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For the next couple of days, Lily dragged Bert with her wherever she went.
Thus, he had been spending a lot of time on her tourbus, and was learning to knit.

He sat on Saint Lily's leather couch, blanket over his legs, bamboo knitting needles in hand, a small ball of pink acrylic yarn in his lap.
"God fucking dammit.." he grumbled as he struggled to get the needle through a bright pink loop.
"Lily!" he yelled, frustration building up.

Lily walked through the speeding bus, taking a seat next to him, "What?"

Bert shoved the needles in her direction, "I fucking messed up again." he grumbled.

"No you didn't, look, " she said, showing him the correct way, "It's fine, you just put it in the wrong loop...just the ones on the needle..not the ones in the middle, ok?"

"Oh.." Bert grumbled, taking his tiny scarf back, attempting to finish the row on his own.

Lily smiled to herself and took out her own scarf that she was working on.

Bert glanced at it with a look of disdain, "How come mine doesn't look like that?"
he asked, looking down at the pink mass in his lap.

"I've been knitting longer than you...and it's a different pattern...its super hard though." she admitted, looking over her stitches, "You don't know how to purl yet. I'll teach you later."

"Purl?" Bert echoed, bringing the yarn over the needle slowly, "Is that what makes it look like that?" he asked, motioning with his needles to the ribbed pattern down the black scarf.

"Yep." Lily said, starting her row.

Bert shrugged and devoted his attention entirely to his knitting, being careful not to drop a stitch or mess up.

Bert grunted, not daring to tear his eyes off bright pink yarn.

"You liked what I made you for your birthday, right?"Lily asked, purling two stitches.

"'s in my pocket right now..." he mumbled, "My phone isn't as fucked up as it was before..." he said, carefully pulling the last stitch off the needle.
He smiled to himself, cheerful he had finished the row, "I like the little cat on it too." he said, digging through his pocket.
He took out a purple knitted cell-phone cover, with a yellow cat knitted into the front.

It was Lily's first successful attempt at inartasia, and the cat surprisingly looked like a cat. An anime cat, but a cat nonetheless. The velcro strip kept the phone tucked inside securely.

"Why?" Bert asked, putting it back into his pocket.

"Just wondering." Lily said, staring at the black scarf in her hands.

"You're totally knitting that for Gerard, aren't you?" Bert said, grinning in realization.

"Yeah yeah yeah..I am." Lily admitted, a bit embarrassed, "Do you think he'll like it?"

Bert shrugged and looked down at his own knitting, "Probably. He DOES like scarves...a lot.."

"Well good." Lily sighed, still a bit unsure, "Have you picked a song yet?"

Bert grinned, "Yep."

"THAT song? Oh great...we only have one guitar player, that being, ME." Will stated as Lily and Bert approached him about Gerard's birthday song.

"Don't worry about it, butterball, Quinn can play lead guitar too if you can't handle it."
Bert mused.

Will sighed, "Bert...I can handle playing lead, but we definitely need Quinn to come on stage and play second."

"Yeah, he can do that. Chill for once." Bert said, rolling his eyes.

"Well," Ryan began, "I don't have a problem with it."

"Great" Lily smiled, "Adam?"

Adam shrugged, "Seems alright to me."

"Okay so...we have to meet to rehearse..when Gerard ISN'T around..." Lily trailed off...when the hell was that?!

Bert stood silently, pensive for a moment, "I'll get Mikey to take him somewhere or something..or Brian. I'll take care of it."

For the next couple of days, Gerard had been taken out to lunch many times...and he was beginning to grow suspicious.
It's not that he didn't like Ma's Diner, but it was getting old.

Lily had managed to bribe the MCR merch guy into letting her and Bert 'borrow' some t-shirts.
Everything was ready.
"Goooood Morrrniiinggg, birthday boy!" Frank cooed, waking Gerard from a peaceful slumber.
"Morning Frank." Gerard grinned sleepily, rubbing his eyes.
He opened his eyes to a blueberry muffin with a candle in it.
Bob held it in his hands as they all serenaded him with an off tune rendition of "Happy Birthday".
After blowing out the candle and receiving his birthday hugs and kisses, he took a shower and got ready for the day.
He wondered what Bert and Lily had up their sleeve...and it made him a bit nervous.
Saint Lily had started their regular set.
After finishing their hit single, Bleed, Lily took the moment to talk to the crowd.
Gerard was backstage, waiting for My Chem's upcoming set, which was after KillSwitch Engage.

