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Chapter 6

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A small A/T chapter! Hope u guys like it! R/R!

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Chapter 6

Theresa jumped in the water. At first, everything was blurry and the water stung her eyes. But after a while, she got used to it and saw a black figure not far away. She swam closer and closer to the figure until she saw Archie. His eyes were closed and blood was coming out of his mouth. Theresa quickly grabbed him by the hoodie and dragged him to the surface. She breathed some air and looked around if there were any ships around to help her.

-" HELP!" she screamed, hoping someone heard her. Fortunately, she saw an island, not too far away. She swam to the island, pulling Archie with her. After 10 minutes of torture(cuz Archie was heavy!), Theresa reached the island. She lied down on the shore and relaxed a few minutes but then remembered something important.

-" Archie!" she yelled and slowly limped next to him. He was still out cold. She opened his mouth and checked if the microchip was still there.

-" Archie! Wake up!" she said and started shaking him. But then she remembered the helpful CPR tricks Jay had thought her in case of situations like this. She had to do mouth-to-mouth.

-" Ugh! I have to do mouth-to-mouth to Archie! Oh well... I'll just pretend it's Jay and do it!" she thought and opened his mouth. As soon as she put her lips on his, Archie's eyes opened and he jumped from his place.

-" EWW! GROSS!" he yelled as he wiped his mouth.

-" UGH! YUCK!" she yelled as she wiped her mouth.

-" What was that for?!?!" Archie yelled at Theresa.

-" Well I had to do it or else you would be dead right now!!" she yelled back at him.

-" Oh...ok then...thanks.. but don't ever do it again!" he said as he rubbed his head, "What happened anyway?"

-" You mean you don't remember?" asked Theresa. Archie shook his head.

-" Well, you were under the control of Cronus when Jay planted the microchip in your mouth so you guys were going to go to Montreal because Cronus already conquered New Olympia and when you guys were going I came to rescue you guys so I used my new powers and it accidentally knocked you off the ship and into the water and then you drowned and the microchip broke in your mouth and then I went to save you and so here we are!" she explained very fast.

-" Ok..weird.." said Archie because he hardly understood anything.

-" So how are we going to save the others?" asked Archie.

-" By using my new powers! Oh ya and one more thing!" Theresa searched her backpack and got out a green
pendant. She put it around Archie's neck.

-" What's this?" he asked as he looked at the shiny green pendant with an A on it.

-" It prevents Cronus to control you! Keep it on unless you want to be Cronus's little puppet like everyone else." She responded and then sat down and started floating.

-" What are you doing?" Archie asked out of curiosity.

-"" she responded as she closed her eyes.

-" I got it!" she yelled and fell down. She let down a little shriek but then she felt two hands grabbing her. She turned around and saw Archie.

-" Thanks.." she said.

-" Uh.. no problem.." he answered as he scratched the back of his neck.

-" Now common we gotta save the others!" she yelled and took his hand.

-" But how? We're on a deserted island!" said Archie.

-" Trust me, I got a plan..." said Theresa and bit her lip.

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