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Tell Me He Didn't

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WARNING! chapter eight

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You wanted your juicy chapter now you've got it.

Chapter Eight

In the morning Archie was awakened by his best friend. She snuck into his room and then ounced onto his bed.

"RAWR!!!" she screamed in his ear.

Archie woke up and screamed. A very girly scream. When he saw it was just Atlanta he pushed her off the bed. Atlanta grabbed Archie's wrist and pulled him down with her. They landed Atlanta-on-Archie. When Archie realized that there was nobody else in the room he remembered what Achilles had said the previous night.

"Hey Atlanta I have something to tell you,"

"And what would that be?" she asked.

"Last night, I talked to Achilles, he was pretty happy about getting to touch your leg so I asked him what he planned to do next and..." He gulped. He hated Achilles for saying this.

"And what?"

"He said he was going to try to kiss you and then get...further,"

Atlanta gasped.

"Atlanta I want you to be careful. Now go tell Theressa she'll probably want to know,"

Atlanta got up off of Archie and ran out of the room. She ran to Theressa's door and knocked 10 times really fast.

"What is it?" answered Theressa.

"Theressa it's me Atlanta. I need to tell you something,"

"Can it wait? We're going to the mall. Tell me when we get there okay,"


Atlanta was cut off when Theressa walked by with her purse slung over her shoulder. Atlanta sighed and they both went to get Archie, Neil and Achilles. When they found them they got into Theressa's red sports car and drove to the mall. When they got there Atlanta hopped out of the car and pulled Theressa into the nearest store which happened to be a jewelry store.

"Ter, Archie told me something this morning and-"

"Did he tell you that he loves you!?" said Theressa excitedly.

Atlanta rolled her eyes.

" But he did say that Archilles wanted to kiss me and then go...further,"

Atlanta gulped again and Theressa stood there; jaw dropped, eyes wide and hand over mouth.

"Okay Atlanta. We need to continue our day like nothing happened and you need to stay between me and Archie."

"Theressa got out of the store with Atlanta. They found Archie, Neil and Achilles sitting on a bench outside of the store.

"Geesh took you long enough," whined Neil.

The three boys stood up and Atlanta ran over to Archie with Theressa fallowing behind. They walked down the mall walkway. They stopped at various stores and bought many outfits thanks to Neil and Theressa. Archie and Atlanta would mainly wait outside of the stores and talk.

Theressa had to go to the bathroom so they waited outside of the bathroom door. Achilles stood beside Atlanta and started to stand closer. Archie waited for Atlanta to signal that she needed help. Atlanta elbowed Archie just as Theressa got out of the bathroom. He looked at her and Atlanta stuck out her hand and Archie took it. They swung their hands and skipped down the hallway like freaks. But they didn't care. For the rest of the day Atlanta kept away from Achilles the best she could.


Two days later.

Everything had been going fine. Achilles had been kept away from Atlanta but he had still managed to get a couple moments alone with Atlanta.

That day Archie was in his room. Jay, Odie and Herry had decided to clean out the spare bedroom and give it to Achilles that day they were at the mall. Achilles had now slept their. It was a good choice; Archie didn't have to see Achilles everyday and share his room plus the bed was bigger in that room and there was a table and a miny(sp?) fridge. Achilles was walking around the door searching for Atlanta.

"Atlanta!" he called out.

"Hey Achilles whats up?" she answered.

"Can you help me with something?"

"Sure what is it?"

"It's kind of embarrassing so can I tell you somewhere private?"

"Sure how about we go to your room?"


Achilles had a plan. Today was the day he would do something more. They walked into his room and Atlanta sat on his bed.

"Whats wrong?"

"Well... I'm kind of lonely,"

"Why? You have us,"

"I miss Breseis. She always would sit and talk and have drinks with me,"

'He looks so sad. I suppose one drink couldn't hurt." thought Atlanta foolishly.

"I'll have one with you Achilles,"

Atlanta haden't quite thought of the consiquences about having just one drink. Achilles smiled and pulled out two alchoholic fruit juice bottles from the fridge. He handed one to Atlanta. She popped open the lid and took a sip. Before she knew it she was asking for another and another. By the time she had three she was past drunk. Then she felt her shirt being slipped off and her caprees being slipped down her legs. Her bra and underwear had been slipped off too. Then she was clothesless.

She felt kisses all over her body and a toungue licking her chest and inner thighs. Teeth gently nipped her soft skin. Then she felt him enter her repeditly hitting her climax many times. Her mouth had been covered with someone elses mouth so her screams were muffled. Juices sprayed all over the bed. She had an orgasm. The next thing she knew she was asleep.