"Okay everybody..thanks for coming out today to hear us play...BUT, a special day..."
Gerard's ear's perked up backstage.

Lily continued, "Today is my good friend GERARD WAY'S BIRTHDAY!" she yelled into her mic.
The crowd erupted into a seemingly simultaneous cheer.
"And as a little treat, Robert and I are going to sing you all a special song.."
The crowd went ballistic as Quinn and Bert walked on stage.

Bert almost immediately started talking into his mic, "Alright you guys, we're going to sing a little song for our dear old friend Gerald...and it's not going to be happy birthday, so don't get your hopes up."

Quinn plugged his guitar into the amp as Bert talked on, "This song is called GIVE EM HELL KID!"

Will and Quinn started to play the intro, and Lily and Bert unzipped their black hoodies to reveal MCR tshirts.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD!!" Lily grinned, yelling into her mic.

Lily started singing, and the mosh pit opened up, kids started pushing into one another, jumping and throwing themselves in excitement.
Gerard stood at the edge of the stage, grinning as she and Bert nailed it.
Lily sang with such aggression, such was actually quite moving, making the adrenaline flow through Gerard's veins.
God damn, that girl can rock Gerard thought as the song ended.

Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted as Lily ran to the edge of the stage and grabbed his hand with a smile, "Here he is everybody, the birthday boy!" she smiled, dragging him in front of the crowd.
Moments later the crowd was singing their own version of "Happy Birthday" to him, as Gerard positively beamed on stage.
"Hey, Gerard?"
Gerard turned around to see Lily on the steps of his tourbus.
His band was waiting for him in the main building for cake, while Gerard ran to get his digital camera.

"Hey." he said with a smile.

"Can I come in?" she asked, looking around.

"Yeah, sure, of course." he said, camera in hand.

"Alright..." she said, taking a step onto the bus.

"Hey, Lily, thanks again...that was..awesome. I think that's one of the best presents I've ever gotten. That meant a lot to me." Gerard said, obviously still impressed.

"Yeah..." Lily said, smiling at the ground, "Bert and I had a great time doing it."
Then there was silence.

"I just wanted to give you your present...away from everybody else....I don't want them to make fun of me.." she said, revealing a small plastic shopping bag, folded in half.

Gerard took it in his hand, "They wouldn't make fun of you..thanks, Lily."
The bag rustled in his hands as he opened it up, taking out a black object.

"I..knit you a scarf..." she said, blushing a bit.

Gerard unfolded it, mouth in a wide smile, "This is awesome!" he said softly, holding it in his hands.
His eyes widened in surprise as he looked at the end; there, Lily had knit in a skull with a little heart next to it.

"Wow" he whispered, "This is ..soo nice. You..made this?" he said, wrapping it around his neck.

"'s actually not that good. I messed up a little bit..but you probably can't tell anyway.." she trailed off, realizing she was making herself look bad.

Gerard stared at the little skull, and then looked up at Lily, a wide smile on his face, "I love it."

Lily blushed, "Thanks....I'm glad."
They stood there, locked in eachother's gaze, smiling.
Gerard took a step forward and gave her a soft hug. Lily rested her head in the crook of his neck.
He actually smelled good, despite being a bit greasy.
Then..he pulled away..and just stared at her. His eyes were soft...and he was so close...
He looked down at her mouth, and leaned in. Lily closed her eyes..she could feel his breath on her lips...

They broke apart quickly as Frank burst into the bus.
"Oh...." Frank said slowly, "Hey...sorry..if I...."
"No no no no.." Lily said, waving her hand dismissively, "Its ok."
"Yeah," Gerard said, "I'm..coming.."
"Ok..." Frank said, looking quite apologetic.
Suddenly, Bert, Ray, and Mikey were storming the bus as well.

"Come on Gerard, I want some fucking cake!" Bert whined, grabbing his arm.
Evidently he hadn't thought twice about he and Lily standing together..alone..on the bus...
Before Gerard could object he was being dragged away. As he stumbled down the stairs, he looked back at Lily and smiled.
And smiled.

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