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An Early Christmas

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chapter two

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Second Chapter. Dang the website has to much traffic right now so I guess I'll just type the next chapter.

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Chapter Two:

The week before the actual day they all celebrated Christmas. They were all leaving that evening and they wouldn't be able to send the presents from their own houses so they all sat around in a circle by the fireplace and drank hot chocolate. It was snowing outside and it was starting to get really cold. By the end of their vacation they feared that they might be snowed-out. They all sat on the ground and opened their presents. They went around in a circle. They started with Theresa.

Theresa picked up a small package with pink rapping paper. She read the label. It said "To/A: Theresa-From/De: Atlanta". She ripped the paper off and opened it to find a box with two tickets to Theresa's favorite band, Lillix. Theressa would be sure to go with Atlanta. She thanked her and gave her a hug. She got a i-pod nano from Odie, a giant stuffed animal from Herry, A spa gift card from Neil, a book from Archie and Jay gave her a digital camera. Later when they were alone he gave her a necklace with a silver diomond heart on it.

Jay was next. He got a mp3 from Odie, A punching bag from Herry, A guys body pack from Neil, A picture of the team from Archie, a book on Jayson from Atlanta and a box of chocolates from Theressa.

Next sat Archie. He got a new and improved Hephaestus whip from Odie, Herry gave him a cd, Jay gave him a mp3, Neil gave him a bath set, Atlanta (a/n: i hate writing present scenes) gave him two books titled "Cooking for Dummies" and "Classical Poetry". She enjoyed teasing him. And Theressa gave him a book titled "How to Get a Girl".

Beside Archie was Atlanta. Atlanta got a new skateboard from Archie, a new diary from Herry, a bracelet and matching necklace from Theresa, Odie gave her a diskman, Jay gave her a hunting book and she received a shampoo kit from Neil. Archie had something else for Atlanta but he would wait till Christmas Day until he gave it to her.

Herry got weights, sports equipment and that sort of stuff. Everybody pitched in to buy Odie and new Playstation 3 and Neil got spa giftcards, lotions and shampoos. (a/n:sorry got lazy)

Three hours later they all went to the airport. Jay went just to drop his friends off and say good-bye. he didn't live far away. It was only a two hour drive. He said good-bye to Theresa and gave her the necklace. Theresa was off to Washington DC and Atlanta and Archie were going to Toronto. Herry was off to Saskatchewan and Odie and Neil were going to New York. Neil and Odie lived on different sides of the city though. Theresa hugged all of the guys and kissed them each on the cheek. Atlanta hugged them all and the guys hugged the girls but shook hands with the other guys. They bid their good-byes and wished eachother a safe flight and a Merry Christmas.

(a/n: probably no more of the other people except for Archie and Atlanta now. I might add them in a little bit though.)


In the airplane Archie and Atlanta talked and joked around. They threw little bits of food at the lady in front of them. They knew she had a wig because it was slightly slanted and so they threw crumbs and things like that to see if she noticed. She didn't. Atlanta took out a picture from her bag and showed Archie everybody in her family. Her two brothers, James and Adam, her mother and her father. Soon they fell asleep. It had been a long day. Siz long hours later the two awoke. They would be arriving in 30 minutes. Archie woke up with Atlanta's head on his shoulder. She looked so peaceful and he didn't want to wake her so he grabbed the book that Atlanta had gotten him and just read it trying not to move. Then the plane landed and they got out at the airport where they met Atlanta's family.

When Atlanta saw her mom and dad she let go of her suitcases and ran up to them. She ran in records speed even faster then she would in battle. She hugged her mom and her dad.

"MOM DAD!!!"

Archie smiled. He put Atlanta's bags on top of his and carried all of the bags up to her parents.

"And you must be Archie," said Atlanta's father.

"Yes Mr..."

"Mr. Eventine, but you can call me Jim,"

"Mom, dad, brats, this is Archie. He's my best friend from the school I got to," said Atlanta. "Archie this is my mom, Nancy, my dad, Jim and the brats, Adam and James,"

Archie shook each of their hands.

"Nice to meet you,"

Adam whispered to James,

"Ooo Atlanta has a boyfriend,"

But with Atlanta's sensitive hearing she snapped at them.

"Oh shut up losers,"

Archie, Nancy and Jim all didn't know what they had said. They just ignored it but Adam and James were shocked.

"Whoa! How can you hear that!" exclaimed James.

Atlanta shrugged.

"Good hearing,"

But that wasn't the true reason of coarse.


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