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A bad past

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Chapter one

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This is my sixth story I think. Im surprised not very many leave reviews on people stories. Hmmmm... Anyways I just thought of doing this story for the fun of it but I think this one will go far.

Disclaimer: Dont own.


Chapter One

It was Christmas break and the decendants of seven heroes were aloud to go home for the break. All of the heroes were excited, all but one that is. The decendant of the best warrior ever was not happy. Archie --decendant of the great Achilles-- was not happy. He no longer had a mother or sister and he had a horrible relationship with his father.


Archie, his mom and his little sister were driving down the main road of Memphis, Tennessee, Archie's home town. It was a lovely evening and the sun was slowly going down. The orange sky had waves of purple, blue, yellow, pink and red.

He, his mother, and sister, Tadaeya, were coming back from a cousins wedding. They were all dressed up and beautified. (a/n: thats not a word is it?) They were all talking about how Archie's grandmother had made an embarrassing speech about her granddaughter at the wedding. She had said how the bride of the wedding had once been in the midst of taking a shower when she heard the ice-cream truck drive by. She ran out of the bathroom, hair still filled with shampoo bubbles, and ran down the street naked after the ice-cream truck.

"Dat wuz funny Archie," said Tadaeya.

She was only five years old and still couldn't talk all that great.

"Yeah it was, Aeya,"

Aeya was wat Archie called her. It was short for her full name.

Then it happened. He looked behind his mothers head and saw a blue pick-up truck driving straight into their car without stopping. Then...


All he could hear were the screams of his mother and little sister and the sound of glass shards falling to the ground. The impact caused Archie to fly forward.


Right into the airbag. That was going to leave a permanent bruise. A bystander called 911 and the ambulances arrived taking Archie and his family to the hospital.

He awoke in a very white room. Everything was white including the bed he was lying in. His eyes flickered open to see a wack of nurses and a couple doctors hovering over him.


He winced in pain as a nurse jabbed a needle into his arm. He looked at the surrounding workers. Surprisingly, they did not look happy to see that he was awake, instead they looked quite sad. Then the blonde doctor spoke up.

"Mr. Anderson,"

Archie nodded his head.

"We are very sorry for your loss but you will have to stay here for a month,"

Archie was confused. 'Loss what loss? I still have everypart of my body and I'm sure that Tadaeya and mom are fine because they're right beside me.' he looked to his side to see two empty beds. 'Unless. NO! NOO!!! They couldn't be! He couldn't loose them.'


His eyes began to water and tears trickled down his cheeks.

"We are very sorry but your mother and sister were killed instantly when the drunk driver hit you,"

Archie cried every night and stayed in the hospital for one month. When he got home he went to the funeral. He cried every night for one year. He expected his father to be there for him. To comfort him in his time of need. But instead he wasn't. As soon as the funeral was over they went straight home. The car ride home was silent but when they stepped foot in the house Archie's father lost his temper.

"What did you do?!"

"What do you mean what did I do?"

"You killed them. It is all your fault that they are dead. All because of you!"

"What was I supposed to do! I couldn't have stopped the truck! I couldn't have jumped in the way of the incoming truck!"

Archie began to cry again and stormed off to his room. Soon enough Archie was buying his own needs and he was making his own food.


"Archie? Aren't you excited to see your mom and dad and siblings?" asked Theressa.

Archie shook his head.

"Father and no,"

"But Archie what about the picture in your room? It's a family portrait and it has a mother and a daughter," asked Odie.

Atlanta was the only one that knew the story. She had once been going to Archie's room to ask him if he wanted to go boarding when she walked in and saw him stroking the picture and tears rolling down his cheeks.


"Zeus, I'm so bored," Atlanta mummbled to herself. "I know, I'll go see if Archie wants to go boarding,"

She started to walk to her room whens he heard soft sobs. At first she thought it was Neil so she went to his room and put her ear against the door. She heard,

"Oh god I'm hot!"

"Nope not him,"

Then the only room left in the hallway was Archie's. She walked into the room slowly. She saw him sitting on the side of his bed stroking a picture with his fingers and tears were rolling down his cheeks.

"Arch whats wrong?"

He wiped his tears and sniffled then he looked away. He was a guy, he was supposed to be strong. He couldn't be seen crying in front of Atlanta. Why would Atlanta like a guy who cried?

"Nothing," he sniffled.

"Archie come on. I know somethings bugging you," She sat beside him and put her hand on his back. "Archie I won't like you any less if you cry. Even guys need to cry sometimes,"

Archie took a deep breath. No matter how hard he tried, he wouldn't be getting out of this one. So he told the story of how his mother and sister had died. The whole time Atlanta listened. She hugged him and told him she wouldn't tell anyone but he would have to sooner or later.


"Once I had a mother and a little sister, but that was a long time ago,"

"Archie I'm sorry for your loss, but I have to ask what happened?" asked Jay.

Archie looked at Atlanta for comfort. She nodded her head and stood up from where she was sitting and took a seat beside him. He sighed and told the story. In the end of the story Theresa was in tears.

"Wow Archie. I see why you wouldn't want to go home," said Neil as if he had only heard the part about his dad being an asshole. Archie was on the verge of crying but Atlanta took his hand and leaned her head onto his shoulder. She whispered in his ear,

"Good job Archie. I'm proud of you,"


Atlanta thought. 'I can't just let him go back to his house with his dad for Christmas and I can't just let him stay here," She thought hard but she came up with a conclusion.

"Hey Arch?"


"Would you want to come to my house for Christmas?"

Archie gave her a quizical look as if he was unsure of what she just said. She nodded her head.



End of Chapter. AHHHH THE MONSTER SISTER IS COMING!!! AHHHHHH! HELPP!!! SHES GONNA KILL ME!!! tick tock tick tockk!!!! AHHHHH!!!!. Anyways RxR.

-Brittany 3
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