When she woke up she was deffinetly not in her own room and her vaginal area hurt like hell. Then she had a flashback of what had happened only a few hours before then she started to bawl her eyes out. She stood up slowly and felt cold. She looked down to find herself clothesless. She picked up the red blanket and wrapped it around herself and then she ran out of the room. She had the sudden need to run to Archie's room. She ran lamely with her super speed to Archie's room and ran in without even knocking. Archie jumped from his bed and dropped the picture of him and Atlanta that he was curently looking at. He ran up to Atlanta in a blanket who was crying her eyes out. He helped her to his bed and sat her down. It hurt alot when she walked.

When they sat down she leant her head onto Archie's chest and just cried. Archie was scared. what had happened to her? Was she scared? Was she hurt? Was she sad? He let her cry for a bit before trying to ask her what had happened. He just sat and rubbed her back.

"Atlanta what happened?"

" were right!" she cried.

"Right? How was a right? About what?"

Archie didn't want to be right. Archie hated it when Atlanta cried but this was the worst scene ever. Then he noticed that she was in a blanket with no sleeves showing on her shoulders and she was having trouble walking. Then he knew what had happened and he started to cry too.

"No! No Atlanta! Tell me he didn't! Tell me he didn't!"

Seeing Archie cry made Atlanta cry even more.

"Tell me he didn't!"

Archie was now yelling. He hugged Atlanta as tight as he could not ever wanting to let go. He had promised. Promised. Now she had been raped and taken advantage of. He picked Atlanta up and ran to the school as fast as he could. He went through the portal and collapsed with Atlanta still in his arms.

"HERA!" he screamed out still crying.

Hera ran into the room with Ares and Artemis.

"Achilles, Atlanta what has happened," asked Hera.

Archie was loosing his temper.

"I'm going to kill him! KILL HIM I tell you!" he screamed.

"Kill who Archie?" said Hera placing a hand on Archie's shoulder.

"Achilles, Hera! Achilles!" he yelled through tears.

"What has he done?" asked Ares,

Artemis helped Atlanta up and went to get her some clothes.

"He raped her Hera! He raped her!" Archie said still crying.

Hera, Ares and Artemis were shocked.


The others had seen the huge flass run by them and had driven to the school in Herry's truck. They left Achilles behind because they couldn't find him. They just entered the room to see Archie crying and Atlanta being helped away in a blanket.


"Theressa he did it! He finally managed to do it!" said Archie.

"Do what Archie? What did he do?"

This made Theressa cry. She was so scared she was holding onto Jays arm tightly.

"He...he...he raped her,"

Theressa turned to Jay who held her closely.

"That sick son of a bitch!" she screamed. (A/N: hahaha me and my friend Sam were calling Alex from LB that yesterday)

They were all shocked. Neil had put his mirror away and was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. Herry being the big brother was making a fist and slamming it into his other hand. Hercules had to come and restrain him. Odie was covering his ears sitting on the floor murmuring to himself "This never happened,". Oddyseus was the best friend of a rapest. Jay sat with Theressa comforting her.

When Theressa had calmed down she looked over to Archie and took Jay's hand. She stood up and pulled him towards Archie. Theressa gave Archie a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Oh Archie-"

"Theressa I promised her!"

"Archie it's not like we could've stopped him. We didn't even know,"

"It's all my fault! She might me pregnate Theressa! Pregnate like I said a 15 year old teenage single mother!"

"It's not your fault Archie. Atlanta would say the same. As for her being pregnate I'll go with her to the hospital to check tomorrow,"

Then Atlanta came back fully clothed and Theressa ran up to her and hugged her. She gave her a hug even bigger then the one she gave Archie. Atlanta still cried silently into her friends shoulder. Then Theressa whispered into her friends ear.

"I'm so sorry Lan but poor Archie. He is so scared. He cried for you Lan. He loves you so much but he thinks it's all his fault. Convince him that it's not his fault."

Atlanta sniffled and nodded her head, then unhooked herself from Theressa's embrace. She ran to Archie the best she could. It hurt so much because Achilles had slid in and out of her hitting her climax several or more times. She sat down and layed her head on Archie's lap. Archie ran his fingers through her fiery red hair.

"I am so sorry Atlanta-" he was cut off by Atlanta's hand covering his mouth.

"Shhh. It's not your fault. I shoud've listened to you Archie. But it is even more Achilles fault. He got me drunk and raped me. Not you Arch. You cried for me Archie. Tears. You cried because I got hurt. That means so much. I didnt even have to say anything before you knew what had happened to me Archie. You understood me,"

She uncovered his mouth and gave him a hug. He hugged her back.

"I'd do anything to take your pain away Lannie. I'd die for you Lan,"

End of Chapter. How'd you like it? RxR
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