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Chapter Two

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You know how sometimes you just feel like you have known someone for all your life, even though you have only known them for a few hours? How you can tell them everything even though you have alway...

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Title: Maybe Its Faith

Parings: MILD A/A and J/T, slight H/T

Response to Reviews (cuz' princess is to lazy to respond to each one individually)

Competitiveswimmerchick: Glad you like it so far. I hope that it turns out well. And I have always seen Theresa as a frenchie (yay for not being the only one to use that word!)

JessieLD746 Nope I have not forgotten about Atlanta, and as of now in this story I plan on having A/A prevail. But that might change, but if it were to it would be a very slow and steady change with lots of reviewer input.


The scenes labeled Thisisadivider 1,2 and 3 are all happening at roughly the same time and are intertwined as you will see.

None of the characters are dating yet. Only some mild fluff, and I mean MILD.

Odie will be introduced in the next chapter, I promise. I just really wanted to post this, and his intro scene should be roughly the length of Herry's, making this chapter way to long as I am going to try to keep all the chapters the same length.

The following will be at the start of every chapter, so you don't have to read it each time if you don't want to:

" ..." Talking
'...' Thinking
... Online Chat
[...] Phone Conversation
{...} Spanish/French/Greek (I will let you know which one)

Chapter Two: The Beginning (Part Two)

Atlanta ran she could feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins. The wind whipped through her short bright red hair and stung her face. As she came to a stop at the finish line she smiled.

She may have only just run a lap, but it was the most monumental lap that she had ever run in her life. Atlanta Speed had just run the first lap at in her career at MacDougall. It still shocked her that she had made it in, but she was not complaining.

"Speed get running!" Her coach yelled. Atlanta retied her shoes and started to run again. She had not noticed that she had stopped.

"Yes sir!" Atlanta yelled back with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Speed." Coach Malone warned. Atlanta smiled and put on an extra burst of speed, there was a reason she had made it on to this elite track team, and she was determined to prove it.

Atlanta whipped around the track, letting her senses guild her. As she ran she heard a voice call out.

"And this is the track that you will train on." It said. Atlanta looked over to what she knew to be the new recruits, or her a week ago. She saw a bunch of kids who looked to be her age or a year older. The fiery red head was instantly drawn to a purple haired boy; it was like a golden light surrounded him. The golden glow was not coming from the golden ankle brace he was wearing, as the glow only affected him. Making him different from all the others.

Atlanta started to run again when the purple haired boy turned to look at her, as if an invisible string connected them. She was sure that he had not felt her staring at him, as his tour group was now about a hundred feet from the track. It was a weird attraction, not like she felt anything towards him sexually, not that she had ever felt that sort of attraction before. It was an attraction that she had never felt before, though she was sure it was not sexual as it felt nothing like what her boy crazy friends had described. No Atlanta would go with her invisible thread description of the attraction.


Archie shook his head rather harshly as once again he felt like he was connected to someone like he was on a thread. This person had a golden glow about them, versus the silver glow of the girl on the plane and Archie was sure that it was not the glare off his golden ankle brace causing it. Despite the color difference of the glow surrounding the two girls Archie felt the same pull towards them.

Archie sighed and ran to catch up to his tour group. They had stopped at the dorm buildings and were probably about to get a tour. Archie could have sworn someone had fed him his hometown's zoo's entire butterfly colony he was so excited.

The feeling was unfamiliar to him but his little sister Ann had described it to him many a time. Archie had to blink several times to clear his eyes of the tears that always threatened to fall when he thought about his little sister and her sweet innocence.

Thisisadivider 1

Herry whipped the sweat from his brow as he continued to move the seemingly endless boxes into the dorm room. The girl he was working for had disappeared for a moment so Herry took a seat on one of the boxes. His light green tee shirt clung to his muscular frame.

The farm boy appreciated the chance to make some extra money but it was times like these, when he was working for someone with lots of heavy stuff that he wished he had been born super smart not super strong. Herry had been raised not to judge someone before he had gotten to know someone but he could not help but judge the girl whose stuff he was moving, from the boxes he had seen her unpack she had tons of designer clothes and all her bedding was designer, not to mention that what little furniture she had brought with her looked to be expensive.

Herry ran a hand through his short brown hair as the girl came back into the room. Something was different about her. Herry tried to study her for a moment without looking perverted.

