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A Special Thanks for Having My Back

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Archie always has Atlanta's back, the least she could do is say thank-you.

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Chapter 17 :

Theresa, Jay and Herry came back to the kids exhausted. They had defeated the giants...for now. But when they came back Theresa noticed that Atlanta was absent.

"Hey guys where's Atlanta?"

Evy answered her, "She's sleeping."

"Sleeping eh?" she raised an eyebrow and looked at Archie.

She knew that Atlanta wouldn't sleep while they were fighting the giants.

"Yeah she's 'sleeping'. How about we go and wake her Theresa." said Archie playing along being sure not to say that she had been hurt.

Theresa and Archie headed off to the bedroom. When they were out of earshot Theresa spoke.

"What happened to her?"

"She got the leg of a table thrown at her and it whacked into her wound and it started to bleed again. She went unconscious after that so I cleaned her up in the bathroom and brought her back to her room,"

"All that with hurt ankle? That's pretty good,"

Then they got to the room and Archie opened the door and stepped aside-letting Theresa in first.

"Ladies first,"(A/N: no he's not flirting with her. Keep in mind I'm an AxA supporter only. No AxT relationships aloud]

Theresa smiled and walked in and sat on the edge of Atlanta's bed.

"Atlanta," she whispered gently nudging her.

Atlanta slowly woke up and opened her eyes. Then she tried to sit up. All of a sudden her hip started to hurt like hell.


She put her hand on her hip expecting to stick her hand on a shirt covered in dry blood. But she didn't. It was dry. When she lifted the covers to see if there was any blood there was none. Then she lifted her shirt a little to find it bandaged up again. She was also wearing a shirt that she didn't recall putting on that morning.


She was cut off my Archie.

"I did, is that okay?"


Theresa could see that her friend was okay and she thought that she'd leave them to talk.

"Glad to see you're alright Atlanta but I think I should go," and she stood up and left the room.

Archie took her place on the bed and sat down. Atlanta was determined to sit up. It felt awkward lying down talking to someone. She tried to use her elbows to support her but it hurt a lot. She didn't want to ask for help but if she ever wanted to sit up she would have to.

"Arch help," she whined.

"Oh yeah sure," he said.

He stood up and pulled her up so she was sitting leaning against the wall.

"I'm sorry Atlanta,"

Atlanta was confused. 'What is he sorry for?'

"For what?"

"For you getting hurt. I should have been watching out and it was my fault. I could have dodged that table easily but I didn't."

"Hey Arch, don't worry. I'm the one who jumped in front of the table. Plus you had my back so I should have yours. That's what best friends are for,"

"I guess,"

"Well I don't guess. I know! I know that it's not your fault. Don't worry."

"Fine." he smiled.

"But there is one thing that you can worry about,"

"And what is that?"

"That if I don't get out of this bed and move around that I might kill who ever is closest to me at the moment,"

"Yikes! Then we might just want to get you out of that bed" he laughed.

He went over to her side. Since she was already sitting up it made it much easier. He pulled her up away from the wall and turned her legs to the edge of the bed. Then he lifted her up. Since she was still weak she had to put a lot her weight on him. Then she gave him a hug. He was a little shocked at first but then he hugged her back.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"For being my best friend and always being there for me,"

Then she gave him a peck on the cheek and put her arm on his shoulder to support herself. He put his arm under hers and they walked slowly back to the now destroyed living room, which was being cleaned. Everything that had survived the fight was being put back into its original places.

They all sat down on the couches. Archie sat beside Atlanta just incase she needed anything. Beside them sat Evy and Adam. It was relatively quiet until Jay called a meeting.

"Everybody! Meeting!"

Everybody quieted down to listen.

"Since Cronus has figured out our hiding spot I think it is better if we go back to the school. We will have to ask Hera if there is somewhere else to stay. Plus Archie is in needing of an ankle brace and Atlanta needs to see Chiron. Its also probably better if we don't cause anymore damage to this place,"

Then everybody left and re-packed their bags. In Atlanta's case Theresa packed her bag. The blood-covered clothes were put in the clothes washer to be cleaned. The house was swept and cleaned and all the dishes were washed. The bathroom was cleaned and all the rooms were tidied. Then they hopped the bus back to New Olympia. Then they got back to the high school. Safe and sound.

But before they left they set up a trap. People could only get in but the door had to be opened with a special key before you could get out. They knew that Cronus would walk in sometime or later thinking that they were still there.

Brittany McMillan - 2006 -©
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