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Chapter 2

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Cronus plans on turning the titans evil. Will he succeed?

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Archie walked upstairs and entered Jay's room. It was empty.

-" Jay?" asked Archie, confused. The door then closed from behind and Jay jumped on him. He tried to open his mouth but Archie was bitting his hand. Archie then kicked him off.

-" What was that all about!?" yelled Archie when suddenly he felt a big BANG on his head and fell down.
It was Cronus, who hit him on the head with a baseball bat.

-" Quick you fool! Plant the microchip now!" he commanded. Jay obeyed his orders and planted the chip in Archie's mouth.

-" Now, go and plant those chips in their mouths! I will see you later." said Cronus and walked into his portal. Archie then woke up and rubbed his head but his eyes also became red. They both walked down and saw the others still watching t.v.

-" That, was so romantic!" cried Theresa, watching the credits of the soap-opera.

-" Watever. I'm going for a run. Wanna come Arch?" asked Atlanta.

-" Sure" he answered back and had an evil look on his face. Jay then saw Neil walk into the kitchen. He followed him in and saw him looking at his 3-way mirror.

-" You, Neil, are the sexiest guy on this planet!" Neil said, talking to himself. He then saw Jay walking closer from his mirror.

-" Oh hi Jay! What are you doing here? If you want some milk, don't even bother. Herry drank the last one.
Um..Jay? Why do you have an evil look on your face? And why are you getting closer to me with a baseball bat? And what's that thing you have in your hand?! AHHHH!!" yelled Neil but it was too late. He had alwredi turned evil aswell.

-" Neil what's wrong?? What happened??" asked Herry as he entered the kitchen. Jay and Neil both looked at him.

-" I don't like where this is going.." he said. A few minutes later, he was also in Cronus's command. Odie was upstairs playing his videogame that makes you think you're in the game. He was wearing a helmet so he could'nt realy see who was behind him. But what he didn't know was that Jay,Neil and Herry were behing him!

-" Oh ya baby! Level 14!" screamed Odie in joy. But then he felt someone opening his mouth and he finnaly turned evil aswell.


Atlanta and Archie were running when Cronus telepathicly talked to Archie.

-" Plant the chip NOW!" he commanded. Archie's eyes glowed red.

-" Hey Atlanta! Wha'ts that over there?" he said pointing at a tree.

-" Where?" Archie jumped on her and planted the chip in her mouth aswel.

-" Jay, I got her." said Archie as Atlanta and him both entered the brownstone.

-" Good., said Jay, Now there's only one person left..." Theresa was up in her room liscening to music when suddenly her door banged open and in marched 6 titans with red glowing eyes.

-" Hey guys! Sup?" she asked but they didn't answer.

-" Uh...Why are you guys looking at me like that..?"

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