Her long red hair still fell in soft waves, her emerald green eyes still looked like she had been hurt bad recently. She still had the same curvaceous body Herry had to admit. It took several moments of studying the girl for Herry to realize what was different about her.

She seemed to have a bronze like glow to her. Herry was sure that it was not the light as it was the same as when she had left, so it must have been his eyes malfunctioning of something she had put on, even though she looked the same.

"Are you hungry?" The girl asked her voice cut through the silence like a sweet and clear bell.

"A little." Herry had to admit. The girl handed him a sandwich. "Thanks." Herry said with much appreciation as he took a large bite out of the sandwich.

Herry smiled as the tastes of salami and pastrami greeted his tongue, mixed with what was probably Swiss cheese and a sub sauce of some sort. The warm fresh French bread wrapped it all together making it taste like something Herry's Granny might have made for him back home on the farm.

"Is it good?" The girl asked.

"Yeah, where did you get it?" Herry replied between bites.

"The bakery downstairs. I think the cooking students made it."

"Wow, I hope that I am able to cook like this some day."

"You in the cooking program?" The girl said as she munched on bites of her creaser salad.

"Yeah, what about you?"

"The marital arts program." The girl said blushing slightly. Herry must have looked like he was in shock because the girl blushed even more. "I know the whole designer clothing, marital arts thing dose not quite fit but I think you are sitting on my box of nun chucks and belts."

"Cool. What's your name by the way?" Herry managed to say as he laughed.

"Theresa." The girl replied as the two finished there lunches. Herry noticed that the bronze glow surrounding her seemed to be even more prominent now. Herry was amazed at the ease he was able to talk to her as he finished bringing in her boxes, he even ended up helping unpack some of her stuff.

As he walked home that night Herry smiled in spite of his sore muscles. He had had an amazing time talking to Theresa, like he was talking to an old friend. She turned out to be quite the arguer as when he tried to refuse her payment she ended up paying hi double, saying that her dad had overestimated how much it would cost her to find some good quality help to move her boxes.

Thisisadivider 2

Jay sat in the bakery looking over his notes. He was slowly eating a pastry of some sort, and half watching people drift in and out. As he read over his course schedule for the next term he saw a red head girl enter the bakery.

He looked up when he sensed a golden glow and found him self-staring at her. He was completely captured by every thing about her, the way she walked the way her long red hair fell in soft waves and swayed with every step she took.

But there was something more about her, some unknown force. Like they were connected on a string. Jay quickly bent his head back down, hoping it looked like he was reading his notes as the girl looked over at him. As he chanced looking back up again Jay noticed something that he had failed to notice about the girl before, she was surrounded by a soft golden glow. Jay was tempted to laugh to laugh out loud as he decided that the color was perfect for her.

Thisisadivider 3

Theresa felt someone watching her as she paid for her food. When she looked a boy about her age immediately looked down to his notes. Despite the fact that the pain of having to be apart from Chance was still fresh in her mind Theresa noticed that they way his brown hair fell over his eyes in causal elegance was kind of sexy.

Theresa shook her head and reminded herself that Chance was waiting back home for her. As she left the campus bakery she noticed that the sun must have been hitting him at just the right angle as he looked to be glowing a soft gold color.


Neil stood up on his bed and put up yet another picture of him, shocked that MacDougall had not supplied people to do this for him. After all he was there best poster boy, and his modeling for them was what got him into the school. The blond hair, blue-eyed boy smiled as his silver cell phone began to ring.

[Neil here, speak to me baby.] He said into the phone, his voice flooded with its normal amount of confidence.

[Neil darling it's Natalie.] The musical voice on the other end said, her voice filled with as much confidence as Neil's. Neil smiled at the sound of his friend's voice. She was a model for MacDougall as well, his female counterpart to be exact.

[What's up beautiful?] Neil asked.

[Not much, we have a shoot in an hour though. Can you believe the short notice? Beauties like us need at least three hours to do our hair. Let alone pick out a suitable outfit.] Natalie said in a huff.

[Damn. You are so right.]

[Well I have to go. Maybe I can finish my hair in this minuscule amount of time.]

[C ya later babe.]

[Chow darling.]


Sorry for my really long authors notes at the top of the chapter, but I think as this story progresses it will help keep the confusion down to a minimum, as some parts will be slightly confusing.

I still don't like how all the parts turned out, but I like it better than Chapter One.

So what do you guys/girls think of this story so far?

Feel free to tell me if my OC's suck.

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