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A Beautiful Ending and A New Beggining

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Last Chapter. The Good byes.

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Chapter 18 :

Just as they had suspected they went to check the house a week later and found that Cronus and his giants had been captured. They brought Hera to the scene and Hera locked him up it Tartarus. He would be kept there for a long time, maybe forever or maybe just until he escaped again. Then new descendents would have to take care of him. But this was the end of their fighting. The solving to many of their problems. One was being Jay. He could relax, you know have some fun. His every sentence wouldn't start with the prophecy, Cronus or anything of that sort.

They celebrated that evening with a party. All the people that they had ever known were invited. Except for their families and friends from back home. All the gods and goddesses were there and all the people who had been fought but turned to good. Everybody had a wonderful time. Atlanta was healed and so was Archie. Athena had come back from her vacation. She was shocked that they had survived. They had really matured over the last year that they came. It had actually been a year. Theresa's birthday was coming up in a week or two. One year. One year they had been friends. One year they had been fighting the evil god of time. One year they had developed new relationships and fondness for each other. One year it took for them to defeat Cronus. A lot had happened in one year.

In three weeks, they would be going back to their families. They would barely ever see each other. It made them sad to know this. They all would have preferred to just let Cronus out of jail and fight him all over again then to leave one another. They had started to be really good friends. They had lived with each other and dealt with problems and faced evil together. Now they had to become separated because they lived to far apart and the prophecy had come true. Jay lived in Athens, Theresa in Washington, Atlanta lived in Calgary, Herry lived somewhere in Saskatchewan in the prairies, Neil lived in New York, Odie lived in Boston and Archie somewhere in the USA. Theresa would never see Jay again unless they visited. Archie would never see Atlanta again unless they visited.

They all planned to keep in touch using their PMR's. But they would probably be to busy catching up with old friends to talk.


That night at the party...

Theresa dragged Jay upstairs to the roof to look at stars. Drink in hand they ran up to the roof to observe. Theresa sat down beside Jay and looked up. The stars made her emerald eyes sparkle like diamonds.

'Tell her. It's the perfect time. If you do it now you never will. She'll never know.'


"Yeah," she said sparkling eyes gazing into his chocolate brown ones.

"I...have something to...tell you?"

It was coming. The moment she had waited for all her life. She knew what he was going to say. She smiled.

"And what might that be?"

"Well, I...Uh...I've know this ever since I first saw you. You were beautiful and you were perfect. Whenever you laughed it made me want to laugh to or at least smile. I always wanted to be with you and talk to you. I guess what I'm trying to say is-"

"I love you too Jay," she cut him off.

She hugged him and kissed him deeply. They stayed like that for moments on end. They never wanted it to end, but all things good must come to an end. Theresa stared at the stars. She leaned on Jay's shoulder and he put his arm around her. Then a shooting star crossed the sky. They both made a wish. A wish that they would see each other again and very often. A wish to be with each other forever.


Archie and Atlanta were getting bored of the party. There were to many gods and goddesses for their liking. They sat on the couch chins in palms.

"Want to go boarding?" asked Archie.

"Anything to get away from here!"

Atlanta ran as fast as she could with her speed and grabbed the boards and helmets. She threw one of each to Archie. Then they got out as fast as they could. They boarded down the road to a nearby park. Hera had forced them to wear nice clothes to the party because there were to be many important people and they were going to have to look good. Atlanta had to wear a skirt and flip-flops much to her disliking. Archie just wore dress pants and a normal T-shirt. That was as dressed up as he was getting. They left their boards beside the sandpit and sat on the swings. Atlanta left her sandals by her board and so did Archie. His brace didn't fit under normal shoes so he still had to wear his sandals.

They sat on the swings but of coarse everything had to be a competition. They had raced out the door. They had raced down to the park. They had raced to the swings and now they were seeing who could swing higher. When they concluded that Archie had won. For once. They competed to see who could jump off the swings further.




They both jumped and landed right beside each other. The impact was so hard that they both fell to the ground. They landed on their backs. They started to laugh. They just lay there in their fancy clothes with no shoes in the sand. They must have looked like they were drunk. A woman and her son walked by, as they walked by they heard the woman whisper to her son "Don't look and walk fast," That made them laugh even more.

Then they stared at the stars. Seeing who could find the most constellations. Turned out they could only find very few but each found two. It was a tie once again.

"Hey Lannie?"

"Yeah Arch,"

"Do you think we'll ever see each other again?"

"Sure we will. We'll visit every weekend. I promise,"


"Of coarse. I couldn't live without seeing you! You're my best friend in the whole world,"

"You too," he said then he mumbled "But I wish we were more,"


"Huh, oh nothing,"

"No not nothing what did you say?" she punched him in the arm.


"Wuss," she laughed. "What did you say?"


"Tell me come on. What could you possibly not tell your best friend in the whole world?"

'Come on Archie just say it! It's perfect. No one else is here. It's now or never. Just say it!' he thought to himself.

"I said --I wish we were more--,"

"What do you mean by more?"

"I mean that I love you Atlanta. And I have ever since we first met. I always want to be around you and I can't go a single hour being angry with you. I want you to be safe and I want nothing bad to happen to you. I want to help you with anything you want and I always want to be with you,"


"I don't care if you don't feel the same but I had to tell you before it's too late,"

"But Archie-"

"Don't try to make me feel better. I know you don't and I don't blame you. I'm rude and mean and stubborn and a 'wuss',"

"Archie will you listen to me please. You are not any of those things. In fact you're the opposite. You aren't rude. A rude person doesn't care when other people get hurt and they don't open doors for people and say --Ladies first--. You aren't mean. A mean person wouldn't help a person when they were wounded and they wouldn't sleep with someone to keep them company. You might be stubborn but you aren't a wuss. It was just a joke. A wuss doesn't fight an evil god of time. He doesn't fight a seepher and kiss a girl in front of ancient gods. You aren't any of those things. And I love you too,"

"You do? And how did you know about the kissing thing?"

"Gods do gossip you know. And yes I do Archie and I want nothing more but to be with you,"

She leaned over onto him and kissed him. Then she lay back down beside him and he held her hand. They looked up at the stars and saw the same shooting star that Theresa and Jay had saw. They both made the same wish that Theresa and Jay had made too. Then they grabbed their boards and helmets and went home.


At the end of the party Athena returned all the children to their rightful place. The future.


The next couple of weeks the team spent as much time together as they could. Then they all bid their good-byes and left to their homes. It was a sad day. They would never see the gods and goddesses again. Maybe they would stop in for a small visit every once in awhile but it would never be the same.


They kept in contact every day. Every day they would all send text messages and calls. As Atlanta had promised she and Archie met up every weekend. A couple months later Archie moved to Calgary. They moved in together. Jay moved to Washington and married Theresa. Herry went back to his home and met Sadie, a girl who had started to work at his farm. Odie convinced Calypso to come to the city and live with him in a small apartment. Neil met a beautiful model named Danisa at one of his photo shoots. His love for himself began to fade. His luck later brought him a beautiful daughter. And guess what her name was? Alexandria.

Then they all met up one day, wives/husbands and all and decided to move into one city so that they could see each other everyday and things would be relatively similar to how it was before. That city was New Olympia.

Brittany McMillan - 2006 -©
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