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Next chapter. I don't know what this is going to be about. I went to the mall and got all my christmas shopping done.

Disclaimer: I don't own COTT sadly. If I did there would be so much AxA


Chapter Six

"Really? They fall for it every time?" asked Archie.

"Yes. It's kind of surprising actually,"


It was 11:30 now and Archie and Atlanta still weren't tired. So they watched more television. Nothing was on at that time so they basicly watched advertisements and the shopping channel. Then when they were surfing channels and Atlanta got up and went to the bathroom. Cookies and milk could really make you have to go. Archie had the remote and accidently went to a channel in the 200's. (Atlanta has a satalite dish) Then a porno movie went on.

'Atlanta's not here right now. I'm sure she wouldn't mind or even know,'

And he kept watching the tv. Archie was so zoned in he didn't even notice what was on. Atlanta noticed he was very concentrated on the tv.

"Hey Archie whatcha watch-" she stopped when she saw what was on the tv screen. "Oh my god! Archie! What the hell are you watchign! Eww change the channel,"

Atlanta ran over to Archie and grabbed the remote out of his hands and pushed him off of the bed.

"Archie you are sick!" she scolded.

Archie sat up and rubbed the back of his head where he had just been wacked against a bookshelf.

"Sorry," he appologized.

'Oh shit!' he thought.

"Do you always watch things like this?" Atlanta said sadly.

"No Atlanta never. I swear this is the first time,"



Archie wasn't lying. He had never even seen a girl naked before.

'Now that he's seen this what's he going to think of me?' thought Atlanta.

"I swear Atlanta, honestly,"

"Archie, why?"

"Why do I swear. Because I'm not lying that-"

"No Archie. Why would you watch it?"

"I don't know. It was just there. I know it was wrong and I'm really sorry,"

But that wasn't making Atlanta feel any better.

"Archie did you know that watching things like that is a violation of woman rights. It's rude and obnoxious and makes it look like women are objects. It's not right,"

"I know Atlanta. I promise I'll never do it again,"

Archie got up and hugged Atlanta.

"I think we had better go to bed,"

It was only 12:00 but Atlanta didn't really feel like doing anything with Archie right now. She knew he meant it what he said but it was still disapointing.

"Okay," Archie got up and changed into his pajama pants in the bathroom and Atlanta changed in her room.

Then they both went to their beds and lay down. They shut off the lights but they still couldn't fall asleep. Atlanta lay under her bed sheets wide awake starring at the wall beside her. Archie was her best friend, how could he do that to her? Was that what guys always did?

'Archie is my best friend. He would never do that to me on purpose. He knows it was wrong. I'm sure he doesn't do that all the time, right? Oh well, I'll have to see what he does tomorrow,"

And then Atlanta was out like a light but Archie was not.

'How could I do that? That is disguisting Archie! What was I doing!? She probably hates me now. Oh god what am I going to do. I have to make it up to her. I'll give her the necklace tomorrow morning when she wakes up and go from there,'

Then Archie fell asleep too.


At 7:15, Archie woke up. Atlanta was still asleep. Archie sat up on the green fold out bed and looked at Atlanta. He gently shook her but she didn't wake up. He smiled to himself.

'Just like Atlanta not to wake up in the morning if she doesn't have too,' he thought.

He got up and found the necklace and the box in his bag. He put it in his pocket and got up and changed. When he got back from changing Atlanta was awake.

"Morning sleeping beauty," greeted Archie.

"Mm," Atlanta grunted. She stretched her arms above her head and rubbed her eyes. "What time is it?"

Archie checked the time on his wrist watch.

"It is...7:30,"

"I see..." Atlanta said uncomfortably.

She was still uncomfortable talking with Archie because of the previous night.

'Now Archie' Archie told himself.



Archie pulled the necklace and the box out of his pocket and handed it to her.

"Merry Christmas Atlanta,"

Atlanta was surprised. She opened the box. She read the card first. It read:

Dear Atlanta

Merry Christmas. I hope you like it. It will be a symbol of our friendship and my love for the girl reading this card right now. Thats right. Love. I will always love you Atlanta.

Love Archie

"Archie!" she gasped.

She took the necklace out of the box and walked over to Archie. She turned around and held the necklace in her hands and signaled for Archie to help her put it on. He took the ends and clasped them together. Then Atlanta turned around and hugged Archie. He hugged her back.

"I love you too Archie. Thank you,"


End of Chapter. How'd you like it? I think it was okay. Not the longest chapter. Oh well I got to get off the computer now. What happens next? Next chapter "Under the mistle-toe". Can't wait.
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