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A new visitor

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chapter two

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On to chapter two.


Chapter two:

"Whats wrong Hera? Is it Cronus?" said Jay.

Everybody rolled their eyes. Of coarse Jay's first instinct was Cronus. It always was. Cronus this, Cronus that, blah blah blah blah blahh!

"No Jay, it is not about Cronus. It is something far different. I am giving you a days notice aoubt a new visitor arriving tomorrow,"

The seven teenagers exchanged glances at one another. They all looked happy but they also looked like they weren't sure of what to think.

"Who is this 'New Visitor'?" asked Theressa out of curiousity.

"Ah, he is yet another great hero in the battle of troy and an amazing friend to the might Odysseus," hinted Hera.

Archie thought for a moment. 'A hero in the battle of trou and a friend to Odysseus. Hmm. That would be...ACHILLES'

Archies eyes opened in shock.

"You mean Achilles?"

"Yes Archie. He is very happy to come and visit for awhile. He was also rather excited to meet you Archie,'

Odie was confused.

"But how can Achilles visit? He died in the Trojan War?"

"Hecate has agreed to make him alive for a couple of weeks,"

"Where would he stay?" asked Atlanta.

"Since he is Archie's ancestor, Persephone and I thought it would be good if he stayed in Archie's room,"

They were all very excited. They would get to meet a person who had died many years ago and who had fought in the great war over Helen of Sparta. Who later became Helen of Troy. They talked about their plans on what they would do when he came and what questions they would ask him. All but Neil of coarse. He wasn't very excited. After all it was just another greek god or hero. He already saw many every day.

'Oh Joy! A new hero. Omg what am I going to do. I could just die right now' thought Neil sarcasticly.

Archie was also excited but he was also a little nervous.

"What if I'm not anything like him? What if I'm not good enough for him? What if he doesn't like me?' thought Archie.

Atlanta noticed his absense of mind and punched him in the arm lightly getting Archie out of his thoughts.

"Hey Arch, you okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah Im fine. Thinking thats all,"

"Whatever dork,"

Atlanta punched him again but harder this time causing him to fall over.


He got up and chased her out the door. It became a race to get home first. Atlanta won of coarse but it was worth a try. Then the rest of the decendents got up and walked home. Slowly. Not quickly. But slowly unlike the other two who had ran home faster the you could say 'The unbeatable Achilles'.


End of chapter two. If you're wondering how I wrote them so fast its because I had them written on a piece of paper so I just copied it down. I wrote them last night.


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