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Chapter 3

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Theresa is the only one who doesn't get infected. How will she save the others?

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Well guys here's the next chappie! Hope you all enjoy it!!


-" Uh.. why are you guys all looking at me like that?" asked Theresa as the titans walked closer and closer to her.

-" GET HER!" yelled Jay and they all jumped on her.

-" Ow! Hey! Stop! Get off!" she said but they kept trying to open her mouth and insert the chip. She got mad, raised her hands and yelled:

-" STOOOOOP!" Some kind of force field pushed the titans away from her and knocked them on the wall. She then spit out the chip they had tried to put in her mouth.

-" What kind of a sick prank is this guys?" she asked annoyed. She then saw they were all knocked out.

-" OMG. What did I do? What is this new power I never knew about?" she tought as she looked at her hands. Suddenly a portal opened up and Cronus walked out, unaware that the titans didn't get to turn Theresa evil.

-" Well children, you have all done a good job and..Wait a minute! What is this!" he said confused as he saw the titans on the ground.

-" YOU!, he screamed pointing at Theresa, You're supposed to be on my command! What is the meaning of this!"

-" What are you talking about?" asked Theresa. But she didn't have time to get an answer because the titans all woke up.

-" Take care of her!" commanded Cronus.

Their eyes flashed red and they ran thowards her. Archie took out his whip and threw it on Theresa but she raised her hands again and a force field back-fiered the attack on him. He was now tied up to his whip. Next, Herry ran up to her but she suddenly turned invisible! Herry ran right through her and he hit the wall. Neil and Atlanta both ran up to her at the same time but she was still invisible and they passed right through her and fell on Herry. Jay took out his sword and ran up to her. Theresa didn't want to hurt Jay but she had to. She made a force-field and knocked him out of Cronus's spell.

-" Huh? What happened?" he asked rubbing his head. Theresa ran next to him.

-" Jay! You're not evil!" she said and hugged him.

-" What? Since when was I evil?" he asked. But then Cronus saw that Jay turned back to normal and he pushed a button.

-" AHHHH!" Jay screamed and his eyes became red again.

-" NOO Jay!!" yelled Theresa but he pushed her to the ground.

-" Quick you fools! Come with me! We'll take care of her later." commanded Cronus and he opened up his portal.

They all walked in one-by-one and when Theresa tried to run in it, it closed. She sat down and thought for a minute.

-" I think the only way I'm going to save them is by using these new powers of mine! But I have to learn how to control it quick before it's too late!"

Well there you go! My next chappie! I will update soon!Sorry it was a bit short! I hope you guys enjoyed it! RATE and REVIEW please!!
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