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Meeting Achilles/ A Bad First Impression

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chapter four

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Okay so this is my fourth chapter. Since it was a power outage yesterday I just wrote for like 6 hours in a notebook so I'll just have to type everything out. And I'm really starting to hate this stupid Jekka10 person. They're getting on my nerves. They won't leave me alone. Help! PS: this is not a love triange. Its kind of like a love arrow. Like this:

Achilles-- --Atlanta-- --Archie

So Achilles and Archie like Atlanta and Atlanta likes both of them. And I know that Achilles was a sleeze. I'm going to add that in I added it in yesterday when I was writing by a lantern. I felt like a pioneer.

Disclaimer:I only own my stories


Chapter Four

The teenagers went to their classes and Hera and Persephone woke up and went straight to get Hecate. They dragged her out of her bed and went to Persephone's room where they met the four seasons and went to get Achilles.

They found him waiting by a fountain. When he saw the two goddesses and the witch he stood up and bowed politely.

"Good Morning Hera, Persephone and Hecate,"

"Good Morning Achilles," greeted Hera.

"Today is the day. We have come to bring you to the living world. Are you ready?" asked Persephone.

"Yes Mrs. Persephone,"

"Hecate," ordered Hera.

"Fine fine but for how long?"

Hera thought for a moment then concluded;

"One month,"

"Anoteyeoyata avazntnons yia aev bpeonkav yeeeic" chanted Hecate.

Then a magical blue mist appeared and Achilles felt a tingly sensation spreading through his body. then his skin, hair and clothing colors became more vibrant. Achilles reached for a flower but his hand passed write through it. That's what happened to the living in Elysian Fields. Thats what happendd to the living. The living. He was living.

"Oh thank you Hera!"

"Don't thank me thanke Hecate,"

"Thank you oh so much Hecate!"

"Now we must get back to the real world before your time runs out,"

The four of them left Elysian Fields and transported back to Persephone's room. Hecate left them regretting that she had just done that for a couple of cakes. Hera and Persephone took Achilles on a grand tour of the school. The hidden part of it atleast. All the gods and goddesses were so happy to be seeing Achilles again or atleast for once. Some had met Achilles in previous times and some were just meeting him now. Of coarse Achilles and Aphrodite kept as far away from eachother as possible and made no contact what so ever.

During the decendants lunch break they went to the Janitors closet. Jay opened the door with his pendant and they all walked through the blue portal to find a whole crowd of gods and goddesses surrounding something. Or someone. The teenagers went to see what all the hastle was and squeezed through all of the immortals. They sqeezed through to find Achilles...alive!

"All right all gods and goddesses go back to your duties the decendants have arrived,"

The crowd that had previously been well crowding Achilles was now gone giving the teenagers some breathing air and room. This was an especially good thing for Odie due to his clausterphobia. But all seven of them were so shocked to even move more less talk. But Jay was the first to recover from his state of shock. He stuck out his hand.

"Welcome to the living world Achilles, I'm Jay. Decendant of Jayson leader of the Argonauts. I'm the leader for this team,"

Achilles shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you Jay," seeing that everybody else was still in shock he asked, "And these are?"

"Oh this is Theressa, Odie, Neil, Herry, Atlanta and-"


"Hi!" they all greeted.

Achilles took a good look at the heroes and stood up to shake the others hands. When he shook Atlanta's hand he stopped and placed his other hand on top of hers.

"Nice to you meet you Mrs,"

Atlanta blushed.

"You too," she smiled.

Archie made a low growl. It had only been 5 minutes and he was already wearing out his welcome by flirting with Atlanta.

Then Achilles moved onto Archie. He shook his hand.

"Ah yes Archie. I've heard many good things about you,"

Archie shook Achilles hand very stifly. Still a little angry about what had just happened.

"Ive read alot about you,"

They stayed in Hera's room and talked for a long time.

"I guess clothing has changed alot over the years, eh?"

"Yeah, a whole lot. First thing you're doing tomorrow is going shopping with me Neil and Atlanta," said Teressa.

As soon as Archie heard Atlanta's name her perked up.

"Oh I'll come too,"

"Sure Archie,"

Then they talked more but Achilles couldn't help but stare at Atlanta.

'Shes so beautiful and happy," thought Achilles.

And Archie couldn't help but glare at Achilles.

'Does he know when to stop! Well he better stop starring at her soon or I'm going to have a fit,"

Archie was trying to keep calm but couldn't hold it in any longer.

"-Excuse me but I have to go to the bathroom," he said twitching.

He stormed off angrily. Only his friends could understand. All but Atlanta that is. They too had noticed Achilles starring and manners toward their friend. Truth be told they were all wondering when Archie would crack.

"Yeah seems like a good time to go to the bathroom," said Jay running off after his angered friend.

"Im going too," said Herry.

"Me three," said Odie.

"Me four," said Neil.

"Me five," said Theressa.

Achilles looked strangely at the people who had just ran off. Then he gave a questioning look at Atlanta.

"Don't look at me im fine,"


End of chapter. Yes longest chapter so far I think. Whoot whoot. Nect chapter coming up. I have until Chapter 6 but they're really long chapters. By the way "Anoteyeoyata avazntnons yia aev bpeonkav yeeeic" means "I command you to become living" it was in Greek or something. But it was all symbols so I just put what the letter looked like. D

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