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The Ugly Truth

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Monica reveals part of a horrible past

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Gerard caught a glimpse of movement just as he turned away from Liv. "Once I would have died for this," he told her. "Not anymore. Stay the fuck away from me."
He left her standing there cursing him. Mikey spotted him as soon as he came out of the back hall.
"Gerard where the fuck have you been? Shit don't tell me you were with her." Liv had followed him out. "Tell me you weren't with that bitch"
"Mikey, love how are you?" Liv purred, "Your brother and I were just catching up"
Gerard ignored her and looking at his brother "Where is Monica? Have you seen her?"
Mikey looked confused "The last time I saw her was when I was with mom at the table. I was telling mom that the bitch here was looking for you. Then I went looking for you."
Liv laughed, "I'm guessing Monica is the little old mouse? Isn't that sweet Gerard is worried his mouse saw us together. So what if she did? I'll help you look for her then I can tell her about all the things you and I did together. Wouldn't that just blow her mind?"
Gerard lost it "Get the fuck out of here. I hate you. You are ugly inside Liv, I was just too stupid to ever see it before." He walked away still searching the room for Monica. He spotted Donna who was standing talking to Ray.
"I saw her come from the stage area" Ray told him without being asked "she walked right by me she looked upset. Mikey said Liv is here. Were you with her? Have you fucked everything up?"
Gerard didn't even bother answering him. He turned to his mom "Where would she go?" Donna hated the look in her son's eyes.
"Her coat is still at the table. She wouldn't try to walk back to the house would she?" Now Donna was upset. It was very cold and very dark. She looked around and spotted Kara with Bob. Kelly was laughing with some teens her age. "I don't want to say anything to the girls yet."
Gerard agreed, "Give me the keys to your car and I will go find her. All of you stay her and you are right don't say anything to Kara and Kelly for now. Monica and I have to settle this." He took the keys and made his way to the door. Once outside the cold hit him. Jesus, if she was out in the skimpy outfit walking it was bad. Not to mention dangerous.
Slowly he pulled out of the lot and started towards home. He had gone five blocks when he saw her. She was slowly walking obviously oblivious to the cold. He pulled up beside her. "Monica honey get in the car"
She kept walking ignoring him. "Monica get in the car and we will talk"
She looked over at him "Leave me alone, Gerard" She shivered and continued moving. "Go back to the party I want to be alone"
He knew she was freezing. Quickly he pulled over and got out. He reached her side and tried to touch her. She pulled away "Don't touch me. Just leave me alone" Her lips were turning blue. He had to get her in the car. Quickly he threw his arms around her and lifted her over his shoulder. She struggled and screamed but he got her to the car, opened the door and all but dropped her in the passenger set. "I will take you to the house, don't fight me on this"
Suddenly her whole body stared shaking violently. She was so cold. He got in and cranked up the heater. Monica doubled over in the seat burying her head on her lap. She couldn't stop the shaking.
Gerard drove without speaking. He needed to get her home; it was killing him to see her shaking like this. Mostly he needed to make her understand. They reached the house but she continued to stay doubled over in her seat. He came around to her door and lifted her out. Once inside he took her directly downstairs to the bedroom. Gently he laid her on the bed and grabbed her robe. "Honey I'm going to start the shower and you need to get in it. The hot water will make you stop shaking"
When he returned to the bedroom she had sat up. She wouldn't look at him. He moved towards her but she stood and went into the bathroom. He heard the door lock. It seemed like an eternity before he heard it unlock. She came into the room and looked directly at him.
"Monica what you saw was fucked up. She came to me. She kissed me. It's not what you think"
Monica wanted to believe him but she knew that it really made no difference that he would never be hers. She spoke in a calm, dead voice. "I promised you I would talk. I'm finished hiding from this." She walked back to the bedroom door and closed it. Gerard who was sitting on the bed was surprised when she locked it.
Her tone frightened him. It had no life, no emotion. Monica who was still facing the door slowly undid the belt of her robe. With her back to him he watched as she let the robe slip off her shoulders down to her waist. She was naked.
She heard his sharp intake of breath when he saw the scared flesh that was once her back. The ugly network of scarred cuts began on her shoulders and went down as far as he could see.
"This was my life, Gerard. This is what my husband did to me. I loved him and this is what I got in return. You see I'm not only scarred mentally, I'm scarred physically. I loved and trusted my husband. This was what I received in return."
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