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chapter three

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Third Chapter coming up. Once again its already been written down so it shouldn't take long to type.

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Chapter Three:

The seven teenagers and then watched a couple of movies before they went to bed. Because they were all siked for Achilles' visit they all decided it would be good to watch Troy. They sat on the couches and grabbed a couple bowls of popcorn. They gave Herry his own bowl because he would eat it all before any of them could get any and they gave one two Archie and Atlanta who would probably waste it by throwing it at eachother or playing little games. Then Teressa, Jay and Odie all shared one bowl. They seemed to be the only civil beings in the house. And Neil drifted off to sleep. (A/N: I like Neil but he doesn't really fit into this story so you may not see much of him) After the movie they all went to bed. The floor where Archie and Atlanta had been sitting on was covered in popcorn. Both whole and squished. They would get it in the morning. Athena would lecture them and then they would have to clean up the living room but they didn't mind. Atlanta had super speed she could get anything done in a record time. She was as fast as the worlds fastest Olympic runner times by 10. That was one of the things Archie admired about her.

He thought that she was beautiful, smart, a good fighter, a fast runner and she was always having fun.


In the morning they all woke up at 6:45am. Archie and Atlanta entered first to meet an angry Athena. Athena yelled at them so loud that everybody was forced to stop what they were doing and rush to the kitchen to see if there was a problem. Of coarse there was a problem, but it was in no use to the other five teens that had rushed out of their rooms to see what had happened.

Archie and Atlanta decided to turn their cleaning punishment into a challenge. They could turn anything into a challenge. It was war! They tried to see who could clean up the most pieces of popcorn and how fast. It ended a tie so they asked Athena to give them a tie-breaker. She told them that there were floors that needed sweeping. She gave them a list of all the rooms and they seperated them evenly. Then they raced to see who could finish their rooms first. Atlanta won.

"Excited for your new visitor?" asked Athena.

"Yeah!" they all shouted except Neil and Archie.

"Archie are you okay?" asked Athena woridly.

Archie snapped out of his thinking trance he had previously been in.

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm fine,"

"Whoa Archie! You look horrible. I mean you didn't look that great before but now your just plain hideous!" yelled Neil.

"Thank-you Neil. I just didn't get any sleep last night I was to busy thinking,"

"About what? Or is it who?" Neil winked.


"What you know you were,"

"Actually Neil, I was thinking aobut Achilles,"

"Right, thats what you want us to think,"

"NEIL I oughta'!"

Archie threw his fist back and was about to punch him out when Atlanta and Herry held him back.

"Whoa boy, Whoa!" said Atlanta treating him like a horse.

"Neil cut it out and Archie just relax," ordered Jay.

"I didn't do anything," whined Neil.

"Neil," warned Jay.

"Oh fine," Neil pouted.

They all took their seats. They made sure to seperate Neil and Archie. Athena served them breakfast. It was bacon and eggs. Herry finished first and went to watch tv for a bit. 20 minutes later the other finished and they drove off in Herry's truck to school.


There I added in some Neil. And he is not OC he is just being Neil. Next chapter is written but I can't write it because I just went to the dentist five hours ago and they had to numb my whole mouth so I haven't been able to move my mouth so I didn't get to eat dinner yet. And Im starving and my mouth is unfrozen now so imma' gonna' eat dinner now. RxR. Thanks for reading. Buh Bye.

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