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One Day He'll Ask Her

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chapter seven

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Next chapter. This chapter is a little fluffy. Well actually all of the chapters have fluff but this one is special it has more fluff. ArxAt fluff not AcxAt.

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Chapter Seven

They sat there on the sand and just talked and laugher. Atlanta sat between Archie's legs and leaned her head against his chest. Most people would thing that they were a couple but really they were just best friends. They usually sat like that when they talked. The usual elderly couple would walk by and say, "There they are again," and smile. Archie and Atlanta would here them but not care. But today. Today was different.

The elderly couple walked by and the women said,

"One day he'll ask her to marry him,"

The man smiled and replied to his wife,

"You can see it in their eyes,"

Archie and Atlanta's hearts both skipped a beat. 'Are they right?' thought Atlanta. 'Maybe one day when I get the courage," thought Archie. Archie and Atlanta smiled at the elders. They always loved to hear what people had to say about them as they sat there. They were comfortable and loved to sit and watch the people on their evening strolls. When the elders left, much to their displesure they got up and boarded back home. It was getting dark and the others would be getting worried soon. When they got back Theressa automaticly jumped off the couch and dragged Atlanta off to her room.

Theressa always did this when she came home.

"So what did the elderly couple say this time?"

Theressa knew about the couple that always walked by. Atlanta sighed. She knew that there was so way to get out of this one.

"They said 'One day he's going to ask her to marry him, you can see it in their eyes,"

"Awww thats so cute!!!"

"Do you think that they're right Ter?" asked Atlanta.

"You know I do Lan,"

"But why? He doesn't like me that way!"

"Well what did you talk about?"

"Uhh he said I was his best friend an he didn;t want me to get hurt or heartbroken by Achilles. He said that Achilles might not know that every girl is not a sex slave or a prostitute and he didn't want me to be taken advantage of and then end up being a single mother,"

'So that's why he was spo angry at Achilles. Oh...' thought Theressa

"See how protective he is of you? There is only one person who he thinks knows you enough and will be good enough for you Atlanta. And do you know who that person is?"

Atlanta thought. She was totally oblivious.


"Himself! He thinks that he's the only one that will keep you out of harms way. He always wants you to be safe and ahve company and be happy and feel cared for,"

"But what about Achilles?"

"Hes DEAD!" Theressa yelled at her friend as if Atlanta was a cardboard box. "He'll leave you! Archie is right Atlanta. Achilles was a famous woman seducer he could get any woman he wanted to sleep with him. He could do it to you too Atlanta,"

"I guess..."

"Atlanta you can get as much as you want out of him. If anything he is like Archie. Anything Achilles does Archie will do except seduce you. We decendants do have common sense. But be careful Lan,"

"Okay Theressa, I will."

She smiled and left Theressa's room to go find Achilles.

"Achilles!" She called out.

"Yes Atlanta?"

Achilles seemed to be waiting for her to call his name.

"Oh I was just looking for you,"


"Lets talk,"

So they sat in the living room. Atlanta had kept her promice and told Archie to watch over her by texting to him on her PMR. They st down on the couch and started to talk about random things. Atlanta noticed him constantly starring at her...alot. She liked the attention but it was getting a little annoying.

Achilles noticed a strand of hair falling in Atlanta's face. He brushed it away with his hand. While he did that his hadn skimmed her face and he looked into her eyes. Getting closser and closser and closser until...


Archie had spared Atlanta. He texted to her a warning message on her PMR. Atlanta quickly moved away and took her PMR out of her pocket.

"Oops sorry got to check this, you know just in case it's an emergency,"

Atlanta was happy that Arcie had spared her. She had been taken away from the stress of almost being kissed.

She read the text 'See,'

'Calm Arch,' she texted back to him.

Then she checked the time. It was 9:00.

"Hey guys want to watch a movie,?" Atlanta called out.

In a record second Archie and Herry were there. Atlanta thought she'd be safer away from Achilles but denied against moving away from him. She looked at Archie for help. He understook and sat beside her and put his are around her shoulder.

'Perfect. I'm going to have to owe Archie for this one,' thought Atlanta.

But that didn't stop Achilles. In the middle of the movie when everybody was sitting in the living room, Achilles slowly moved his hand to Atlanta's knee. This caused her to jump. He sartled her. Archie looked to see what had caused her to jump. They weren't wactching a scary movie. He looked to see Achilles hand on her leg. He tensed up. He wanted to get Atlanta away from him quick but he didn't know what do do. He couldn't just pull her out of the room. When no one was looking he threw a piece of popcorn at Theressa. She turned around and was about to scold him when she saw his panicked look. He and Atlanta looked at her helplessly. Theressa looked at what Atlanta was starring at. She fallowed her gaze to Achilles hand on her leg.

'Crap Theressa think,' She thought to herself.

"Uhh I'm going to bed now? Anybody else coming?"

Neil, Odie and Herry didn't even flinch but Atlanta jumped up and so did Archie.

"I will," said Atlanta almost yelling.

"I'll uh go too," said Archie.

They stood up and went to their rooms. Atlanta decided have a sleepover with Theressa. Achilles, Jay, Neil, Odie and Herry kept watching the movie. From Theressa's room to Archie's they texted messages. Archie didn't care if Theressa was there. Whatever he told Atlanta would somehow get to her anyways. Girls...

"I'm sorry Lannie," texted Archie.

"For what?" texted Atlanta confused.

"I promised that I wouldn't let anything happen to you but I did and I didn't do anything about it," texted Archie.

Theressa awwed at Atlanta. Atlanta rolled her eyes at Theressa.

"It's not you're fault Archie. In a situation like that I wouldn't know what to do either," texted Atlanta.

Then Achilles walked into Archie's room.

"Achilles is here g2g" texted Archie shutting off his PMR.

He looked at Achilles who looked very dazed.

"Whats up?" asked Archie as if nothing happened.

"I touched her leg!" said Achilles happily.

"Nice move," Archie said not really paying attention.

"Oh yeah it was. Next time I'll do better,"

"What did you have in mind?"

"I don't know. Maybe I'll kiss her and then get further,"

Archie was shocked at how perverted Achilles was. He had to tell Atlanta but that would have to wait. They both went to sleep.


PS: Next Chapter is very surprising. I won't post it today though. I will tomorrow. The next chapter is where people started to hate my story and write hate lists. But please dont.
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