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Chapter One

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You know how sometimes you just feel like you have known someone for all your life, even though you have only known them for a few hours? How you can tell them everything even though you have alway...

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Title: Maybe Its Faith

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Summary: You know how sometimes you just feel like you have known someone for all your life, even though you have only known them for a few hours? How you can tell them everything even though you have always shut people out?

Those are the best of friends. People whom no matter which bad decisions and good decisions we make we always end up meeting. We can't control it and the moment we question it we are plunged into a sea of confusion and frustration.


" ..." Talking
'...' Thinking
... Online Chat
[...] Phone Conversation
{...} Spanish/French/Greek (I will let you know which one)

Chapter One: The Beginning (Part One)

{Michael I don't want to let him go. He is wasting his youth with his head stuck up in the stars.} Marion Sailet spoke in Greek, anger and frustration in her voice.

{Where don't you want Jimmy to go.} Michael Sailet responded in Greek.

{Not Jimmy, Jay.} Marion sighed thinking of her bright, responsible son instead of his partier of a younger brother.

{JAY!} Michael said in shock. {He made it?}

{Yes he made it into MacDougall but he is not going!}

{Marion you have to be kidding me, that is the best school in the country and you are not letting our son go.}

{He should be worrying about parties and girls not how many after school courses he can squeeze in and still have time to watch the stars.} Marion said getting annoyed. She had wasted her youth as a child striving to be the best and regretted it seriously when she discovered that she could have slacked off a little and still be in the same place she was now; a successful business woman with a wonderful family.

{So you want both our sons to be like Jimmy. To end up with some bum job and get nowhere in life?} Michael asked as anger mounting in his voice with every word he spoke. His son had made it into the best school in the country and there was no way he was going to let anyone keep his son from going, even his own wife.

{No I just want Jimmy to pick up his socks and Jay to loosen up a bit.} Marion said stubbornly.

{Marion our son is a leader. You know that even if you say know he is going to go.}

{I can dream can't I?}


"Jay you're going to be late!" Marion called from the bottom of the stairs. She felt so weird saying those words; normally she was yelling at her other son Jimmy to hurry up not Jay.

"Coming!" Jay called excitedly down the stairs as he packed his last star charts and socks. This was the day, the day he was headed to MacDougall.

"Bye Bro." Jimmy called as Jay ran down the stairs. Jay would have skipped down the path if he had not been weighed down by the bag of books he was carrying. He could not believe it he had earned the chance of a lifetime, and he was going to take it as far as he could.


"Can I get you any thing Miss. Penelope?" The kind flight attendant asked.

Penelope sighed as she shifted a little more. "No, sorry if I am bothering anyone." She said as kindly as she could.

She was sorry if she was bothering anyone, but the bruises and cuts that covered her body made it hard for her to sit comfortably for long periods of time. She tried to ignore the pain and the memories that it brought back and focus on what was a head of her. She, Penelope was headed to MacDougall on a scholarship; after all that was the only way she could get in.

She had gotten in on a journalism scholarship. When she found out it felt like all her dreams had come true, she loved digging up facts and stories. The English teacher that had recommended her for the scholarship had said that that was what mad her such a good journalist.

Penelope had plenty of bad memories associated with her insistent curiosity. The sixteen year old (a/n everyone is going to be a year younger [from my usual ages], Theresa, Jay, Neil, Harry and Archie are sixteen and Atlanta and Odie are fifteen.) pushed her shoulder length brown and green hair away from her hazel eyes and tried to focus on the life a head of her.

"No Miss, you just looked awful uncomfortable."

"I'll be fine." Penelope replied. As the flight attendant walked away she dug in her bag for the package that MacDougall had sent her. It had information about the classes she would be taking, where the different buildings were, where and whom she would be rooming with. The information soothed her and forced her to think about what was ahead.

For Penelope the future looked a lot brighter than the past.


Theresa felt Chance's strong arms wrap around her. She let herself melt into his arms, do drink in his sent and memorize the gentle way he touched her. Her bright emerald eyes met his deep blue ones and she moved a piece of his jet-black hair out of his eyes.

Chance smiled as they stared into each other's eyes for a few moments. Theresa pushed herself on to her tiptoes and softly kissed Chance's lips. The red haired beauty tried her best to forever memorize the shape and feel of his lips. She didn't want to leave him, she wanted to stay in his arms forever.

{Theresa your plane leaves soon, you have to board.} Theresa's father said in French. Theresa sighed as she felt tears come to her eyes. She gave her father one last hug and Chance one last kiss.

{I'll see you at Christmas baby.} Chance whispered lovingly in Theresa's ear. Theresa smiled through the tears that where cascading silently down her face.

{Bye.} Was all she could manage to get out as she walked towards the plane that would take her to Canada, to her new life, Theresa was headed to MacDougall (a/n ok so I'm not going to repeat this much more often, you people have be getting the picture). The beauty was sure that her father had pulled a few strings as she would be majoring in martial arts, and very few people took her seriously when she told them that she had had her black belt when she was twelve. It might have had something to do with the fact that she was always dressed in designer fashions and drove a bright red sports car.

Theresa sighed as her plane took off. She found herself looking down at the airport that was slowly shrinking into the scenery, as she laid her head in her hands she had to wonder if leaving MacDougall was really the best idea.


Archie felt the adrenaline pump through his veins as he sprinted away from the home he had grown up in. He was finally free. The purple haired teen had a single backpack with him, and in it a couple of changes of clothes, a plane ticket and four years worth of babysitting and part-time job money.

He knew that it would not be much, but he hoped it would be enough to sustain him until he could get a job once he got to MacDougall. As the fast teen got to the airport he could really feel his weak heel screaming in pain. He felt bad about leaving his younger sister with their father but there was nothing he could do about it

He would come back for her later. Now he had to get to the school and graduate. Archie could not believe how excited he was. He had made it on a track scholarship. For once everything was going his way.

As Archie sat down in his seat on the airplane he could not help but notice a brown haired teen probably about his age shifting back and forth uncomfortably. He found himself watching her, and for the first time in his girl-watching career it was not because she was over the top hot, on the contrary she was pretty. But he found himself drawn to her like he was on some invisible string, like they were connected.

Archie shook his head and leaned back to sleep. He awoke as the plane was landing, when he turned around the mysterious girl was gone. The fast teenager shook his head to clear it. It was not long before he had cleared his mind of her.


Well there is the first chapter. I don't really like parts of it. Oh well, it the best version of it I have and I am hoping that when I have them all at the school everything will start to come easier.

Now once again, this is an alternate universe fan fiction, so CotT has not happened. So if someone seems OCC cut me a little slack because I have to write him or her as if CotT never happened.

And for the first few chapters please keep in mind that they don't know each other yet so A/A and J/T have will not be mentioned except in passing, and harmless crack parings will be used.

Next Chapter is: The Beginning (Part Two)

A little obvious I know, but suck it up!

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