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Chapter 5

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Theresa goes to find her friends! Please R/R guys!

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Hey guys! SOrry I haven't updated on this story for a while! But here it is! Another chapter! Hope you guys enjoy it! Don't forget to R/R please!!

Chapter 5

Theresa looked around as she was driving her red sports-car. She saw buildings, cars and much other stuff broken. She saw ambulances taking injured people to the hospital.

-" Oh...What did you do guys?" she thought and continued driving. She looked around but didn't see her friends or Cronus anywhere. She decided to get out and ask someone. Luckily, someone ran passed her.

-" Excuse me sir!" she yelled. The person turned around.

-" W-What do you want?" he asked with fear.

-" I'm looking for the 6 teenagers who destroyed this place. Have you seen them?" she asked.

-" T-They're on the boat over there." Responded the man. Theresa thanked him, jumped into her car and drove off. A few minutes later, she reached the dock. She saw a big boat not far away sailing in the waters. She was sure her friends would be there but she had to find a way to go there. She then saw a boat beside her with people in it.

-" Excuse me sir, I have a commander this ship for a special reason. I'll return it later!!" she said and drove into the sea.


-" Finally these pesky kids are on my side! And now that I'm finished with New Olympia, I'm going to conquer
the world with them! MUHAHAHA!" laughed Cronus when he heard some arguing going on in the back.

-" What is going on here?" he asked in annoyance.

-" Archie here says you like him better! But everybody knows you like me best!" said Atlanta.

-" Guys,guys,guys. Why are you fighting? We all know Cronus likes ME the best!" exclaimed Jay and they all started arguing on who Cronus liked best.

-" STOP! I like all of you the same way. Now stop arguing like little babies and STAY QUIET!" yelled Cronus. They all stopped talking. There was not even the slightest peep when suddenly a familiar voice screamed.

-" Nobody talks to my friends that way!" They all turned around and saw Theresa standing on the side of the boat.

-" Ahh Theresa, Nice of you to join us" said Cronus.

-" Give me my friends back Cronus!" shouted Theresa.

-" Let me think. Um.....NO! Maybe you're immune to the microchip my dear, but that doesn't mean I can't destroy you!" He turned around to the titans and shouted.

-" KILL HER!" The titans ran towards her. Jay got out his xiphos, Archie took out his whip and everybody got their weapons ready.

-" This should make you guys out of Cronus's spell for good!" said Theresa and made a force field, knocking the titans backwards. But her force-field was so powerful that it accidentally knocked Archie right in the ocean. Archie tried to swim but unfortunately, due to his major fear of water, couldn't.

-" Cronus! Help!" he yelled as he struggled to lift his head above water.

-" Nah, you have served me enough! I was going to kill you all later but why wait if you can die right now! And anyways, you were my least favorite one! Ta-ta Archie!" said Cronus with a big smile on his face.

Archie opened his mouth to speak but water came in instead. When the water got contact with the microchip in his mouth, it made a small electric shock and broke the microchip. But the impact was so hard that Archie fell under water and everything went black...

-" Archie!" yelled Theresa when she couldn't see him anymore. She looked at her friends. They were still unconscious and she could easily slip the pendants on so they would get out of Cronus's spell. But on the other hand, there was Archie and he would die easily if she didn't save him! Theresa had to make a choice between saving her friends from a spell or saving a friend from death. After a few seconds of thinking, she chose to save Archie.

-" I'll save you guys later. Archie needs me more than ever right now!" she thought and she jumped in the water.

At that second, the titans woke up and rubbed their heads. Atlanta ran towards the end of the ship and looked in the water. All she could see was a black blur swimming towards something. For some reason, she was feeling bad for that purple-headed loser. She felt like she wanted to jump in the water and save him. But she was out of her thoughts when Cronus yelled her name.

-" ATLANTA! Come here! Forget about those two! We didn't need them anyway! Now come, we're almost to our new target, Montreal!" and Cronus made his evil laugh while he walked inside the boat with the rest of the titans. Atlanta made one more stare at the water but then ran off to join the others...

Well there you go guys! Chapter 5! Hope you guys enjoyed it! Rate and Review Please!!
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