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A Whole Lot of Talk

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Chapter six

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Chapter Six

Achilles liked Archie's room very much. He especially favored all of the pictures of Archie and Atlanta. There happened to be very much of them. He sat on a fold up bed beside Archie's. Then the others left Archie and Achilles alone. Theressa, Jay, Herry, Odie and Neil were a bit worried about leaving Archie and Achilles alone.

When the others started to leave the first thing Achilles did was talk about Atlanta.

"So Atlanta's a very beautiful and smart young girl isnt she?"

"Yeah, but why do you want to talk about her?" agreed and questioned Archie.

"Why? You two don't like eachother?"

"Oh I like her, Atlanta's my best friend in the whole world. But I'm just wondering because you seem to like talking about her and starring at her,"

"Oh heh heh. You noticed that?"

"We all noticed it. All but the one that matters that is,"

"I guess,"

"Yeah Atlanta does tend to be totally oblivious to things like that,"

"What do you mean? Who else likes her?"

"Oh a certain guy at school. So you like her eh?"

"Yeah I think I do. Do you believe in love at first sight?"

Archie thought about the first time he had ever met Atlanta. Yeah he did believe in love at first sight. The first time he had met Atlanta he had already loved her. He wanted to be her best friend forever. He loved her now and probably always would.

"Yeah I do believe in love at first sight Achilles," Archie smiled.

"And who is the lucky ladie?" Achilles smirked.

"Only my friends know that and I don't plan on telling you,"

"Fair enough,"

"But Achilles aren't you already married?" asked Archie curiously.

He knew the answer but he just wanted to make sure Achilles knew that he knew.



They talked more and got to know eachother. They were pretty similar. Archie had even forgot about the whole Atlanta thing until Theressa came into his room and told them it was dinner and then the starring began. Archie ignored it the best he could.

"It's nice to see that you both are alive," said Atlanta.

She hadent seen them all day.

"Yeah both of you not just one," added in Theressa.

Atlanta was confused. She was just making a joke but Theressa made it seem like war.

" Arch want to go boarding after dinner?"

"Sure Lannie. Race you to finish first,"

Archie was trying to force Achilles not to like Atlanta. Yes, It was cruel but it was for Atlanta's sake so it had to be somewhat good. Right?

"Your on!"

"Ready," Archie started.


"Go!" they both shouted.

And the competition began. Archie and Atlanta didn't care what the others thought of them. They were best friends and they were having fun and being themselves. That was who they were; independant. competative, fun, humorous, not-caring-what-other-people-think type of people. Food was everywhere once Herry began to eat too.

"Eek! Not the hair!" screeched Neil as he ducked under the table from flying food.

But even with Atlanta's mouth full of food wiht no manners what so ever Achilles still couldn't help but love her and stare at her. Archie was getting sick of the starring, It made him want to punch Achilles out. Surprisingly Archie did read. He knew about all the prostitutes tha hung around Achilles and his comrads. He knew all the girls he slept with. Clearly, it disguisted him to a level not even Dionysus himself could drink enough wine and get sick enough as Achilles pervertedness made Archie feel.

He didn't want Achilles to abuse Atlanta like that. Archie may have been a guy and sometimes thought about kiss, making-out, having sex or even marrying Atlanta but he would never do anything to make her feel uncomfortable. Thinking about this made him forget about the contest he was having. He had stopped eating and Atlanta had won.

"Yeah I won!" she jumped up and yelled her mouth half full of food.

Archie quickly finished his food and he and Atlanta were racing out the door. Riding down the street Atlanta stopped at her and Archie's favorite place to talk. Whenever they needed to talk but they didn't want to sat anything, they would ask to go riding and then 'randomely' stop at the park swings and the other person automaticly knew they wanted to talk.

"What's up Lan?" asked Archie.

"Arch...I have a question..."

"Hit me,"

"Why did you barge out of the room like that? You had me worried,"

"I said that I needed to go to the bathroom didn't I?" Archie said trying ot cover up his feelings.

"Yeah, but you didn't seem very convincing. You seemed...angry?,"


"Yeah, like someone was bugging you or doing something you didn't like or something like that,"

Archie hated the fact that Atlanta could read him like a book. Was he really that easy to tell?

"Oh," Archie said looking down at the ground beneath him.

"Yeah. Is something wrong?"

"Well...kind of,"

Atlanta was his best friend and he could never seem to lie to her.

"Like?" asked Atlanta.

"Well it's Achilles. Do him?"

It pained him to said it but he had to ask her. As much as it would hurt him if she said yes he had to know.

"What do you mean?"

"Like as in like like as in flirt with him like,"

Atlanta was a little confused and shocked that Archie would ask something like that. He was her best friend in the whole universe but he was a guy. And he was a guy asking her if she liked another guy. It was a bit awkward.

"Well, I don't know. Everybody glared at me when I did but you Archie, you didn't do anything. That's what I love about you Arch, you always let me be who I want to be and you don't judge me."

Archie blushed when she said this. Was that really what she thought. That he was letting her be her own person? Well that was partially right. He would never stop Atlanta from doing anything she wanted to do.

She continued. "But it seemed odd when everybody glarred at me because nobody seemed to care when I flirted with a different guy. And I did it all of the time. It's to bad that, that guy didn't notice. He probably wouldn't feel the same way about me anyways,"

This made Archie even more angry. Who would Atlanta be flirting with? Why wouldn't this person like her? He would kick any guys butt over Atlanta. They didn't know how lucky they were to have Atlanta like like him.

"Who wouldn't love you Atlanta?"

What Archie didn't know was that this guy was him.

"Why are you concerned about me liking Achilles anyways?"

And now the truth poured out.

"Well you're my best friend ever and I don't ever want to see you get hurt. It would break my heart. If you loved him what would happen if he left? You'll be heart broken. Back then there were alot of girls your age that were used as sex slaves and prostitutes. Since Achilles was such a ladies man and since he had been dead for awhile what if he doesn't know that things have changed. What if he gets you drunk and takes advantage of you and I'm not there to stop him? You'll get pregnate at 15 and he'll go back to the underworld and leave you as a single teenage mother!"

Archie had said that all pretty fast and was now out of breath.

"Whoa Archie chill! First of all I will not get pregnate, I will not have sex until I meet my perfect guy and I wont get taken advantage of because I wont drink until I'm atleast 17! Also I'm a hero that saves the world from an evil god of time I think I can protect myself from evil sex maniacs. Plys if I get heartbroken I'll have you to help replace it,"

She smiled and leaned over and gave Archie a peck on the cheek. He blushed even more and hugged her.

"Now don't be such a worrysome. I'll make sure that you're always there when I'm alone with Achilles. Just in case," she assured him.


End. Whoa long chapter. 9 pages in my notebook. Let me see how many words it is. 1462! Whoa! Skill!!! Longest chapter ever! It's going down in the books now! Whoot Whoot. RxR hope you like it.

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