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chapter four

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Next chapter. Lemme see what this one will be about. I don't even know... Gosh. Uh... Read to find out. I'll try to think of something.

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Chapter Four

When they finished their meals Archie and Atlanta went upstairs. Atlanta went to her room and found everything as it was, nothing had been moved. "

Wow that brats didn't try to traumatize my room,"

Atlanta went to the play room and looked in the closet. She found the fold out bed and lay it out onto the floor in her room.

"You'll sleep here,"

"In your room?"

Atlanta was a little taken back. Archie noticed that she looked a little hurt.

"Not that its a bad thing I just thought that you might have wanted some privacy or something,"

"Oh, nah. I hate being alone its so boring,"

"Yeah I know,"

Archie threw his stuff on the bed and sat down on it.

"So you happy about seeing your family again?"

"Yeah. Except I wish that the brats move out soon. They're so annoying. They're 18 and 19 years old and they act like their 10 and 12,"

"I see. What do you usually do for Christmas?"


"Well that was discriptive," said Archie sarcasticly.

"Like we leave cookies and milk for Santa, all of our family and my brothers girlfriends come over. We have dinner. Me and my brothers wake up at 4:00 in the morning to open presents and stockings. The usual,"

"No embarrasing stuff?"

"Some things. Like my brothers girlfriends make me go caroling with them. Which I hate. And there's always mistle toe in places. But I always manage to walk around it, Luckly,"

"So you've never been caught under the mistle toe with a guy?" asked Archie suspiciously.

"No. Well once with this old boyfriend I had a long time ago. But I just walked away,"

Archie was happy that she had never been kissed under the mistle toe. But he had a plan; he would try to get Atlanta under the mistle-toe. Hopefully the guy with her would be him. He was going to give the present to Atlanta tomorrow morning.

"Atlanta would you ever kiss a guy under the mistle toe?"

"Maybe...Depends who,"

"And who would it be at this time in your life?" Archie tried to trick Atlanta into telling him.

"What is this a questionaire? And by the way, what makes you think I'd tell you?" Atlanta said ruffling the boys purple hair.

"Hey watch the hair!" Archie scowled.

"Oh so now you're turning into Neil,"

"Pshh. Yeah right. You wish,"

"Eww why would I wish you were Neil. That'd be gross. If you were Neil I wouldn't be able to have a-" Atlanta stopped what she was saying.

"Have a what?" Archie asked raising his eyebrows.

"Have a good time with you because if you were Neil I'd hate you," said Atlanta quickly.

"Right, So what do you want to do?"

"I don't know. We can't go boarding because the grounds covered in snow. There's no good movies in this house. The x-box is being preoccupied. I don't know. Lets see whats on tv,"

Archie found the remote control on Atlanta's bed side and turned the tv on. They channel surfed but couldn't find anything. They went to the tv listings channel and waited.

"Hey lets watch Annabelle's Wish," laughed Atlanta.

"I don't care. I guess it'd be nice to see a little kids movie. I haven't watched one of those in awhile now,"

They went to the channel and watched the movie. Archie sat on the floor and Atlanta went and sat between his legs. They watched the movie but they mostly laughed and critisized the movie. By the time the movie was done it was 9:00 and the next Christmas movie was starting. It was Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer. They watched that too. They also critisized and laughed at the movie. They even sung "A couple of misfits(sp?)" together. Then at 11:00 they were called downstairs to leave the cookies and milk out for Santa Claus.

When they went downstairs Atlanta pulled out some chocolate chip cookies and the milk out of the fridge. Then she pulled out three glasses.

"Umm Atlanta doesn't Santa Claus have one head not three?" asked Archie.

"Yeah. It's not like hes the good version of Cerberus. One glass is for Santa and the others are for me and you, duh!"



Atlanta poured the three glasses of milk and placed three cookies on a plate and put them on the dining room table by the christmas tree. Then she grabbed five cookies and passes the box to Archie.

"Take five and don't drink the milk yet. When I say go we'll have a contest to see who can finish the cookies and milk first,"



And the two were off. Cookie crumbs were everywhere. They both had their mouth stuffed with cookies and were using the milk to try to wash it down. Then they both took one last swallow.

"DONE!" they both shouted at the same time.

"Tie. Hmm what should be the tie breaker?" asked Archie.

"I know!" he shouted.

"Okay go,"

"Tomorrow whoever gets caught under the mistle toe first loses,"

"Deal because I won't be getting caught any time soon,"

Then they both put their cups into the dishwasher and left the mess and went upstairs. But Nancy walked into the kitchen and called Atlanta back down.


Atlanta ran downstairs with Archie.

"Yeah mom?"

"Can you clean up your mess please?"

Atlanta put on a puppy dog pout and batted her eye lashes.

"Can you do it mommy?" she asked as sweetly as she could.

Her mom looked away.

"Dont you even try,"

"But mommy pwease!" she begged.

Nancy acidently turned to look and saw her daughter and gave in.

"Oh fine! But you have to stay in bed until 8:00 tomorrow morning,"


Atlanta ran upstairs dragging Archie with her.

"Wow! I've never seen that look before missy,"

"Don't get used to it. That's my face that I give to my parents when I really want or dont want to do something. They always give into it,"


End of chapter. Next chapter coming up. RxR. Nobody ever reads my stories and leaves reviews. Come on people I always leave reviews on your stories.

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