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It's Not Your Fault

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What do you tell your children when they ask what happened to mommy, if she had gotten injured?

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Chapter 16 :

When everybody had calmed down and Neil finally got convinced that Atlanta wouldn't kill him he came out of the bathroom and sat down at the table for lunch. Herry and Ron sat patiently waiting for their sandwiches. Theresa took orders of what people wanted on their sandwiches and then started to prepare them. Jay helped her. When they had finished making them they started to hand them out. Just as Herry was about to take a bit the front door flew off its hinges and three giants appeared.

"Why Zeus! Why must this always happen?!" mourned Herry.

Everybody got into his or her fighting stance. Odie and Neil were to watch all of the younger kids with Alexandria. Atlanta had gotten a little better but Archie was still concerned.

"Stay back and help Neil and Odie watch the kids!" ordered Archie.

But Atlanta being as stubborn as she was refused.

"I'm fine! I want to help!"

"No! You're still wounded. Stay back!"

During their little feud one of the giants took the chance to throw a nearby lamp at Atlanta when she wasn't paying attention. Archie noticed it in the nick of time and jumped in front of it. He took a blow to the stomach and fell backwards knocking into Atlanta causing her to fall to. Quickly so that Atlanta didn't hurt herself again Archie grabbed Atlanta and pulled her in front of him so that he would fall onto the ground instead of her and so that she would crush him instead of him crushing her. Just as he planned he smashed into the ground and Atlanta landed on top of him. But when he smashed into the ground his ankle brace broke. And he didn't bring a spare.


Atlanta prepared for impact but then something unsuspected happened. Archie had turned her around so that she wouldn't hit the ground.

'Awe that's sweet! But then that means that Archie's gonna...'



Atlanta opened her eyes slowly.

"Thanks Arch,"

"No problem," Archie said taking in deep breaths. His ankle was hurt and Atlanta was still lying on top of him. Archie may be a good fighter but he wasn't the strongest member on the team, with his wonky ankle. Now that his ankle brace had smashed his wonky heel had just gotten wonkier.

Finally when Atlanta realized that he was gasping for air she quickly got off of him and sat him up. She had heard something shatter and assumed it was the lamp. But it wasn't only the lamp it was Archie's ankle brace. She saw shattered pieced of gold on the ground and her facial expression turned for guilty to confused. 'The lamp wasn't gold. It was blue and the only thing gold in this house right now is Jay's xiphos handle and...ARCHIE'S ANKLE BRACE'

"Oh my god Arch is you ankle all right?"

'It's all my fault he's hurt! I should have listened! God why am I so stupid. He was so brave to take the blow. I should've gotten hurt. Now he can't fight and he probably doesn't have a spare and now Cronus will beat us and take the kids! Oh my god this is all my fault'

Archie noticed the guilty look on her face. It looked like she felt guilty about what had just happened but she was also concerned and worried.

"Atlanta it's not your fault. It's the giant's fault for throwing the lamp at you. Don't blame yourself. I'll be fine. If anything it's my fault. I shouldn't have distracted you. I should have been right in front of you protecting you when you were hurt. Now do as you're told and stay back. I don't want you to get hurt,"

Atlanta sadly nodded her head and walked to where Neil and Odie were. They were trying their best to keep the kids distracted so if any blood fall were to come they wouldn't have to be witnesses.

Archie grabbed onto the couch beside him and pulled himself up. Then he hobbled over to where Neil, Odie and now Atlanta were. It looked like he wouldn't be able to fight either. But when he was almost there and he was to concentrate on walking another giant took the advantage and threw a small table by the door at him. Atlanta looked up from the kids and saw the giant preparing to throw the side table. She followed his gaze to see whom it was being aimed at and it let straight to...ARCHIE!

"ARCHIE!" she screamed just as he threw the table with massive force.

She ran as fast as she could with the speed of her descendant Atalanta. She stood in front of him and pushed him onto the ground. To save him, not to hurt him. Since he had a weak ankle it happened twice as fast as a normal person would fall to the ground. She stuck her arms out in front of her and the table smashed into her. She was close to a wall so she didn't fall far back or fall onto the ground. She just flew into the wall. But the leg of the table stuck into her hip where she was previously wounded and it started to bleed again. Archie quickly responded and crawled to her aid. She was in deep pain again and her eyes began to flutter closed. The last words she said before becoming unconscious were;

"It's not your fault Archie,"

Archie knew she wasn't dead so he didn't start to cry or anything. But he was still worried. He grabbed the table and threw it back at the giant and it smashed him out the door. 'Wow never knew I was that strong' he thought. Then blood started to stain through her shirt again. He used his hand and pressed onto her hip so that it bled less. He grabbed a doily that had fallen off the table and used it to soak up the blood. He picked her up off the ground and slowly. Very, very, very slowly limped to the bathroom. He stopped when he became closer to the children and cleared his throat. Odie turned around and saw Atlanta bleeding. He nodded to Archie and turned around to the kids.

"Hey everybody lets play duck, duck, goose. Everybody closes his or her eyes and I will pick the goose okay. Close your eyes everybody!" he distracted the children and waited until Archie and Atlanta were out of the room to pick the goose.


Archie took Atlanta to the bathroom to get cleaned up. He sat her on the toilet seat. Lucky for him she was unconscious and he had helped her before so he didn't have to feel uncomfortable doing anything because he knew that she trusted him. He did the exact same things he did before in the same steps.

First he washed the blood off of his hands and then wet a cloth and dabbed the blood around her wound. They slowly dabbed the blood on the wound. Next he wrapped her hip again with a clean bandage and sprayed it with disinfectant. Because she was unconscious none of this hurt her so he pulled her shirt off over her arms. He didn't look and her bra didn't have any blood so there was no need to take it off. He threw the shirt in the shower and then put her arms back down by her sides.

He left the bathroom and closed the door. He didn't want anybody walking in and seeing her just in a bra. That would be totally embarrassing for her. Plus she'd kill him, literally. He went to the bedroom where her stuff was and found her bag. He took out a clean shirt and went back to the bathroom. He slipped on her T-shirt and then carried her to her bed. He lay her down and covered her with the sheets and went back to Odie and Neil.

When he got their Odie said, "What'd you do?"

"I just cleaned her up and put her in her bed,"


Then Evy and Adam walked up to him and they sat on his lap.

"Daddy where's Mommy?"

"Mommy's uh... sleeping,"

"Oh okay!"

Brittany McMillan - 2006 -©
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