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The Pain Of It All

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You know how sometimes you just feel like you have known someone for all your life, even though you have only known them for a few hours? How you can tell them everything even though you have alway...

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Title Maybe It's Faith

Parings Slight A/A and A/OC, O/OC


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Chapter Three: Pain of it all

"Oww. Shit." Archie said as he collapsed to the ground, holding his bad ankle. "Damn." He mumbled as the pained surged through his body, flooding his veins.

"Medic!" A girls voice called from across the track, Archie recognized her as the girl from the day before.

Archie tried to stand up as the girl came running over, but the pain in his heel was just to great and he promptly fell back down. He must have landed on some glass as it started to bleed. A blonde girl whom Archie recognized from the plane came running over, an ink spear on her face and a notebook in her hand came running over. 'Great I'm about to be rescued by two girls , and worse I recognize both of them.' Archie scoffed in his head.

"Do you have a towel or blanket?" The blonde girl asked politely.

"Yeah. Why?" The red haired girl responded. Archie watched them and found that both of them had that weird string affect. The red haired girl had the same golden glow as before, but the blonde one now had a silver glow.

"I'm going to use it to stop the bleeding."

"Ok, I'll go grab it." The red head said as she ran off with speed Archie would have never thought possible.

"What's your name?" The blonde girl asked Archie with a caring tone.

"Archie." Archie said trying to hide the pain in his voice.

"Hello Archie, I'm Penelope." She said as carefully brushed some of his purple hair out of his eyes. Her light touch reminded Archie of his mothers. He felt a few tears begin to cloud his sapphire eyes; blinking rapidly he managed to clear his eyes before the tears feel. He hated letting anyone see his weaknesses.

"And I'm Atlanta." The red head said as she got back.

"Nice to meet you." Archie and Penelope said in unison. Archie could not help but notice that even with her hair messed up and sweaty track clothes's clinging to her body Atlanta was remarkably cute.

Penelope wrapped the towel around Archie's foot, she and Atlanta smiled when a small smile crossed Archie's face when the cool towel soothed his foot. "Atlanta would you get his brace and help me take him up to the infirmary. I'm no expert so I'd like to have one take a look at his ankle."

"Sure, and call me Allie ( a/n If you dont like the nickname I have given her, its not my problem ), my friends do." Atlanta replied grabbing the brace and took hold of Archie's arm and slinging it over her shoulder, Penelope did the same with his other arm.

"I don't think I have ever been treated with this much attention before in my life." Archie joked as the girls helped him to the infirmary.

"I see that track season has started." A short African-American joked from behind the counter of the infirmary. "But that dose not explain why you are here Penelope."

"Hey Odie." Penelope said with a smile.

"Are there normally a lot of injuries in track?" Atlanta asked, trying to find the source of the joke.

"Actually there are the least in track, at least according to the records." Odie explained.

"Cool." Archie said as he sat down in one of the waiting chairs. "You in the med. program?"

"Nope. Technology. I'm just here to fix the computer system, like I had to fix Penelope's" Odie said lightheartedly.

"Oh was Penelope a bad girl?" Atlanta teased.

" 'Course not Allie, I just froze it from typing to much to fast."

"Can we get my damn foot looked at yet!" Archie said, annoyance filling his tone.

"Oh, sorry..." Odie began.

"Archie." Archie responded.

"Can you limp a few feet? Dr. Marlo is just down the hall."



"Hey Allie." Archie said as he reached the fiery red head's side.

"Hey, how's your ankle?" Atlanta asked as they ran around the track.

"As good as normal."

"In that case. Race ya?" She suggested as she assumed a starting position.

"Five laps?"

"Ready." Atlanta started.

"Set." Archie finished.

"GO!" They shouted in unison. The two runners took off around the track. With in a lap Archie had fallen a few meters behind Atlanta. Atlanta struggled to keep her pace somewhat human.

Archie watched the girl and her golden glow run. As he watched and ran himself he remembered something, that kid. Odie his name was. Was another string person and had a silver glow like Penelope, only Penelope's glow was about ten times brighter.

"Wow. Your. Fast." Archie said between pants. Atlanta had beaten him by about a quarter of lap.

"Thanks." Atlanta replied as she poured some of her water bottle on herself. "Your not bad yourself."

"I want a rematch in a week. I think I can beat you."

"Good luck, and you will need it, no one has ever beaten me in a fair foot race." Atlanta teased.

"I'll take the honor of being the first then." Archie teased with a smirk.


A/N Well there's another chapter. Hope you liked it and I'll try to update a few times over Christmas holidays (Only one more week of school. Yeah!)

I'm still not overly proud of this chapter, but it will do. Once I get past the next chapter, I promise that it will get better, and have more character interaction.

Now that you guys have seen more of Penelope, would you like to see her paired with any of the characters in particular? I might put her with Herry or Odie...but I want to see what idea's you people have! Or if you agree with mine.


Happy Holidays, if I can't update before Christmas (I get out of school on the 22nd)

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