"Can I sleep with you and daddy?" Evy asked Atlanta.


Atlanta pulled the covers over her and gave her a pillow. Then they both fell asleep. Archie watched them until he started to drift off to sleep too. His eyes fluttered close and he was gone. At 7:00 Archie woke up because people started to come into the kitchen to eat breakfast. Archie got up. He decided to leave Atlanta and Evy to sleep for a little while. He went to the kitchen and told the early risers to quiet down a bit because Atlanta and Evy were asleep on the couch.

When he got to the kitchen it was Theresa and Odie who were getting breakfast started.

"Good Morning!" said Theresa happily.

Archie was still a little tired so he just smiled and then smiled at Odie. He grabbed a cup from the cupboard and poured himself a glass of milk. Theresa looked as if she knew something that Archie didn't so Archie raised an eyebrow at her.

"So Archie how comfortable is that couch you slept on last night?" she asked.

Theresa had woken up earlier that morning, as always, to find that Archie and Atlanta were sleeping on the couch...Together. He saw Archie's arm draped around Atlanta's stomach and he knew that Atlanta had taken her shirt off before she went to bed and since Archie walked into the room without a shirt she assumed that he wasn't wearing a top either. Archie glared at her and she turned around and resumed her cooking. She knew better then to go any further. But Odie was a little confused.

"Hey man didn't you come back to the room last night?"

"Umm no,"

"Why not?"

"I was watching Atlanta you know just in case she hurts her hip again by rolling onto her side,"

"Right. So where'd you sleep then?"

Archie looked down. He really didn't want all his friends to know that he had slept with Atlanta half naked all night long.

"On the couch like Theresa said,"

Archie crossed his fingers hoping Odie wouldn't go any further. But Odie did.

"Which couch? The one across from Atlanta or the one that Atlanta was on?"

Archie blushed. But then Atlanta walked in the room with little Evy. She had heard the conversation and she decided to tell them. She knew that Archie would just play little games and not tell them.

"He was keeping me company so I told him to lay down beside me. So he pulled the couch into a bed and we both fell asleep," answered Atlanta truthfully.

"Oh. Are you sure nothing else happened?"

"ODIE!" They both yelled.

"Sorry just asking,"

They all sat down at a table and soon everybody had woken up except for Alexandria and Neil.

"So who wants to wake them up?" asked Jay.

All of the hands went straight up. They would enjoy this. The girls went into Neil's room to wake him and the guys went into Alexandria's room to wake her. You know just in case that the person got really angry that they wouldn't be mad at their roommates.

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