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Wake up Call

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Sometimes it's better to just let someone sleep then wake them up. But then again, it's fun to wake them up, just remember to take your ammo with you on your way out.

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Chapter 15 :

All of the girls; Theresa, Atlanta, Evy, Jayda and Terri all snuck into Neil's room. They were all very careful not to wake him. They hovered around his bed. Neil was talking to himself in his sleep which made some of the girls giggle a little. The each took separate sides of his bed. They Atlanta mouthed and held up her fingers.




They all jumped up onto Neil's bed and started to make high pitch screeching sounds. They had shut the door just incase not to wake up Alexandria down the hallway.

"AHHHH!!!!" screamed Neil in horror.

He covered his face with the blanket and hid. Until he realized that it had only been the girls. They all started to laugh. The littler girls laughed too because Neil screamed like a girl. His scream was so high pitch not even Theresa could make a sound that high.

"Uncle Neil you scream like a girl!" yelled Terri.

And it made them laugh even more.

"I do not!"

"Uh yeah you do Neil and who knew that a couple of girls could scare you that much. I thought you liked all of the attention," teased Atlanta.

"Hey I may have been a little teensy weensy bit scared when you girls mauled me but at least I can sleep by myself and I don't need a life sized, purple hair, shirtless TEDDY BEAR!" yelled Neil.

Since he was lucky he always knew about the juicy information on what happened at night. He got thirsty in the middle of the night so he went to go get a glass of water. When he walked by the living room he saw Archie and Atlanta 'cuddling' on the couch.

Atlanta gasped.

"Oh no you didn't!"

"What if I did? Huh Atlanta Huh? Whatcha' gonna' do about it?" said Neil jumping up and knocking all the girls sitting on his bed off.

He ran as fast as he could to the bathroom and locked the door so that Atlanta could get him.

"That'll show her to scare the Neil-ster when he's getting his beauty rest,"



All of the boys snuck into Alexandria's room. Their plan to wake Alexandria up was a bit different from the girls plan. They brought a tray of ice-cubes with them. They quietly snuck into the room. The room was actually surprisingly clean. Then they took the ice cubes and started shoving them down her shirt. They didn't touch her inappropriately just down the collar on her shirt.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!" she screeched.

Since she was lucky when she got up she accidentally kicked Atlanta's skateboard which she had managed to bring. It rolled under Jay's foot when he was taking a step away from the now angered teenager. He slipped and knocked into T.J who fell on Odie who started a domino reaction with Adam, Herry and Ron.

She stopped screaming and then started to laugh at the domino chain. She then picked up the ice cube tray and started to chuck the ice cubes at them. Their plan had backfired. They all ran out of the room dodging ice cubes. Why had they brought so many trays? They covered their heads and all tried to squeeze out the door at once. Herry shoved them all through and they ran and hid in the living room. There they met the girls who were sitting peacefully on the couches until the guys came running in.

"What's wrong?" asked Theresa.

"She's throwing ice-cubes at us!" said Jay as he ducked behind a couch.

"And where did she get ice-cubes from in our room?" asked Atlanta.

"Uh...we kind of plotted against just scarring her and decided to drop ice-cubes on her. She got a hold of a couple of the trays that we dropped when we ran out and used them as ammo." explained Archie.

"Smooth dorkwads,"

They decided to leave Neil and Alexandria alone for the rest of the trip.

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