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Chapter 4

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Dental Issues Much?

Chapter 4

-" Persephone! Persephone!" Theresa screamed as she ran into the gods secret hideout. Noone answered her. She then heard people talking. The sound was comming from Hera's office.

-" Persephone.?" she asked as she opened the door. She saw all the gods sitting down and watching the T.V.

-" Theresa my child! You're safe!" yelled Hera and hugged Theresa.

-" Safe from what? What's going on?" she asked,confused. The gods didn't answer her, they only pointed at the screen of the t.v. Theresa watched in fear as she saw her friends! They were destroying the city!

Hello and welcome back to the special edition of tonights news. 6 teenagers are attacking the city! Police is trying to stop them but it appears they have strange weapons such as swords and wips!

She saw people screaming and running around as Jay chased them with his sword. She saw Odie doing something with his computer to mess with the street lights and cause traffic and accidents. She saw Atlanta shooting at people while Archie broke the buildings and cars in half. She saw Herry picking objects up and throwing them at people and finnaly she saw Neil with some kind of a new weapon, firing it at people. She then saw the news guy walking closer to Archie.

Excuse me sir, Why are you and your friends doing this? Archie only made an evil grin and punched the t.v, ending the show.

-" Theresa, do you know why the children are siding with Cronus?" asked Hera after a moment of silence.

-" I'm not sure miss Hera but I think Cronus is controlling them with some kind of chip. They tried to put it
in my mouth a moment ago but It didn't work on me." she answered back.

-" My dear, you are immune to this chip! You can save them!" Hera's worried face turned into joy.

-" Yes but how? I also have to deal with this new power I-"

-" New power?" asked Persephone.

-" Ya. I was mad when they all jumped on me and suddenly I felt this strong force inside me and I let out some kind of force field!" answered Theresa.

-" Oh Theresa dear! Congratulations!" yelled Persephone and hugged Theresa.

-" Huh?" she asked,confused.

-" Every wizard like us experience this new power once in a lifetime! It is only limited. It only lasts for a week and the only way you can turn the others back to normal is with this new power. So you must hurry before your power runs out!" explained Persephone.

Theresa was about to leave when Hera stopped her.

-" Theresa, before you leave, take these pendants and put them on the children once you turn them back to normal, it will make them immune to the chip. Now go, and make us all proud!" Theresa nodded her head in agreement and walked towards her beautiful red sports car.

-" Don't worry guys, I'm comming.." she tought and drove downtown, the place where she would find her friends and save them from Cronus's evil spell.

Fiou finnaly I wrote that chappie! Sorry It was kinda short! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Please Rate and Review!
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