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Chapter 1

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After losing over and over, Cronus finnaly knows how to defeat the titans, by turning them on his side!! With the help of a special microchip he installs in the titans teeth, he turns them evil! Bu...

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Ok guys! Well.. here's another story!! By the way, I think I'm going to delete "The price of fame". Anyways read on and I hope you enjoy this story!! Don't forget to RATE and REVIEW please!!

Dental Issues Much?

-" OUUCCHH!" yelled Jay, holding his tooth. He was trying to eat his sandwich but he couldn't because of his tooth ache.

-" Jay, I think you should go to the dentist!, said Theresa, This tooth ache of yours is driving all of us crazy! Everytime you eat something, its either "ouch" or "ow". It's getting realy annoying."

-" But If I go maybe Cronus will attack or something and I won't be here to protect you guys!!" said Jay.

-" Don't worry we'll be fine.. It's not like we cant defend ourselves." grumbled Archie.

-" B-But-"

-" Go!" said Theresa pointing at the door. Jay mumbled something to himself and left. 10 minutes later, he was at the dentist's office. He sat down at the waiting room and waited for his turn. Over 20 people walked in and out unti the women called out.

-" Jay MacIntyre, the dentist will see you now."
Jay gulped and went inside. It was empty and there was no one. A women then entered the room and said.

-" The dentist will arrive in a minute. You go ahead and sit down on the chair" and she left the room.

Confused, Jay sat down on the chair and waited until suddenly bars came out of the chair and attached his hands to the chair. He was trapped in the chair and could'nt break free. He then was someone comming closer to him. It was...CRONUS!

-" CRONUS!" he screamed.

-" Well, well,well if it isn't Jay. A little tooth ache I see. I'll fix it for you right now!!" he laughed. Agnon then opened his mouth and Cronus planted the microchip in his mouth. They then untied him and he stood up with red glowing eyes.

-" Here. Go plant these microchips in your friends mouth's as well." commanded Cronus as he handed out 6 more chips. Jay quickly obeyed orders and left.

-" Now the titans are going to be on my side and help me take over the world!MUHAHAHAH!"


The titans were sitting down watching t.v when the door opened and Jay came in.

-" So Jay, How was the dentist?" asked Theresa.

-" It was nothing. I only had a little cavity but it's taken care of!" lyed Jay.

-" Ok then. Sit down and watch with us! Jerry's about to kiss Elisabeth!!" said Atlanta.

-" No it's ok! You guys watch!" said Jay. He looked around and tried to choose who to plan the chip next. He then spotted his pray, the young purple-headed warior!

-" Hey Archie, Can I have a word with you in my room?" he lyed again.

-" Yeah sure watever. It's better than watching this boring soap-opera." said Archie and walked over to Jay's room.

-" That's what you think!" tought Jay.
DUM DUM DUUUMM!! What will Jay do to Archie?? Will Cronus succeed with his plans?? Will I ever stop asking questions?? Find out when I update this story!! lol! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Rate and Review please!
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