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The Drive to Atlanta's Home

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chapter three

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Next chapter. Im sorry I havent updated in so long the was messed up and it wouldnt let me add any documents. It made me so angry. The previous chapters arent very long sorry about that. Ill try to make this one longer.

Disclaimer: Only own my story.


Chapter three

Atlanta's father helped Archie get the bags and carry them to the car. Adam and James had only seen their younger sister for a couple of minutes and were already being chased around the airport.

"Ugh, I'm going to kill you ,brats!" she screamed.

It was only a matter of seconds before she caught up to the two brothers. She had James pinned down on the parking lot ground and was pounding her fist into his chest. James screamed and Adam tried to pull her off of him. But when he tried to pull her off she bit him on the arm.

"Mom! Atlanta bit me!" tataltailed(sp?) Adam.

Instead of Nancy scolding her and pulling her off she just smiled.

"Aren't you going to do something about that?" said Archie.

Truth be told he was kind of getting scared. Atlanta was vicious. He didn't want to get her mad any time soon.

"No, they'll be fine. It's unfortuenate that they are fighting but I'm glad to hear the noise once again. We haven't seen her in so long,"

Archie nodded and smiled. He watched Atlanta pomel(sp?) her brothers and then decided that it was enough. It had been about 15 minutes that the two brothers had been pinned down on the ground. He started to walk over to Atlanta to pull her off when Adam's brain clicked.

'I know Archie can help us!' he thought.

"Archie help! Get her off of me!" he pleaded.

Atlanta laughed.

"Whats so funny Atlanta?" asked Archie.

"They want you to help them, get me off!" she laughed again.

"So? What's so funny about that?"

"I'd like to see you try," she taunted.

"Oh yeah!"


Archie grabbed onto Atlanta and flipped her off Adam. She was then pinned to the ground. But then Atlanta flipped Archie over and had him pinned.

"Haha dork!"

"Whoa! She beat you too!" said James.

"Let's see about that!"

Then Archie got up off the ground and picked up Atlanta over his shoulder and walked away.

"AHHH! Archie!" she screamed. But then she laughed.

"Whats funny now?"

"I see a little bit of Herry has rubbed off on you Archie!"

Then she was thrown into the car. She sat up and buckled up her seat belt.


Then everybody got into the car and drove off to Atlanta's home. It was only a half and hour drive but everybody was quite tired and drifted off to sleep. All but the two parents, Jim and Nancy.

Once again Atlanta fell asleep on Archie's shoulder. Nancy looked back and saw the two and she smiled.

"What are you smiling about?" asked Jim.


"What about Atlanta?"

"Look at them Jim,"

Jim looked at the two in his rear view mirror. He smiled too.

"Do you think that she likes him?" asked Nancy.

"I don't know. Maybe you should ask her,"

"Maybe...Where is he going to stay?"

"That's for Atlanta to decide. I couldn't care less. But he's her friend so she should make the decision,"

Then they arrived at the house. It was a good size house with six bedrooms, three bathrooms, toy room, two living rooms on each side of the house and a dining room and kitchen. It was baby blue colored on the outside and had two walkways; one lead to the back where there was a grass backyard and porch and the other lead through a couple of trees to go to the front door.

As they pulled up into the driveway Atlanta's mother shook each of the four children. Slowly each woke up sleepily and piled out of the car.

"James, Adam, each of you take a couple of bags," ordered Mr. Eventine.

They sighed but took two bags each anyways.

Mrs. Eventine rushed Archie and Atlanta into the house and showed them around the house. Atlanta knew her way around the house but some things had changed. They had got a new TV, dining room table, couches and a laptop. Then Atlanta's dad, and two brothers pulled him away from the tour to watch a hockey game. It was the Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Vancouver Canucks. (a/n: whoot go Canucks) Then Atlanta helped her mom make dinner.

"Atlanta where is Archie going to sleep?"

"I don't know isn't that something you usually decide?" Atlanta asked.

"Yes, but your father and I decided that we would let you decide seeing that he is your friend after all,"

"Well where can he sleep?"

"The couch, the spare room, your room-"

"My Room! Why my room?!"

"Well he is your best friend is he not,"


"So then I couldn't care less,"

"Fine he can sleep on the fold out bed in my room,"

"Atlanta, can I ask you something?" Nancy asked uneasily.

"Sure, whats up mom?"

"Is Archie your boyfriend?"

"EWW MOM! No! He's my best friend,"

"Do you like-like him?"


"Okay Okay,"

Then they put the potatoes and vegetables on the stove to cook. They put the chicken in the oven and waited for it to cook. Then they went to the living room to watch tv. Just as they sat down the Maple Leafs scored and Atlanta and her brothers jumped up and screamed.

"OH YEAH!" yelled Atlanta.

"WHOOOOT!" yelled Adam.

"TAKE THAT CANUCKS!" yelled James.

Just in time after the game ended 3-1 Maple Leafs the oven bell rang signaling that dinner was finished. They all sat down at the dining room table where Atlanta had set up the table. James and Adam sat on one side, Archie and Atlanta sat on the other side and the two parents sat at the head of each end of the table.

"So do you have any other friends at you school Atlanta?"

"Yeah tonnes. There's Theresa, she's my best girl friend. She's a tele-"

"Telephone hog. Yeah she talks for so long for hours sometimes," cut in Archie glaring at her.

He saved her from saying telepathic but that was so close. Atlanta appologized to Archie. She didn't say anything but she used her eyes.

"And there's Jay and he can sword fight. He's kind of like the leader of our group. Then there's Odie and he's a computer nerd. And there's Herry. He's like a body builder and he's really strong. And the last is Neil. He's such a pretty-boy. He screams like a girl. But he is really good looking but he has a major self-ego. He's pretty lucky. He wins shopping sprees and he's a model,"

"And what about Archie..."

"Uhh... Archie's my best friend. He goes skateboarding with me and he can almost run as fast as me. But only almost," she teased. "He uh... fights. But not bad fights. If you know what I mean. And he uh... I don't know. But you know what's funny? We all love Greek Mythology!" concluded Atlanta.

She was starting to sweat. One because she had to describe her friends without giving away the whole hero thing and she had to discribe her friend that she maybe sorta liked, who was sitting right beside her!

Then they all finished their meals.


End of chapter. I don't really know where this is going. Haha. Kind of just writing crap. It sucks I know. RxR.

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